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Abracadabra... Mirror Mirror on the Wall... Who's the Youngest of them All?...

Welcome to Ellis Toussier's

Face to Face with Ellis Toussier... Madman or Visionary?

Interviewed in Mexico City, March, 2006

Ellis Toussier is preparing a syringe. He opens a white refrigerator in a white room that shares space with barbells and a stationary bicycle, and a beautiful sauna. It could be the refrigerator in a medical laboratory... and in fact, it is... this is his private laboratory...

Ellis keeps his magic potions which he hopes are the key to eternal youth inside this refrigerator.

His arsenal to try to beat death is made up of growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, and erithropoietin (EPO) and other hormones which he drinks or injects without knowing for certain what the consequences of using these hormones might have. Many specialists warn of tumors or malformations. Ellis has his own vision:

"For every doctor that thinks hormones are good for us, there are 10 that think we're crazy to use them... But I don't want to grow old... I'm almost 61 years old, and so far I have managed to stay young with hormones... So if anybody is going to tell me not to take hormones, even if he's a doctor, he has to tell me how else he thinks I can stay young..."

Ellis has been using growth hormone every day for 8 years. He says he thinks he is the person in Mexico who has used growth hormone longer than anybody else in Mexico, and among the ones who have used it for the longest time in the world.

After he learned to use growth hormone he added other hormones to his regimen... testosterone... insulin... and erithropoyetin (EPO)... He calls these "The Major Leagues" of hormones... He also uses DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin... and he says he has dabbled with thyroid, thymus, progesterone, oxytocin, Human corionic gonadotropin, and others whose names are too difficult for me to spell...

And while many doctors say he is a madman, many others say he is ahead of his times. Ellis himself sees himself as a visionary, as "the man who knows more about how to use hormones correctly to stay young than anybody else on Planet Earth... including doctors!"

His thick brown curly hair, his tight wrinkle-free skin, and his active mind which explodes before me, all speak of the incredible effects that his particular program has had on him.

This is the second time I visit Ellis. The first time, he sent me to Dr. Ariel Diaz, who gave me a physical exam and made me take some blood tests after which he told me I could use growth hormone and he gave me my first vial of growth hormone, compliments of Ellis. He told me that he listens to Ellis, and that I should listen to Ellis, too. "The sooner you get started on growth hormone," he told me "the better off you will be."

What's that? If I start now, I might get to age 50 as young and as healthy as Ellis? Mmmm... That doesn't sound so bad!

o ------------------------------------- o

Sara: Hello Ellis. The last time I saw you was five months ago, in November of 2005.

Ellis: Well, how do you think I look? Do you think I have grown any older?

Sara: I'm not sure... you look the same... Have you tried any new hormones since then? Any new therapies to fight the clock?

Ellis: No... everything is the same... that is, nothing new since November...

Sara: So tell us... When did you start to try to stay young forever?

Ellis: Well... since I was 20 years old I was interested in staying healthy. I figured the key must be in eating correctly, so I bought and read some books on nutrition. My idea of what is good nutrition has changed a lot since then, but at least I was on the right track. I am more convinced than ever that eating correctly is the single most important "therapy" to stay young and healthy. That was 40 years ago...

Sara: You say you are 60 years old... When will you be 61?

Ellis: In August... That's pretty soon... I'm already 61 years old according to life insurance companies... That means that I have been trying not to grow old and stay healthy for most of my life...

Sara: Do you think that aging is a disease?

Ellis: Aging is a slow disease... When we are young, all the cells in our body are growing and duplicating at more than 100%... When we finish growing, cells in our body don't duplicate completely, and so there is a slow change.

According to "the Free Radical Theory of Aging" cancer, heart attacks and aging are all related... they are all fast or slow aging, but they all have the same cause: free radicals which damage cells, which then stop renewing themselves...

In 1991 I wrote a book, "Nutricion Preventiva (Preventive Nutrition)" in which I discussed the "Free Radical Theory of Aging"... In that book I spoke about arginine, which is an amino acid which helps to release a small amount of growth hormone... so I also discussed what growth hormone is and what it does in our body.

So I already knew about growth hormone since 1991, but I didn't know where to get it. But I knew I would try to use it someday... Then in 1998 I saw myself in a mirror and I just didn't look so fresh anymore... My face looked a bit droopy... I had wrinkles, and crows feet around my eyes... I simply didn't look as good as I did before...

"Oh, oh..." I thought. "I'm getting older... It's time for me to start to use growth hormone..."

So I went to one pharmacy and then to another and another, until I finally found one that had growth hormone. So I bought one vial of growth hormone.

Sara: You didn't need a prescription to buy it?

Ellis: No. They didn't ask me for a prescription. If they had, I might not have had the money to go to a doctor to get a prescription, because you already saw for yourself that a doctor asks for a lot of tests... so that might have been the end of my experiment.

But I didn't know how to use it, and I was scared... So I called up an endocrinologist and I asked for an appointment. I wanted to learn to use it correctly, so I preferred to pay to learn rather than use it incorrectly.

"Why do you want to use growth hormone?" the endocrinologist asked somberly...

"Well... because I am growth hormone deficient..." I answered.

"And how do you know that you are growth hormone deficient?" he asked me, again in a very deep serious voice...

"Well... uh... Because I'm full of wrinkles, I feel more tired than I did before... and because I am 52 years old!" I answered...

"That's not a good reason to use growth hormone..." he answered matter-of-factly... I felt as if I was on trial, and he was the Judge...

"Maybe not, doctor... That's exactly why I would like to consult with you, so that you will show me how I can use growth hormone correctly..." I was not liking at all how this doctor was trying to boss me around. He told me to call him in two months, and then he hung up the telephone...

