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Abracadabra... 92, going on 72...

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Interview with J. Donelson Jones:
Eleven Years of Injectible Growth Hormone Therapy

Guest of Honor of the Rejuvenation Discussion Forum

Interview with J. Donelson Jones, Age 92, The Youngest Senior Citizen on Earth

I post below the questions and answers from Mr. Donelson Jones, who gives us some extremely interesting and important answers for all of us.

In the first place... HE IS HOLDING HIS OWN... This is REALLY interesting, because Donelson has been taking growth hormone for ELEVEN YEARS and one of the BIG QUESTIONS in my mind has always been: For how long will I be able to KEEP these benefits? At what point will I start to notice that I am growing old SLOWLY? According to Donelson Jones, and according to Lazarus Long (Howard Turney) we will probably not start growing old SLOWLY for a LONG LONG TIME! This is UNBELIEVABLE... but that is what he is telling us... so, yes, it is unbelievable!

The second very interesting thing is that his dose has only been ONE i.u. for all these years... but his IGF-1 is an astounding 670!!! AND... he has had NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

So there are TWO very interesting lessons to be learned...

ONE is that IGF-1 of 670 does NOT come associated with side effects...

And TWO is that a dose of ONE iu after a period of 11 years can even GIVE an IGF-1 of 670! Either there is a mistake, or this is also pretty amazing. Dr. Hughes sent a post a few years ago showing that after three years some patients were LOWERING their dose and keeping their IGF-1 levels the same... so what happens if you keep your dose the same? Apparently, if there is no mistake, your IGF-1 will go UP!

Donelson Jones' diet includes all the good stuff: chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables and fruits... Unfortunately, we do not know how controlled his glucose levels has been, but it has been a lot lower than if his diet included chicken and fish and also spaghetti and potatoes and bread and muffins and breakfast cereals, as advised by the infamous Food Guide Pyramid, and he is one of the few percentage of senior citizens age 92 which is NOT diabetic... I could have, and I did, guess that correctly. He also says he drinks red wine and "four ounces of hard liquor per week" and also... he does NOT take and has never taken testosterone, but he is still sexually active!

So if anybody asks me who I would like to be like when I am 92 years old, my answer is "I HOPE I will be like Donelson Jones when HE was 92 years old..."

And if I can have one wish, I wish that Donelson Jones will be there and come out and take a bow still looking like he is 70 years old at MY 100th birthday, in 2045...

(That way we will all know we might all get to 150 also!) - Ellis

Donelson Jones's answers to my questions are below. If anybody else has some questions or comments to make, please send them soon. I am tacking the questions and answers up on a page of their own, with my commentary:

Thank you, Donelson, for the great interview. If you can get some digital fotographs of you, they would go very well on the page I am putting up.

- Ellis

= = = = = = = = = =

Ellis wrote:
> Our Guest of Honor is Mr. J. Donelson Jones, age 92, of Florida.
> Donelson is probably the man who has taken growth hormone longer
> than anybody else on Planet Earth, maybe even longer than Lazarus
> Long, because he started when Dr. Rudman did his experiments. But
> he is almost certainly the OLDEST person on earth that has taken
> growth hormone continuously since 1991. Donelson has agreed to
> be our Guest of Honor and to answer some questions, so I am writing
> my questions below. The floor is open for you to ask him questions
> also. >

> By way of introduction, I copy and paste an e-mail that I received
> from J. Donelson Jones:

J. Donelson Jones wrote:
> I am 92 years old, feel great, go to the gym every day and work
> out. I've been taking growth harmone since Dr. Rudd ran his
> famous experiments in 1991. At present I take 1 cc of Eli
> Lilly GH every day, 50 mg of DHEA, as well as take Life
> Extension Vitamin Mix ( I also take several prescription drugs).
> I am 5' 10.5, weigh 156 stripped; my chloresterol stays in the
> 180 range; my IGF is 670 (which I think is too high). I am
> quite active, go to the gym every day, have a full head of
> hair. I happily married again 8 years ago to an attractive
> woman more than thirty years younger than myself.
>My hair is white but thick, and my skin is in really good shape.
>The skin on my face,neck and underarms is not loose. I think I
>am in remarkably good shape.
> It's a bit difficult for a 92 year old man to fight getting
> old, however no one believes me when I tell them my age.
> I look forward to continue to receive the Rejuvenation e-mail
> and to reading your comments.....
> Best regards,
> Donelson Jones
> = = = = = = = = =
Questions to J. Donelson Jones:

We would like to see some pictures of you. If you can get some pictures taken with a digital camera, I am sure we would all like to see them.

