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January 23, 2008

Jan wrote:

Good evening Ellis,

My name is Jann Bean and I am interested in purchasing HGH.

I was diagnosed with Lupus about five years ago (I just turned 60) and I had an amazing experience with a six month course of HGH ending about 12 months ago.

I was burned bilaterally on my forearms and was given HGH daily (1iu). I am an RN and I work in the county Emergency Room, so I needed to heal as quickly as possible. And I did - very rapidly with no scarring. I also became asymtomatic for Lupus and experienced many of the other positives things that occur with the daily use of HGH.

I need to work at least another 5 years and I would rather run around the ER feeling on top of my game if I can. After the six month course, my insurance would no longer pay for it and as you are well aware, the cost is prohibitive. So, I am writing to you to see if you can help.

I live in Bakersfield California not too far from the border. Can you give me an idea about the cost?



Ellis wrote:

Wow... an amazing story... I have a few questions:

1. Did you tell your doctors that your lupus had become asymptomatic after you took HGH? What did they say about it?

2. Do you know anybody else with lupus who has taken HGH, or that has not taken HGH but would like to try to see if it can help?

3. How long before you took HGH, did you have lupus, and with what frequency would you get a flare?

4. How long after you started taking HGH did you notice that your lupus was asymptomatic, and for how long while you took HGH was it asymptomatic, and how long after you stopped taking HGH did you get your first flare again?

Jann wrote:

To answer your questions, I was diagnose with Lupus about 6 years ago. I guess I've had it always but for some reason it stayed dormant or I didn't pay attention to it until age 54. Go figure!

Yes, my MD was aware, and gave me an RX for HGH. But it is not medically approved for Lupus and my insurance wouldn't pay for it. Even with the discount I would get through the hospital where I work, I couldn't afford it. That's why I'm hoping you can help.

I had been taking it about a month, maybe a little longer when I noticed that I wasn't hemmorhaging under my skin anymore. In fact, people would comment on my skin which never happens to people with Lupus because of the dehydrating effect of the disease. I also noticed that I wasn't losing hair on my pillow or in the shower either. Those were the first things that were obvious to me.

Then I began to notice that I didn't need to take pain med for joint pain cause days would go by and I didn't experience any. Wow! That was fabulous. I also lost the feeling of fatigue .

I can't say that even when the disease isn't flaring, that I ever felt really great, but it only really flares maybe every three months or so. I have been out on disability only twice as a result of a couple of extreme flares, usually I'll just miss a couple of days.

During the course of HGH, and for a couple of months afterward, I felt great and didn't have any flares at all. Needless to say, as I plan to work at least another 5 years and as I am an Emergency Room nurse who needs all the "feel good" I can muster, I would love to re-start HGH.

But again, cost is a huge factor for me . Thanks for your response. I'm awaiting your prices hopefully.



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