"Well, thanks a lot for nothing, doctor," I thought... "The hell with you."

Of course I was not going to wait for two months for a doctor to give me the honor of letting me consult with him. So I got on the internet and started to look for information about growth hormone. I found the experiment by Dr. Daniel Rudman in 1991, in which he gave growth hormone to a group of old men age 60 to 85... Ha!

(Ellis laughs out loud...)

Ellis: Now I'm 60, so now I'm an old man too! It makes me laugh to think of it...

Anyways... I studied Rudman's experiment and I calculated the dose that Rudman gave to his group of old men... I decided I would start with half of that dose. So I prepared the growth hormone and I injected my first dose. I felt good, so I knew it was working...

Sara: But weren't you scared to use growth hormone without a doctor?

Ellis: Yes, of course. I don't recommend that anybody should do what I did... But, I was more afraid of growing old than of growth hormone. And I wasn't going to let a doctor who didn't want to give me an appointment stop me.

So I got on the internet and I found a forum for doctors and I started to ask them questions... One by one, these good doctors started to answer my questions, and I began to clear up my doubts...

What is going to happen to me when I stop using growth hormone?

What are the side effects from using growth hormone, and how can I avoid getting side effects?

Which blood tests can I take, and what should I look for in my blood tests?

How often should I take growth hormone? How many times per day, and how many days per week?

Where should I inject in my body? What syringe should I use?

The answer to these questions all seem very simple to me today, but nobody was born knowing the answers... I was feeling better, and the doctors were all helping me, and I was learning...

But the strange thing is that in 1998 most of the doctors who were answering my questions were not using growth hormone themselves... They might be prescribing it to their patients, but almost none of them was using growth hormone on his own body.

So very soon after I started, I was the one that had the most experience using growth hormone... And pretty soon, I was answering some questions that came up in the discussions on the doctor's forum.

And when two doctors would have a different opinion, I would give my opinion too, based on my own experience using growth hormone, and on what I had found to be more effective.

For example: "How often should I inject growth hormone?"

There were doctors saying you should inject it twice a day, everyday, and there were doctors saying you should only inject once a day, 5 or 6 days a week... "to let the pituitary rest," they said...

Well I had my own opinion about this, and so I told them: "Rest from what? God rested on the seventh day, but the pituitary does not rest..."

That didn't make me very popular on the doctor's forum, but after a while they knew they had this person who is not a doctor and who lives in Mexico and doesn't always bow and says "yes" to everything they said.

And pretty soon, I was answering a lot of questions on the doctor's forum, always respecting the doctors, always letting them know that I am not a doctor, and always backing up my opinion with what at least one other doctor said.

And I also learned that doctors don't always agree with each other, so not all of them are right... and some doctors say the silliest things... and they also say things that are not necessarily true... and worse, they want us to accept what they say just because they are doctors...

Sara: Do you consider yourself an old man?

Ellis: Officially, I am an old man, almost by definition... I'm 60 years old... I can go into the Park for Senior Citizens in Chapultepec, and maybe I could get away with parking my car in the spaces reserved for Senior Citizens...

(Ellis laughs again...)

Sara: Can you describe what you felt the first time you used growth hormone? How long did it take before you could see results?

Ellis: Well... I felt good right away... About 10 minutes after my first shot I felt like there was a motor running inside my body, giving me energy... I knew something was "right"... It's difficult to describe, but I felt like a strange optimism, a feeling that everything is going to come out alright... Like I don't have anything to fear, I know I can get through it...

And then about two weeks after I started using growth hormone I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought to myself: "¡Bravo! ¡You're looking better!"

Then a few weeks after that, my friends started telling me that I look better, what did I do? Did I do plastic surgery? This really happens to everyone I know who takes growth hormone...

Sara: You give consultations?

Ellis: Yes, of course. I even give consultations to doctors who want to learn from me. They actually pay me for me to teach them what I know... and I am not a doctor, so this makes me feel very good. Doctors have flown to Mexico from Bolivia, Guatemala, the U.S.A., and Canada just to see me... that really makes me feel very good! I never would have believed I would be teaching doctors medicine some day, and I am not a doctor... it is amazing...

Sara: How much do you charge for a consultation?

Ellis: It depends on how long it lasts... I can give short consultations for free, or I give consultations that last three full days in which I teach the person everything I know... I take them to get blood tests, I take them to pharmacies to buy medicines, I take them to my doctors, I teach them how to measure their glucose levels, I teach them how to know which foods affect them... I take them to get hyperbaric oxygen, and EDTA chelation, and I take them to get a tomography of the heart...

Of course a consultation for 10 hours a day for three days has to cost more than a short consultation for 10 minutes, which I even give away free if they are my customers, or might be my customers. My customers love me because I teach them to use the products correctly, to eat correctly, and many other things... I like to blow everybody's mind with amazing ideas that are great for their health... And I want everybody to get much more than they pay for to consult with me.

Sara: What do you teach them in three days?

Ellis: It can be more than three days. A doctor from Bolivia came to Mexico and spent a full month with me.

I teach them everything I know about anti-aging... And they can consult with me without limit for two years... I show them how to eat, how to check their blood glucose levels... I teach them how to interpret blood tests... I teach them all that I can about growth hormone, and testosterone, and insulin, and EPO... I take them to laboratories, and to pharmacies, and I take them to my doctors to take a session of hyperbaric oxygen, and EDTA chelation, and Botox, or Thermage and other therapies...

Sara: How many doctors do you have?

