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LOCATION. Although I am based in Mexico City, my consultation services are available to clients anywhere by telephone and e.mail or a combination of both. Please call for more details.

RATES. Hourly or half day rates are available. For home visits to areas outside Mexico City, client pays travel and accomodation expenses at cost.
Please call 011- (52-55)- 5280-3644 to arrange details.

CONTACT. Please use the following contact details:
PHONE: Tel: 011 (52-55) 5280-3644 (Mon - Fri. 11am - 5pm Central Standard Time)
SKYPE: Ellis2ca
EMAIL: etoussier@hotmail.com

I am also available to give informal lectures by telephone, including Q & A sessions. This can be on a variety of subjects including Growth Hormone and other Anti-Aging Hormones and Therapies, Nutrition, Diabetes and Disease Prevention, Etc. Please call for more details.

A 20 minute consultation by telephone to discuss "how to buy growth hormone legally" is free.

A consultation by telephone to discuss a health problem is $47 for 60 minutes, which you do not have to pay until AFTER the consultation, and only if YOU think it was worth much more than $47 in value to you... and also, only if you think I know what I am talking about.

If you come to Mexico City, you decide what to pay me. (eg., 2 days of 5 hours each.) This includes: I teach you everything I can about everything I am an expert on, in particular: growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, and insulin, diabetes, and correct nutrition to avoid diabetes and heart disease.

I will take you to laboratories and pharmacies, or to my doctors for EDTA chelation, hyperbaric oxygen, or plastic surgery. (My assistant, Maria, is capable of all of these same tasks. An 8 hour day with Maria costs $100...)

Please be aware that I am not a doctor, and I do not give medical advice. I am an expert on using hormones and anti-aging therapies (and many doctors consult with me by telephone... at no cost...) but I am not a doctor. I will refer you to my doctors if you have a health problem that is beyond my ability to help you, and I will not charge you for the consultation.

I can help diabetics with advice on blood glucose and diet and use of insulin, but I want you to confirm my advice with a doctor.

I am not an expert on estrogen and progesterone, but I think I know a lot about it... and Maria knows more than I do.

I am not an expert on diabetes for diabetics, but I think I can help many diabetics as much or more than most diabetic specialists, because most diabetes doctors don't prescribe or know how to use insulin. In any case, I want to share everything that I think I know with you, and I want you to confirm my advice with a doctor who is a diabetic himself, and who uses insulin himself.

I can take you to my doctors who are all excellent doctors, in my opinion among the best medical doctors in Mexico specializing in other anti aging therapies such as plastic surgery, hyperbaric oxygen, EDTA chelation, Botox, Fraxell, Thermage, Restylane, hair transplants, liposuction, cellular therapy, etc.

The following is a list of questions that I have been asked many times, and which I am very capable of answering correctly:

How can I get a legal prescription for authentic growth hormone?

What blood tests will the doctor ask for?

How can I find a good anti-aging doctor near me?

Which brand of Growth Hormone is/are the best?

How do I prepare Growth Hormone (or EPO) to inject it?

How do I measure the correct dose?

Which syringe should I use?

Which is the best dose for me?

With what dose should I begin?

What blood tests should I take?

How do I interpret the blood tests?

How long will it take before I see results?

For how long will I have to use Growth Hormone?

How much will it cost?

What side effects are caused by Growth Hormone, and how can I avoid them?

What shall I do if I have side effects?

What will happen when I stop using Growth Hormone?

I am a woman... I have heard say that estrogen blocks the action of Growth Hormone... Is this true?

What can I do to get the most "Bang for the Buck"?

What results can a woman expect to get from using growth hormone?

Which is the best dose for a woman?

Which is the best dose to grow taller?

Which is the best dose for osteoporosis?

Which is the best dose for painful knees?

I am a diabetic... Can I use Growth Hormone?

My father and mother are diabetic... Can I use Growth Hormone?

I have cancer... Can I use Growth Hormone? (or EPO, Testosterone, or insulin...)

I had a heart attack... Can I use Growth Hormone?

I have high blood pressure... Can I use Growth Hormone?

What are TELOMERES, and why do I have to know about them if I want to stay young and healthy?

How can I SLOW DOWN or PREVENT my telomeres from getting shorter?

I feel dizzy... tired... I forget things... What can I do?

The doctor says it is "normal" for me to feel tired at my age... What can I do?

What is EPO?

I smoke cigarrettes... Can I use Growth Hormone (or EPO, or Testosterone?)

My son (daughter) is 18 (or 20, or 25, etc.) years old and is very short for his age... Can he grow taller with growth hormone? How much can he grow? How much will it cost?

At what time should I inject Growth Hormone?

What IGF-1 level should I want to get?

How can I avoid side effects from using Testosterone?

How do I inject EPO?

What is hematocrit?

How high is too high?

How low is too low?

My doctor says I should use EPO because I am anemic. However, I am afraid to use EPO because I am an athlete and it is not permitted in sports... Can EPO (or Growth Hormone, or Testosterone) be detected in a urine test?

My doctor prescribed iron because I am anemic... I am still anemic... What can I do?

I have Macular Degeneration... My doctor says there is nothing to do, I am going to go blind... Is there anything I can do to stop or reverse or slow down Macular Degeneration?

I am diabetic... what foods can I eat and which foods should I avoid?

How can I control my blood glucose?

How do I interpret my blood glucose levels?

How can I be more sexually attractive?

I want to have more energy... I want to have more sexual potency... I want my boobs to grow... I want my hair to grow... I want my wrinkles to go away... I hate grey hairs... I want to lose 30 pounds... I want to gain 15 pounds... etc. etc. etc.


I invite you to subscribe to Rejuvenation... Many say it is the best anti-aging forum on the internet. Rejuvenation has more than 2000 anti-aging doctors and patients subscribed. There are more than 10,000 questions referring to the use of authentic injectible growth hormone and other anti-aging therapies in the Archives of Rejuvenation, most of them with answers annotated on the post.

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