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The Essential Ellis Toussier

The Essential Ellis Toussier You might think I am bragging but a lot of people, including many doctors, think my pages are amazing... I have so many amazing pages, that I have selected a few for you to start to read... you should read them if you want to catch up to me, because I am at least 100 years ahead of anybody else who has not read them.

My 10 most important original thoughts, or contributions to Anti-Aging Medicine... in no particular order, I think they are all very important... they didn't fit in 10...

1. Rejuvenation, My 8 point Anti-Aging Program
2. The Glucose Theory of Aging
3. The Carbohydrate Thermometer

4. Assess Your Pancreas: The Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test
5. The Anti-Aging Diet
6. Diabetes Made Simple
7. The Non-Diabetic Use of Insulin
8. Day 30, My Pituitary Lives
9. My Short and Happy Experience with Testosterone
10. Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, EPO, and Senility
11. EPO and Bicycles, a testimony by "Animal" and a commentary by Ellis Toussier.
1 more for you: The "Good Guide" Pyramid A side by side comparison with the attrocious U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid.
12. Ellis Toussier's HbA1c to Average Blood Glucose Conversion Table
13. My Diploma: How I Know I am not Aging Very Quickly
14. Face to Face with Ellis Toussier... an interview.
15. Sarcopenia
16. HGH to Grow Taller
17. The Big Five Hormones: HGH, Testosterone, EPO, Insulin, and Thyroid

The most important pages on my website, written by others:

HGH and Pain - Peter Longmore
2. HGH and Crohn's Disease - Elaine Johnston
3. HGH and Menopause
4. HGH and Psoriasis
5. HGH and Eczema
6. HGH Since Age 80, now 92, by J. Donelson Jones
7. HGH and Macular Degeneration
8 HGH to Grow Taller
9. Letter From a Fireman
10. Lazarus Long (Howard Turney), My Story Continued
11. My First Fifty Years as a Diabetic, by Dr. Richard Bernstein
12a. Dr. Cranton Answers Questions about Growth Hormone Replacement
12b. Dr. Cranton: Interpretation of IGF-1 tests, and, HGH and Cancer


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