Ellis: I have three doctors... The first is Dr. Ignacio Vazquez, who studied EDTA chelation with Dr. Cranton... he's my doctor for EDTA chelation...

The second is Dr. Jorge Ariel Diaz, who you already met... He's a plastic surgeon. He called me because he found me on the internet and he wanted to learn about growth hormone... we became great friends. He teaches me anti aging therapies, and I teach him about hormones, and we make a great pair... and he really is a great plastic surgeon. If you ever need plastic surgery, he's the man.

And the third is Dr. Gerardo Diaz Bautista, who is a recognized authority in Mexico on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He has three hyperbaric oxygen tanks and he has been giving hyperbaric oxygen for more than 30 years...

Sara: What is hyperbaric oxygen?

Ellis: Hyperbaric oxygen means you breathe oxygen under pressure, so it is forced into the blood plasma. Hyperbaric oxygen is fantastic for the nervous system, and I'm very interested in keeping my nervous system well. Dr. Diaz is also a great humanitarian. he doesn't charge anything to people who need but can't afford his services.

I met Dr. Diaz Bautista because I was doing simultaneous translations from English to Spanish a few years ago at a doctor's convention, and he was there... When I met him, he knew who I was because he had read my book, "Nutricion Preventiva" and he was excited to meet the author of his favorite book on nutrition in person...

I must agree that my book was ahead of its time when I wrote it, in 1991. And I wanted to know about hyperbaric oxygen, so it was like putting food and hunger together... We're great friends, and I admire him tremendously.

Sara: I suppose your friends and family see you so well that they all want to take growth hormone too?

Ellis: No, not at all. My friends and my family are the first people who think I'm crazy. My brothers all think I'm very strange... the people around me see that I am well, but they are afraid to do what I do. They hear the word "growth" hormone and they run the other way. Some of them think I am a little nuts...

Even doctors are scared of hormones... particularly of growth hormone... For every doctor that thinks hormones are good for us, there are 10 that think we're crazy to use them... But I don't want to grow old... I'm almost 61 years old, and so far I have managed to stay young with hormones... So if anybody is going to tell me not to take hormones, even if he's a doctor, he has to tell me how else he thinks I can stay young... What other plan does he have that is better?...

Good nutrition and exercise is not enough... It has already been tried a million years, and it is good, but you still grow old. If you really want to stay young you must use hormones also. Anybody who doesn't like what I am doing doesn't have to do it... they're welcome to do whatever else they think is better...

Whenever somebody tells me that they might take growth hormone but they will consult with their doctor, I am almost certain they will never take growth hormone.

A woman about 60 years old was curious about it, but she said she would consult with her doctor. A few days later I found her again, and she informed me as if she already knew everything about growth hormone: "My doctor told me not to take growth hormone because it can cause cancer!"

"Fine," I told her... "No problem... Don't take it..."

Today, eight years later, that woman looks like a skeleton... in fact, she might even be a skeleton because the last time I saw her she looked like she was about to kick the bucket soon... She had lost a lot of weight, and she had aged at least 20 years since I saw her a few years before...

In the meantime, 8 years later, I continue taking growth hormone every day and I look better than I did when I was 52 years old in 1998... I'm healthy... I'm almost 61 years old and I look better than I did at age 52, so... he that laughs last, laughs best. I suppose I get the last laugh.

Sara: Why do you say that you know more about growth hormone than doctors? Are you exaggerating a little?

Ellis: No, I'm not exaggerating. I eat, sleep, and wake up thinking of growth hormone and other hormones. I really do think I might be the man who knows how to use more hormones correctly to stay young than anybody else on Planet Earth.

For example, I know more about using hormones for anti-aging than most endocrinologists, because most endocrinologists are dead set against anybody using growth hormone unless we are very, very sick. They say it should only be used for extreme cases, only very sick people... They don't seem to care that healthy people stay healthy if you replace missing hormones.

And I use EPO, which raises red blood cells. Doctors have no idea at all about using EPO... And I use insulin, and I am not a diabetic... I don't know any any doctor who uses insulin if he is not a diabetic, much less prescribes it to patients... So I know more about using these hormones than any doctor I know.

I have used growth hormone every day for 8 years... That is more than 3000 injections of growth hormone so far in my life. I have a forum on the internet with 2000 doctors and patients who take growth hormone, and we discuss growth hormone and other anti aging therapies every day... I have medical books about hormones. There are more than 10,000 posts in the archives of my forum, and I have answered almost all of them. Find a doctor who has that kind of experience, and I will say that doctor knows as much as I do about growth hormone... All others, I know more...

I don't know any doctor in Mexico that has used growth hormone as long as I have. Every doctor I know who knows something about growth hormone learned about it from me, or from my pages on the internet. They tell me so themselves. Doctors call me all the time to ask me about growth hormone and to find out how to buy growth hormone in Mexico. .

It is true that growth hormone was experimental 15 years ago, but it is not experimental any more. There are hundreds of thousands of persons using growth hormone, and there are thousands of scientific papers written about its use. But some doctors are still waiting to see what happens in "the long run."

Long run? Which long run? How much longer do they want it to be? What side effect are they waiting to happen to us?

If it is used in a physiological dose, growth hormone doesn't have any bad side effect. It isn't true that it causes cancer, or diabetes, nor does it make internal organs grow bigger, nor does it cause acromegalia nor all the other horrible side effects that those ignorant doctors are saying might happen... they simply don't exist... To who have they happened to? Show me the cases...