Can you please tell us if you were one of the persons that was in the study with Dr. Rudman, or did you learn about his experiments after it was published? I think Dr. Rudman did his experiments in 1990... Ellis

I was not one of the persons of Dr. Rudman's experiment. I read the results of his experiments in the New England Journal of Medicine. The results seemed so reasonable and well documented, that probably recklessly on my part, I decided to go all out myself.

How did you get growth hormone in 1991? How did you get it from 1991 until it was finally available in the United States?

In 1991 I contacted my doctor friend in Mexico. We went to the Eli Lilly plant and got the Hgh. I have been making the trip to Mexico ever since.

What did people think of what you were doing in 1991? How many times have you been advised that you should end your growth hormone therapy because "we don't know the long term side effects" and how have you continued to take growth hormone in spite of these warnings?

No doctor ever advised me to stop taking hgh as they would have nothing to do with my experiment. Though they obviously watched me to see the results.

Did you go to El Dorado in Can Cun when Lazarus Long (Howard Turney) had his clinic there? If so, can you tell us what you remember of the El Dorado clinic?

I did not go to the El Dorado clinic. My experiment has been completely on my own.

Can you describe your diet to us? Roughly, is it high carb-low fat or is it high protein-low carbohydrates?

My diet is high protein, low carbohydrates. I eat white meat of chicken, lean red meat, some pork, shrimp and fish, a lot of fruit, lettuce, and I drink red wine and probably have four ounces of hard liquor a week.

Do you check your glucose levels?

I do not check my glucose levels. Frankly, I always have felt so good I really do not worry at all.

If you have it, can you tell us your Hb-A1c (glycosilated hemoglobin) blood test result? If you have it, can you tell us your hematocrit and hemoglobin test results?

I do not know my Hb-A1c or hematocrit or hemaglobin.

If you are 92 years of age now, and you began in 1991, you were about 81 years old when you started taking growth hormone. Can you tell us if you are better shape physically now, than you were at age 80?

I obviously have felt better after beginning growth harmone; but I think I am in as good shape now as I was at age 80. But I was in good shape then.

What age do you, or others, THINK you look like, ie, about what physical age do you LOOK like, in your opinion?

People are shocked when they learn my age. They say they think I am about age 70. My opinion of myself is of no value, as I am naturally prejudiced.

I suppose that after you began to take growth hormone your physical appearance improved for a while and then the visible benefits continued to come but at a slower rate... And you say that it is a bit difficult for a man of age 92 to fight getting old... So I would like to know if you feel you are holding on to these physical benefits, or if you have you seen that you are losing some of the benefits that you gained when you began GH replacement...

After how many years on growth hormone did you start to lose the gains, if you have lost some, or are you still at the peak?

I do feel that I am holding my own and I don't see that I have lost any ground at all.

I think you wrote to me that your dose has been 1 iu per day... Have you increased it?

I take one IU per day.

Why do you think that your IGF-1 of 670 is too high? Have you had any side effects?

I said my IGF is 670 and that might be high, but I do not know. I have not tried to be scientific. I have had no side effects so I do not worry. I have never had any side effects.

I suppose you do not have diabetes. Can you please confirm this?

I do not have diabetes.

Do you now, or have you ever taken testosterone?

I have never taken testosterone. I married 8 years ago at age 84. My wife is more than 30 years younger than I am. We have sex on average of once a week.

Thank you very much for your answers. They are unbelievably useful and interesting to anybody taking injectible growth hormone! -Ellis]

My best to you,

Donelson Jones


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