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Abracadabra... About My Ex, Eczema

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About My Ex Eczema

Don writes:

HGH and atopic Eczema

I have had atopic eczema on my feet for nearly 20 years. It is a hereditary skin condition that results in very dry skin. The severity of this dry skin varies among eczema sufferers. Some people only have dry itchy skin; while in my case the skin on my feet can become so raw that it bleeds.

Eczema is extremely painful, and over the years I have found that the only treatment that works for me is to take proper care of my feet, i.e. washing my feet many times a day, applying lotion throughout the day, not wearing shoes, using prescription ointments, and taking anti-inflammatory medications.

Another problem for me has been climbing. I live to climb mountains, and finding ways to treat my eczema while living at a base camp in the middle of no-where for a month has always been a challenge. I have used both topical and oral steroids for control while living away from running water, but they can only minimize the flare-up, at best.

The entire treatment process has become part of my life, but it has not been a cure. It has only limited the pain I feel from the dermatitis. Even when I follow my routine exactly there are still flare-ups so painful that I can hardly bear to walk... and that's what happens when I get too busy at work to take the time to wash and moisturize my feet.

Eczema has played a role in nearly every part of my life, from the day-to-day hassle of treating it to the pain of watching my friends head to the summit without me.

That all changed after I found out about Ellis Toussier and started following his anti aging program. I wanted to use HGH to try and improve my athletic and mental performance when I would go mountain climbing...

I got a prescription for HGH and began to buy growth hormone through Ellis in Mexico. Not only was the price the best, I received Swiss growth hormone, which is top quality HGH. Ellis knows far more about how to use HGH correctly than my doctor. His advice alone was worth more to me than the price of the HGH.

What I noticed suddenly within a few days of starting HGH was that the eczema on my feet was disappearing! The dry, painful, itching skin was gone. About a week later it was totally gone!

I could not believe it; the entire time I have had eczema I have never seen it completely subside, but I am a skeptical person.

So, I decided to do a test: I stopped my normal treatment. That was a couple of weeks ago now, and I am very happy to say my feet are still perfectly normal. Of course, I don't intend to stay off HGH but rather I am going to continue to take HGH for this and for all the other benefits it has given me.

After HGH, I used EPO, which is also amazing at improving my ability to function both mentally and physically at altitude.

My life has changed with HGH and EPO, and I just want to say thanks to Ellis for developing and publishing his extraordinary program. It works for me.




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