If all these dangers were real, growth hormone would be forbidden... It isn't forbidden... it isn't even very strictly controlled. Of course you should have a doctor, of course you should take blood tests, but it isn't a dangerous medicine... it's a hormone... An aspirin is not natural to our body, but growth hormone is natural to our body, it's made in our body.

Sara: They get it from our body?

Ellis: No. The growth hormone that we can buy in a pharmacy is made in a laboratory. It is the exact copy of human growth hormone, but it is made by genetic engineering... What they do is they take the DNA of human growth hormone and they splice it into a tiny one-celled animal, like an ameba. When it comes time for this ameba to duplicate, it duplicates itself as growth hormone and not as an ameba.

It's fantastic... Absolutely amazing... For the first time in human history, we have human growth hormone made in a laboratory. We also have insulin, and EPO and many other hormones made in laboratories. It is incredible. This is the greatest advance in Medicine in the history of the world, in my opinion. It is absolutely amazing... but it isn't going to do anybody any good unless they apply it to their body. Just because it exists and is sold in a pharmacy is not going to help your body, unless you buy it and stick it into your body.

Sara: But growth hormone was being used to make short children grow since the 1950's...

Ellis: Yes, but that was from cadavers. It took one cadaver to get one dose of growth hormone... And it had to be a young man... and he had to have died accidentally, he couldn't have died of disease.... So... one dose, one cadaver... 365 doses, 365 cadavers. It would have taken 365 young men who died in accidents for just one person to be able to get growth hormone.

I would never have been able to get growth hormone 20 years ago... today there is all we want for all of us. You just have to pay for it... It is fantastic. For the first time in the history of the world we are able to get growth hormone and insulin and EPO and testosterone... I'm amazed... and I think I might be the first person on Planet Earth who is taking all these hormones. I know it is incredible, but I think thats true.

Sara: So what is so great about taking growth hormone? What benefits do you get?

Ellis: The first thing that happens is that your skin gets better... Have you seen my skin?

(Ellis stands up and shows me the skin on his arm...)

Ellis: Look at that... Look how tight my skin is... touch how it feels... it isn't all flabby, and dried, and wrinkled... It's like the skin on the tuches of a baby... and I'm nearly 61 years old!

(Ellis laughs and returns to his seat, very proud...)

Ellis: And it's good for the immune system, it mineralizes bones, it gives you more energy... It's like aspirin: it does everything... it repairs everything... It should have been called "repair hormone"... that would be a better name for it.

Sara: I injected the vial that Dr. Diaz gave me... thanks... And the truth is that I felt pretty good...

Ellis: You felt it right away? You felt it the same day?

Sara: Yes... I felt something good... but... I think I choose to grow older.

Ellis: Fine. That's your decision and there's no problem with me. Every person decides what he wants to do, and each person decides which road to follow... If you choose to grow older, that's fine with me. I choose to stay young if I can. Who's right? I'm right for me, and you're right for you.

Many doctors have told me that I might die younger because I use growth hormone. That's fine. If I die today, I will be thankful for having lived to age 61 without having lived a single day in my life as an old man.

Doctors are just guessing when they say that I'll die younger... They don't know that I'll die younger, they are just guessing that I might... I am guessing that I won't. So... We'll see who's right, 40 or 50 years from now.

Even if they are doctors, they know less about growth hormone than I do because I have been using it every day for the past 8 years... I know what it feels like, and I feel very good with it, so why should I be afraid that I'm going to die? I don't even think about it... I'm going to live, and stay healthy.

So far, so good. I won't stop taking growth hormone or any other hormone until I see that something bad is happening to me... and that hasn't happened so far, so why should I worry that it will?...

Sara: What dose is right?

Ellis: Well... that vial of growth hormone that Dr. Diaz gave you four months ago was the dose for four days... Did you take it in four days?

Sara: No... I took the whole thing in one shot..

Ellis: You did? well, no problem... That is the dose that body builders take every day, and it is also the first dose that Dr. Diaz likes to give to his patients... The dose of growth hormone that causes side effects is much larger than one vial, and you would have to take that wrong dose for about 8 months before you would get "acromegalia"... which means "giantism..."

Growth hormone is not like insulin... You have to take the exact dose of insulin at the exact time, or else you feel bad right away.

Sara: Why do you use insulin? Are you diabetic?

Ellis: No, I'm not diabetic. I inject insulin because I have my own theory that I should keep my blood glucose levels strictly controlled... using insulin helps me to control my blood glucose much better than not using it.

Sara: How do you know that?

Ellis: Because I measure my blood glucose and it is always low... When I take insulin and I eat, my blood glucose comes out lower than if I don't take insulin... that's how I know it's helping me... I have taken more than 5000 blood glucose tests, so I know perfectly well if it is working or not.

Sara: 5000 blood glucose tests?!!

Ellis: Yes... that's not so many... 3 or 4 a day, everyday, that's about 1000 per year... in 4 or 5 years that's 5000, or more...

I think it is the best thing I have ever done for my health. I consider myself a diabetic, even if I am not technically a diabetic. But I eat as if I was a diabetic, and I check my blood glucose as if I am a diabetic, and this lets me control blood glucose much more closely. I am able to predict what my glucose levels will be after any meal, so this also helps me to choose the foods that won't raise my glucose levels. If you know something is going to be bad for you, maybe you don't eat it, or maybe you eat less of it. But the only way to know for sure what is your blood glucose is to check it... I always say:

"Don't believe anybody... Don't believe any doctor, don't believe any Government expert, don't believe any book... Don't even believe me... You can only believe the glucose meter.

Go ahead and eat it, then check yourself with a glucose meter... the glucose meter does not lie... you can believe the glucose meter."

