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HGH and Hair and Scalp

posted on Rejuvenation #8255.

Dave: Hi everyone. My name is Dave and I am I Brisbane, Australia. I am 58 years old. I have just completed my first week on HGH. I am injecting 1 i.u., 6 days a week. My HGH blood test number was 12 on a scale of 9 to 38 according to the doc ( they use a different scale to measure it here )

I have noticed some very encouraging effects already. The first one is the pinch test where you " pinch " a piece of skin and then let go and time how many seconds it takes to spring back to its original state. I found out about this test a couple of years ago and it always took a few seconds to spring back, the doctor who prescribed my HGH did it and timed it at 5 seconds. After 7 daily injections I did it again and it sprung back so fast I couldn't count fast enough to time it.

This is incredible! I didn't expect results like that so quickly.

Ellis: [Hello Dave. Welcome to the world of the Incredible. You see: you had HEARD that GH is incredible, but you have heard so many OTHER times about things that really weren't so incredible that when you came up to something that really IS incredible, then you are surprised it is really true.

I have good news for you: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

The best is still to come. Do "the mirror test"... just watch your wrinkles disappear, within a month. Write back and tell us how you see your face, and your hands... and describe the energy you feel, and tell us how you are sleeping, and how your body looks to you...

It is always fun to see how somebody who is taking HGH will see the results, and since you are now 58 going on 57, you will definitely see and feel the results (a lot more than if you were 38, going on 37.) Take your GH EVERY DAY, without fail, for at least 6 months, and you will see improvement every day. (or... take it 6 days a week, without fail... and you will see improvements 6 days a week... and on the Seventh Day... what ?)

Dave: For the last 4 months I have had a really bad scalp condition with extreme dry flaky scalp and a lot of hair loss associated with it. I have tried every shampoo and hair treatment on the market with no sucess. After 7 days on HGH the condition has cleared up and my scalp and hair look incredibly healthy. I am hoping the hair loss of the last 4 months will now stop and I will regrow hair.

I will post any other info that may be of interest to new users.


Ellis: [Now... THAT'S INCREDIBLE ! This is the first time that anybody has written to give such a testimonial in four years of Rejuvenation... I think I will put your testimonial up on a page for others to read:


Please tell us who is your doctor in Australia, and invite him to subscribe to Rejuvenation. It would be nice to hear from a doctor "down under".

Three stars for this post, because I think it is extremely interesting that HGH could do something for Dave's hair and scalp condition.

Thanks for writing.

- Ellis]


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