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Abracadabra... "One day it hit me: I am not going to die (soon) !"

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The use of HGH for HIV+ patients

HIV Survival - Keith's story...

I will be 54 years old on the 19th of August. I look good, feel good, so why would I want to continue taking GH?

I have AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Fibromyalgia Syndrome. I am tecnically disabled due to the HIV infection. I just had a T-cell count of 156. About 10 years ago, that and a letter from your doctor would put you on disability. I did get on disability, because it still was a time that many were dying and I felt it surely can't be long before "the shoe drops" so I wanted to just enjoy what time I thought I had left.

I lived it up. I did a lot of crazy things. Finally, I created a financial nightmare.

One day it hit me: I am not going to die (soon)!

Accepting that I was going to die had been difficult... but accepting that I was not going to die was even more difficult.

I have seen your pictures, and I see you know the importance of staying fit and being healthy. I have tried to follow your advice on diet and I am doing well on it, although I haven't bought a glucose meter. But I understand the importance of keeping glucose down. My doctor checked mine and it was 84, but that was only at that moment. I understand it changes soon after eating anything.

I have been on injectible growth hormone for about a year. Now I am experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I wonder if you think it could be the HGH? I have worked my way up to 2 I.U.'s and do not want to quit. I don't think it is the Gh. I believe the problem is from using my hands during the time I work remodeling my kitchen.

I went to my Mother?s for 10 days around the 4th of July and my hands quit hurting. They began to hurt after I cleaned her kitchen, cabinets, stove and refrigerator very thouroughly, so I used my hands for physical labor.

My IGF was 85 before I started to take injectible GH. After I began with the GH, I was active again. My doctor was unsure if I should take GH or not, but he could see by just looking at me that it was beneficial, so he didn't try to stop me. He is a good doctor but I think I know more than he does about HGH because I follow Rejuvenation for all the information I can obtain. Sometimes my doctor will ask me what I know about different subjects related to HGH, and I share with him what I have learned from you and the group.

At one point, right before I had to stop (because I took Chinese GH) my IGF measured at 457.

Taking Chinese poison (note: There are excellent, and not so excellent Chinese made HGH) was a big mistake because that threw my timing off. That nightmare happened a little while ago. It threw my timing off, because I had to take a break before starting again. I bought it from ?the HGH Club? online. It was 8 dollars per i.u., and I thought that was cheap, so I bought it. It turned out to be very expensive, because I threw it away. From the start it did not feel right. Upon injections, it grew from uncomfortable to hurting bad. One day I read where you told somebody on Rejuvenation that HGH should not hurt, and I was hurting, so I decided to throw all that I had away.

My doctor has many AIDS patients. His experience comes from patients who have gotten into the stage of wasting. So, based on your experience and knowledge, could my Carpal Tunnel be caused from the HGH? The hand specialist said it was o.k. to continue taking my medicine but I could tell he was unsure, and my doctor has seen what it can do.( My hands are still killing me even with taking 210 MG of Morphine.)

First, I have the mindset that the problem is not from the GH for I have known a jillion people who have it or know somebody that does. It was the latest medical problem that suddenly was in vogue. Lawsuits followed and now it is generally known by the U.S. population... but the typical U.S. population and I am sure elsewhere.

Well, I went back to school for five years... no degree, but well educated in the arts. Going to need to speed this up, developed spinal stenosis, had to quit school, had surgery and was told it might get better in a year, maybe two or it might not get well.

That is when the morphine entered the picture. My legs hurt so bad I just could not walk so after a couple of different drugs the morphine was most effective.

I have incresed the dosage myself, usually take 90 MG. I often wonder how the morphine and the GH get along together? I am suffering while doing this but I feel it is worth it.

I do occasional painting jobs and light remodels. I had a small design/build firm but had to stop that because it just killed me and it took several days to recover. I felt that was harmful so I quit and tried several "internet oppertunities" and it seemed as soon as they got your money the rules changed to something I was displeased with.

Now that I am taking the GH I can work again and it does not totally wipe me out. I also had more money and the work was my work-out. I lost a 42" stomach and 182 LBS. to a fit 32" and 163.

I am still looking for a different way to earn money, will look into the info you sent.

I will include recent face pic and look at your offerings. I seriously need to do something else. I have the disability to work around but there are ways.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. I feel the evidence speaks through my hands! I have a good foundation of faith, simply believing it is going to be ok, has kept me going for many years.

Peace and Faith to you,



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