I inject a very tiny amount of insulin just before eating each meal, and I check my blood glucose levels after each meal, and I inject again if necessary to bring my blood glucose levels down... so that is three or four tests per day...

Sara: Is this part of your theory that sugar is the worst thing for your health?

Ellis: There's no doubt that sugar is terrible for your health... but it isn't only sugar... it's all carbohydrates... Sugar is 100% carbohydrates, and bread is 50% carbohydrates, so bread is full of sugar... it acts just like sugar in your body...

We can see the damage done by high blood glucose in something called "glycosilation" which is a molecule of glucose that gets stuck to a molecule of protein. This damages the protein. We can see this very clearly in a blood test where we see glucose stuck to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what carries oxygen, and if hemoglobin is damaged by glucose, it can't carry oxygen anymore.

"According to Saint Ellis" if you keep your glucose levels between 70 and 90 for the rest of your life, you're not going to age as fast as if you don't do anything to keep them low...

Of course this is only "according to Saint Ellis" because I can't prove that it's correct... I'm doing it based only on faith that it's true... Nobody that's not a diabetic has ever tried to keep their glucose levels under control as strictly as I am doing... But we know it's a good thing for diabetics, so it has to be the right thing for us to do too... I have faith in what I say... "Saint Ellis" has to be right...

(Ellis laughs out loud...)

Ellis: Some of my fans call me "Saint Ellis"... Even I like to say that what I don't know, but I think is so, is "according to Saint Ellis" because I am rooting for "Saint Ellis" too... I hope that what I say is true, will in fact be true, because I'm actually doing it, you see? I'm injecting insulin when doctors say it isn't necessary, and I am raising red blood cells that doctors think is very strange and not necessary...

And I am not eating bread, and I leave potatoes on the plate... If I'm right, I will live better, and if I am mistaken, nobody gets hurt if they followed my example. Maybe it doesn't help, but it will never hurt to keep glucose levels controlled, or to keep red blood cells a bit higher.

Unfortunately, I only started doing this when I was 56 years old. I wish somebody would have taught me the things that I'm teaching others when I was 25 years old... but there wasn't a teacher like "Saint Ellis" anywhere when I was 25... I never learned what I'm saying in a book, or from somebody else, this is my own idea.

But I'm glad I reached this conclusion when I was 56 years old, and not at age 80 when I would already be in bad health... I'm still not diabetic, at least not by the definition of the American Diabetes Association, so maybe I can avoid diabetes with my own theory that I should keep glucose levels under strict control.

And now I teach this idea to thousands of people who are still young enough to benefit from it, and some of them are starting to avoid diabetes long before they would have if I hadn't told them to do it...

This gives me a lot of pleasure, because it gives me pleasure to think I am helping other people to be healthy. It's nice to have come up with a new and good idea for the Planet that can help people to have better health... Diabetes is a plague... there wouldn't be a plague if this idea would catch on with everybody.

Sara: Do you think you are going to live forever? Until what age do you really think you will live to?

Ellis: No, I don't think we can live forever... but I do think we can live maybe 10 or 20 years longer in good health. We have to try to avoid diabetes... I THINK I am postponing bad health by trying to postpone diabetes, therefore I think I am postponing death.

Diabetes is the real killer... It makes heart attacks happen, and it helps and feeds cancer, which kills. I'm trying to avoid diabetes, and in that way I also avoid complications of diabetes. With that I also lessen the chance of getting cancer and heart attacks and kidney disease and senility, and so on...

Diabetes is the base disease, the fundamental down-at-the-bottom disease... I don't know why doctors don't seem to know this... Cardiologists know about the heart, but they don't know about diabetes... Oncologists know about cancer, but they don't know about diabetes... They should learn about diabetes, because eating too much carbohydrates is causing diabetes and it is also causing heart disease and cancer... that is: high blood glucose levels for many years is the ultimate cause of all of these diseases.

Sara: So how long do you think we can live?

Ellis: The person who has lived the longest was a French woman, Jeane Calment, who lived to age... a bit more than 120... I think it was 122... But she didn't get to age 122 well... she was frail, and somebody had to take care of her...

I don't want to live like that... I want to get to whatever age I get to well, if that is 70 or 100 or 120... but I want to live always in a healthy and young body and I want to always have my brain functioning well... If not, what do I want to live for? All my program is designed to keep me well and healthy and with a healthy mind for as long as possible... and I don't want to have any side effects... I want the good, but I don't want the bad, and that is what I am doing... all of the good, none of the bad.

Sara: So...? Until what age do you think you will live to?

Ellis: You know, I don't really think I can guess. We can die of so many things... I could die in an accident, or I can die poisoned by the smog... I think if I am healthy at age 100, there is no reason why I should die at age 100, and if I can stay healthy until age 110, then I don't see why I should die at age 110... The trick is to stay healthy, and I've done that pretty well until age 61. But I don't know until what age I can stay healthy. So far, I'm better physically at age 61 than age 52... that's already a big enough reason to be grateful that I have taken growth hormone and EPO and testosterone and insulin for as long as I have. I'm doing very well so far. Why change a good formula?

Sara: So how did you do your program?

Ellis: What I do is I study what are the signs of aging... what happens to all the old people before me? And then I study how can I reverse or slow down each sign of aging...

For example, as we age, we gain weight... we gain fat and we lose muscle... So... I try to lose fat and gain muscle. How do you lose fat? You eat correctly. How do you gain muscle? You do exercise... and testosterone helps to build muscle too, so I take testosterone...

As we age we get wrinkles on our face... Skin is dry, and flabby...

