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HGH and Menopause

Hello Ellis,

I thought it might be interesting for you to know since you are approaching the use of HGH in a scientific way: I take 2 IUs of HGH per day and have been taking that amount since I started (about 2 years ago). I am 54 years old and my physician could not believe my age. She checked the chart and looked at me and commented that she thought I was 45! After my exam she also commented that my female organs and my reproductive muscle tone are very youthful. This was a first for me! To actually have a doctor confirm what I was feeling was very nice: I have started menstruating again!

I probably started going through menopause at about age 48. I began having menopausal symptoms at 48 (ie: hotflashes, nightsweats, etc. even when I took hormone replacement.) BUT I was still menustrating. I was placed on HRT, took estrogen and progesterone as prescribed by my doctor. They performed a blood test to determine if my body was still producing its own estrogen. The results of the test revealed that my body was not producing its own estrogen. The hormone replacement therapy includes a small dose of testosterone. It is all wrapped up into one pill with the estrogen.

Then when I was 52 I found you (Ellis) on the internet and I started taking Humatrope. I slowly upped the dose to 2 IUs per day for 6 days a week. The menopause symptoms stopped and my monthly cycle became regular!

After about six months I found that I didn't need the other hormmone replacement therapy, in fact taking the other hormones gave me some unpleasant side effects such as tender breasts, heavy cycles, and nausea. So I quit taking the other hormones except DHEA (25 mg per day). I continued with Humatrope at 2 IU per day and continued menstruating. Apparently my body was somehow producing enough estrogen and progesterone to complete a monthly cycle again.

My hormone replacement dosage has not changed, so the only thing that has changed is the addition of HGH. I am therefore assuming the HGH is causing this "renewal" of my organs. (My physical check ups are all fine so it can not be attributed to anything abnormal)

Unfortunately, in May of 2001 I had to stop using GH due to financial reasons. The first month after I discontinued the GH (I was still taking DHEA), my monthly cycle stopped and my severe menopausal symptoms returned with a vengeance! I had been menstruating up until the time that I stopped taking the HGH, then it completely stopped - even though I was taking small amounts of hormones. I was miserable. I couldn't sleep at night due to night sweats--it was awful. I started up on Hormone replacementh therapy again but it took months before I got any relief, and then only partially.

In September of 2001, I began using GH again (this time taking the Serono brand, at 2 IU per day, 6 days per week). I continued the HRT and DHEA. After six months on GH my cycles started again! No more night sweats, no more hot flashes (thank God!), no more problems. It's great! I am still continuing the HRT, although my dosage has decreased since I experienced unpleasant side effects from the original dosage (which was at the high end of the spectrum).

If HGH only did that, it would be great because it's given me back my life (but it does so much more). I can't tell you how awful it feels to be in public and have a severe hot flash accompanied by sweating. It is not only embarrasing but also debilitating because you simple can't DO anything while it is happening. The only thing I can equate it to (so that a man might understand how it feels) is the same sensation as taking a HUGH dosage of niacin and getting a niacin flush while sitting directly in the hot sun on a 100 plus degree day.

There is very little information out there on the effects of HGH on women. Klatz's book deals mostly with men. Although I did find one reference in the book to the resumption of menstruation (this one was for a 62 year old woman). It was interesting to note that it was an aside reference--since the passage dealt mostly with the woman's husband's point of view.

Women in their thirties and forties who are using HGH have not reached the stage in their lives when aging really becomes apparent, therefore the changes that HGH produce are not as dramatic. It would be nice to know how other women in the 50 year old age range are faring. I hope other women will come forward with their experiences. It would be so nice to hear other "success" stories!

Sincere thanks to you, Ellis, for always being my good and reliable source in Mexico. If it hadn't been for you being out there, I'd never have been able to experience this relief! - G. Y.

[Note: This post was sent to me by a woman, now age 54, who has bought injectible growth hormone through me since she was 52 years. - Ellis: May, 2002 ]

June 25, 2005

Ellis: Do you realize how long we have been corresponding on the internet? It is now almost 6 years!... or is it 7 ? You were one of the first persons who bought growth hormone from me and it is my honor and privilege that many of my first customers are still buying growth hormone and other medicines from me... It really makes me feel happy that I have been able to help so many people to stay healthier than any of us could have dreamed possible 20 years ago. And it makes me even more happy that I have taught many doctors about growth hormone AND ALSO ABOUT OTHER HORMONES... It's simply, utterly, amazing! I wouldn't believe it if somebody else told me it happened to them.

G.Y.: Yes, we have been corresponding a long time now. I am so thankful that I found you on the internet way back then. I remember that I used to travel down to Mexico to pick up my precious package of GH that you would send to me.

I appreciate all the great service you have provided throughout the years, but more importantly I appreciate the friendship we have developed. You have given me wonderful advice and your knowledge about aging and hormones has been invaluable to me. - G.Y.


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