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Predicting Height through Bone Age...

An Inexact Science

Shown below, x-ray, females, read from left to right, top to bottom.

Notice how new bones start to form, and how bones become more compacted in the wrist...

Bone Age 8 mo to Age 9, female

Also notice bones that fuse into one.

Bone Age 10 to Age 18, female

Bone Fuse Males, age 7, 13, 15, 18

Bone Fuse, Males... Left to right: Age 7, 13, 15, 18.5 Notice how bones in wrist grow, and notice bones that fuse, in fingers.

All original X-rays, courtesy of U.C.L.A. Radnet See full size, complete set, for Males, Females age 2 months to 18.5 yrs.

(Note, March 9, 2007: check back to this page... soon I will add more comments, and more x-rays for males.)

I watched a documentary on the worlds tallest man last night... He grew to be very big because a tumor in his brain applied pressure to the pituitary gland which released excessive amounts of GROWTH HORMONE. But I find it interesting that the man grew when he was 18, 19, 20, 21 and finally until he was 22, when he died.

The traditional thought that one cannot grow after 18 with GH (because of bone fusion) does not fit with this example. What do you think Ellis?

"Bone age" is an interesting concept... but I think it is quite useless... Bone age should not change any decision one way or another, whether or not to give growth hormone, because I have seen children whose bones are supposedly "fused" grow a few inches.

I think that DOCTORS that decide if a young person can grow by looking at the "bone age" results are absolutely mistaken... I know they are convinced that what they have learned to be true, is true... but I know it is false.

I constantly get letters from parents with children 17 or 18 or 19 years old who have been told by their doctors (usually pediatric endocrinologists) that their bones have fused... and so they conclude that they can't grow anymore... So they don't give them a prescription for growth hormone. They won't even try to see if they will grow, because they are convinced that what they have learned is the truth etched in steel. It is useless to try, according to their books, so they won't even try...

Some parents look for another way to get growth hormone for their children and some of them find me, and write to me. I help them to get growth hormone in Mexico, because I am convinced they will grow. They don't even need a prescription to buy growth hormone here, but I take them to one of my doctors (I have three doctors, who also learn from me...) so that they take it under the supervision of a doctor, who also gives them a prescription. He has seen young men grow at age 18 and 19, so he is also happy to help them. "Seeing is believing," as they say...

Given growth hormone, the children who were not supposed to grow, then grow 1 or 2 or 3 inches more. I have seen it happen several times, with my own eyes.

The oldest I have seen was a boy age 20, who grew nearly 1 inch taller in about 3 or 4 months. That boy stopped using growth hormone because his parents could not afford more, but if he would have been given more growth hormone, I think he might have grown a few inches more... I would try it until age 25... there is nothing to lose, because there are no side effects, and IT MIGHT WORK, so why not try it?

The person who you describe that died at age 22 had a tumor in his brain, and he probably had other problems besides excess growth hormone... but nobody dies of excess growth if they are given a physiologic dose of injectible growth hormone. This person would not have grown "too much" if he had only grown to 5' 11" or 6' 0".

See my page: Grow Taller... Growth Charts for Boys and Girls

But keep in mind that those growth charts are for children who are not given injectible growth hormone. You can see that boys still grow past the age of 15, when the "bone growth" X-rays show their bones have already fused. Even after age 18, they still grow a little bit. - Ellis


e-mail received: December 27, 2011

Hello Doctor Ellis (note: I am not a doctor... But many doctors have learned from me... - Ellis)

I'm a Brazillian aged 25 years old.

By the time I always remember my height problem, and I research about it.

I was treatead with clonidine in the beggin , and after with small dose of Oxandrolone/Durateston. (note: "oxandralone" a.k.a. "Anavar" and durateston a.k.a. "injectable testosterone" are both testosterone - Ellis)

I read your web site about Bone Age

and I can give my testimonial about what happen to me, if you wanna know I tell you all about it

But the final was this situation: that time I was 1.63... now I am 1.66 - 1.67 (note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm - Ellis)

I had 15 years old, with bone age of 18 - 19. Very strange, because when I was 14, I was with bone age of 15 !

Well, after see this, I looked for 3 doctors, and all them said to me "give up" !

Well, I screem a lot of the doctor, and I made him to prescribe me HGH.

Me, a kid, imported HGH from US alone ! But thanks god my father payed the bill !

I bought for 3 months and I grew up 3 - 4 cm , it was 1cm per month. I was 1.63... now I 1.66 - 1.67

I'm very pissed off about the doctors who didn't prescribe me HGH before ... Until today they donīt believe in HGH, but for me, it was the salvation.



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