So growth hormone is perfect for this... Growth hormone makes the circulatory system grow new capillaries everywhere, so water and nutrients and oxygen can get to the surface of the skin and so skin is humid and wrinkles go away...

These are only two examples, but in fact we can reverse almost every sign of aging...

The only sign of aging we cannot reverse is we cannot recuperate lost neurons. We can avoid losing them, but we can't regain them if we have lost them... So it becomes vitally important to avoid losing neurons in our body, which is the eighth point of my program. If you lose the neurons in your body, you are also losing neurons in your brain. If you lose your brain... what do you want to be alive for?

The nervous system starts with our brain, and it extends to all parts of our body... it is what lets us feel cold, hot, happy, sad... it allows us to see, to talk, to hear... If we lose our nervous system, then we're not humans anymore, we're oysters... we are only a living piece of meat and bones, with no brain...

Now that's how I think it works... I think I might be the first person who decided that keeping glucose levels low is going to prevent me losing my brain... But even if somebody thought of it before I did, I don't know anybody who is taking insulin and growth hormone and EPO to try not to lose the neurons in my body. I don't know any doctor who is using insulin if he is not a diabetic... or who is using EPO, or prescribing them to his patients...

Sara: What is EPO?

Ellis: EPO is a hormone that is produced by the kidneys that tells the bone marrow to make new red blood cells. The kidneys are the ones who clean the blood, so they are the first to notice if there is not enough oxygen. For example, if you come to Mexico City from Acapulco, you feel the lack of oxygen, because there is less oxygen at this altitude... So the kidneys notice this, and the kidneys give the order to increase red blood cells so that we can get enough oxygen... And after a week or so, you have adjusted to Mexico City...

The opposite is true, too... If you go from Mexico City to Acapulco, you feel better, because you are getting more oxygen. This is essentially what I am doing to myself artificially... I raise red blood cells in my body so that all my body and my brain gets more oxygen... so I feel better... I have a lot of energy... I can think clearly, and I don't get tired if I climb a flight or two of stairs.

Sara: How much do you increase your red blood cells?

Ellis: The average for the population is about 45% at sea level. I have mine at about 55% right now... That means I have almost 25% more oxygen circulating through my body than you do right now, so I won't get as tired as you do if we run up the stairs, even if you are much younger than I am and I am a 61 year old man.

Sara: But can't this be dangerous? What if your blood gets too thick with red blood cells? Couldn't this give you a heart attack?

Ellis: That is a very good observation, you are very smart to say that... The answer is that I don't raise my red blood cells to a dangerous level. I am raising my red blood cells to 55%, which is less than is common in La Paz, Bolivia, or in small towns in Nepal, or in the Himalayas. People who smoke make their red blood cells go up to 70%, and that is why they die of heart attacks... but I am not going to even get close to 70% red blood cells.

Red blood cells go down with age, so senior citizens have much less oxygen going through their body than they did when they were younger. Then doctors say they "don't know" what causes senility... they say it is "natural" to lose your memory with old age...

And I say those doctors simply aren't using their imagination... Just think of what would happen if you are in a car with the windows rolled up, and we suck 30% of the oxygen out of the car, and you are inside the car... You don't die because the lack of oxygen doesn't precisely kill you right away... but you feel a little groggy, a little dizzy...

Then, 10 years later we bring you out of the car without oxygen, and you don't know your name and you don't know where you are... Doctors say that is "normal" and they say they don't know the cause of senility...

But "according to Saint Ellis" the drop of red blood cells with age is one of the principal causes of senility, because we lose neurons due to the lack of oxygen. I can't prove that this is so, because nobody has ever tried to keep his red blood cells up at 55% until age 100, so I might be the first person in history to try to do this... But I think it is so... that is why I do it... "according to Saint Ellis"... Someday we'll know if I was right, or if I am a madman as some doctors say I am.

Doctors change their criteria when it comes to senior citizens... They accept much less red blood cells as "normal" even if they could do something about it... If they see an old man with 30% red blood cells, that is one third less than 45% which is normal... they don't say he has "anemia" which is what he has, by definition... they say he is "normal for his age"... Can you imagine one third less oxygen, and the doctor tells you to go home, you are normal?

"Don't worry, old man, you're fine... I, doctor, could raise your red blood cells, but I am afraid to do it because I don't know how to use it, and other doctors might criticize me if I give it to you... So go home and prepare to die, which is "normal" too... you are an old man anyways... It's o.k. if you die, and it's o.k. if you don't remember your name, or you get lost... that's "normal" too..."

The problem is that anemia doesn't "hurt" so the old man doesn't complain... the spring that squeaks gets the oil, so if he doesn't squeak he doesn't get oiled... Since the old man is not complaining, the doctor doesn't think it is important to fix the problem. But anemia causes other problems, and the body degenerates slowly due to the lack of oxygen everywhere...

Sara: You told me that you think you are the person who uses more hormones than any other person in the world... Why do you think that? And why is that so important to you?

Ellis: I think that I am the person on planet Earth that uses more anti-aging hormones because I know that doctors in the United States only use and prescribe FIVE hormones: growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, and thyroid... Of those five, TWO are what I call "the Major Leagues": growth hormone, and testosterone. I am also using INSULIN, and I am not a diabetic, and I am also using EPO, and I am not a kidney patient. I don't know any doctor in the world who is not diabetic who is using insulin, or prescribing it to his patients. And I don't know any doctor in the world who is using EPO for his own anti-aging program. I would be happy to know there is one, but I don't know any... and I am on the internet, and I know thousands of anti-aging doctors... None of them is using insulin or EPO... and these are BOTH "Major League" hormones... So... it is just numbers: seven hormones is more than five hormones... and four "Major League" hormones is twice as many as two... I'm in outer space.

The importance of that is... that I am sorry that my example is not being followed by doctors... that just proves to me that you can know more than a doctor about a specific topic of medicine, because I am sure I know more about insulin and EPO than most doctors do.

But many people who are not doctors read my pages and follow my example, and they write amazing things to me. I have received unbelievable testimonials about using EPO from many people. One person who climbs mountains wrote an unbelievable testimonial noting the difference with high red blood cells, and his companions who were struggling to get enough oxygen...

So I feel that I know more than doctors, because I know that what I am doing is good for me. I feel that doctors don't know enough about EPO, or what it can be used for... Of course this also feeds my Legendary Ego... but it's true!

Sara: What is this about your "Legendary Ego"?

(Ellis laughs...)

Ellis: That's what a doctor said about me on a public forum... He said I'm not really an authority on anti aging therapies, and that my ego is legendary. He also said that my use of growth hormone is "obviously mistaken" and I am "badly informed" about insulin, and my use of EPO is "not necessary." He said my theories are "downright dangerous"...

So, since then, I like to say I am "the Man with the Legendary Ego"... The fact is that if I say I use more hormones than anybody else on earth, I think it is true, and there has to be somebody who says I am bragging... It doesn't bother me that a doctor attacks me, on the contrary it makes me laugh... They said the same thing about Galileo, and Louis Pasteur, and many other geniuses who I admire, so it is a pleasure to be attacked by doctors and be put in the same club with my heroes... someday I am sure I will show them all that I am right and they are wrong... they might be dead, then, so they won't even know it, but I will know it...

Sara: Well... doctors can be mistaken...

Ellis: They definitely can be mistaken... or can also be ignorant... the doctor who criticized me is a "doctor," but that doesn't mean he knows more than I do about hormones... but he gives his opinion as if it is a fact. My use of growth hormone is "obviously mistaken"... I have been using growth hormone every day for the past 8 years, and he has probably never tried it... so how can he say it is "obviously mistaken" for me to use growth hormone, since I can see myself in the mirror everyday? "According to Ellis" that doctor doesn't know enough about hormones because he is scared of them, but he still shows his ignorance by stating that I am "obviously mistaken"... I use hormones every day, and I'm not afraid of them, so my opinion is better founded.

Sara: But he's not the only doctor who is against what you are doing. What can you tell me about the doctors who say that growth hormone can cause cancer, and other bad growth, and other problems?

Ellis: Well, that's the way it is... There are thousands of doctors who are fighting with the doctors who are using growth hormone to reverse the aging process... they say we are all crazy... but there are 15,000 doctors who are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine who say this is not crazy, it is working...

So who do you want to believe? 15,000 doctors for growth hormone is a lot of doctors, but there are maybe 485,000 other doctors who are against us using it... But this isn't a contest to see who has more votes, and the majority is right. This is our health that is at stake. Growth hormone is food for my body, and I am the one who should decide what I do for my body. The 15,000 doctors who are using growth hormone and prescribing it to their patients are not charlatans, they are medical doctors trying to help prevent disease before it happens.

Sara: yes, but we don't know what can happen in the long run...

Ellis: In the long run? I've been using growth hormone every day for eight years with great results, and that is still not the long run... So when will they decide that there is enough experience in the long run? Never. There is always longer...

In the meantime, you can use growth hormone for at least 8 years, and I'll let you know if I have any trouble in the future so you can stop using it so long... and there are people who have used it much longer than I have, and they will let me know if they run into any trouble, but in the meantime we're all doing very well, thank you. Where are the people who got cancer? Where are the people who got malformations, or whose internal organs grew, or whatever? Where are they?

Maybe 50 years from now I'll die and then the critics will point at me and they'll say "Aha! You see? I told you so! He died!"

(Ellis laughs...)

Ellis: And what do I care if I die at age 110, if I lived my life in good health and with more energy, and my brain is well, and I could ride bicycle, and go to the beach in Can Cun, and dance and sing at my grandchildrens weddings... let them criticize me, I don't care.

Sara: In fact, I spoke to Dr. Luis Miguel Gutierrez Robledo who is the chief of the Geriatric Institute of the Nutrition and Science Hospital of Mexico... and he said that taking hormones is nothing less than madness...

Ellis: Well, that's his opinion, based on what he knows, which is not as much as what he thinks he knows... I have another opinion, and I am using growth hormone, so I know why I have my opinion. We'll find out some day who is right... I'm sorry to hear that a supposedly good doctor is against the use of growth hormone, because he surely isn't using it himself.

Well... we'll see 20 or 30 years from now how well he has done and how I have done. Nobody knows for sure who is right, but we'll find out. Somebody has to take growth hormone so that they will know for sure who is right, so I'll be the guinea pig. It doesn't scare me.

Many doctors are scared of growth hormone because their books are full of incorrect information about hormones. Growth hormone was not made in laboratories until 1985, and it was not until 1991 that Dr. Rudman made his experiment on old men and we started to use it for adults, too.

Medical books said that growth hormone has no effect on adults, it only makes children grow taller. That is a mistake, and it is still printed in many medical books, especially in Spanish because the ones in English who finally fixed that statement have still not been translated from English to Spanish.

I agree that hormones can be dangerous if you use them incorrectly, but they are very good if you use them correctly... what else can I say?

I use them correctly... I teach doctors to teach their patients to use them correctly. It is even difficult to use growth hormone incorrectly. It would take 8 months of serious overdosing to get "acromegalia" which is what doctors fear so much.

And there are already thousands of doctors and many thousands of patients who are using growth hormone and other hormones.

Sara: But what can you tell me about breast cancer, that is caused by hormones? A study was stopped in the United States because there were so many cases of breast cancer.

Ellis: Ah! But now you are referring to female hormone replacement, which is a different matter entirely. I never advocated that women should be given horse hormones. The reason human women get breast cancer is because they are given horse hormones, not human hormones. And why are they given horse hormones? Because the pharmaceutical company can patent horse hormones but they can't patent human estrogen. So the problem here is really that these hormones should never have been approved by the F.D.A. and Salubridad... that's the problem.

Cancer is a disease that strikes one out of three persons at some time in their life. It is very possible that some old person starts to take growth hormone and then they discover he has cancer, which they would have discovered even if he had never taken growth hormone... But there always has to be some doctor who comes up with the brilliant observation "You took growth hormone? Huy! That's what caused your cancer!" And then they blame growth hormone, and they write about it, so other doctors learn to repeat it, too.

Sara: And by the way... How's your sex life?

Ellis: Fine... I'm glad you asked... I inject testosterone, which is the male hormone... Testosterone goes down in the body of an old man, and estrogen goes up in the body of an old man... So in essence we are slowly becoming less masculine and more feminine... This tells an old man that he is finished sexually, so he doesn't want to compete with young men for the young chicks... "You see that pretty girl? Take it easy, old man... Who cares, right?"

Well, I'll tell you who cares... I care! I'm still a young man sexually... It isn't because I am more "macho" than other old men, or because I have better genes than anybody else... it is because of what I inject into my body. My body is full of testosterone, the male hormone, and it is low in estrogen, the female hormone... so I see a pretty girl and it affects me exactly the same as it affected me when I was 25 years old. I swear it.

And that's good, because that really is a measure of good health.

Sex is so that you can reproduce when you are young... After that, sex is not necessary, and you're not necessary either... If you die, that's not important for the survival of the species... But I want to be, and I am, the exception to the rule. I want to be, and I am, the Old Man who is still sexually young.

By the way... what are you doing tonight?

(Ellis bursts out laughing...)

Sara: Ellis, I want to ask you... Can you buy all these hormones in a pharmacy without a prescription?

Ellis: Yes... In Mexico, yes... The box says that it requires a prescription, but they don't ask for it in a pharmacy because it is not a controlled medicine... I suppose that is because it is not a dangerous or addictive medicine... And I'm really glad they sell it without a prescription, otherwise I would have had a huge problem trying to get a prescription to try the hormones I have tried. Even a friendly doctor can't give you a prescription for EPO if the book says it is only for extreme cases of kidney disease, because then the doctor will get into problems and can lose his license to practice... I have always been able to buy my hormones without a prescription, but I am still very careful to use them under the advice and supervision of my doctors in Mexico and on the internet, too... I don't recommend that anybody should do what I do, because I'm different... I'm a Martian...

Sara: Why do you call yourself a Martian?

Ellis: Because I am a Martian... I'm out in space somewhere... I don't live on planet Earth, I live in the internet, I live on Mars... I am growing younger, and doctors say that is impossible, and I'm doing it, so I must be a Martian because I am doing what they say is impossible to do.

Sara: Are your treatments very expensive?

Ellis: It is more expensive to grow old. How much would it cost to be in a hospital for 10 days? I can easily pay my treatment for a few years with what it costs to be sick in a hospital for 10 days. I prefer to spend my money on anti-aging therapies and to stay out of hospitals. In eight years I have only had a cold twice, and they were not even very bad colds. I don't spend any money on doctors or medicines, except on anti-aging doctors and anti-aging medicines... My doctors don't charge me anything, because they consider me their colleague... I teach them and they teach me... I help them to stay healthy, and they help me to stay healthy if I ever need it.

Sara: So... how much does your treatment cost?

Ellis: It can cost from anything you want to anything you want to spend... If you eat correctly it doesn't cost you an extra cent, and that is really the most important anti-aging therapy. It doesn't cost anything to do exercise... If you drink vitamins and take care of your skin, that can cost a hundred dollars or so per month...

You can do an anti-aging program from zero to thousands of dollars a month in a clinic in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas... but it is much less expensive to do it right here in Mexico, and the anti-aging doctors in Mexico know everything that a doctor knows in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas... Many Americans come to Mexico to see my doctors, or to see me... It is much cheaper to consult with me than with anybody else, and besides, I save my customers more money than it costs to consult with me.

And I think I know as much or more than any anti-aging doctor in the world... At least my doctors think that I know as much or more about anti-aging therapies as any doctor in the world. They always call me to consult with me, and to ask my opinion.

But it doesn't matter which doctor you go to, just as long as you are aware that you really can get much better physically and mentally if you apply what we already know about anti aging to your body. You can't wait for the Government to take care of you, because you'll be an old woman before that happens.

Your life and your health is your responsibility, not the Government's.

Sara: Do you also exercise?

Ellis: Of course I also exercise. Not every day, and I don't kill myself building muscles, but I do exercise... I lift weights, and I walk a lot, and I ride bicycle when I can... I'm just an old man who wants to stay well...

Sara: Have you had any plastic surgery?

Ellis: No, not yet... but I would be willing to do it if I ever need it... But that time hasn't arrived yet... I've done other treatments, like Thermage, which tightened the skin of my face and neck...

Sara: What is Thermage?

Ellis Thermage is a treatment with radio frequencies that affects the layer of skin below the upper layer... it does something to the collagen beneath and makes collagen grow back in about 6 months. So for 6 months you are getting better and better and better...

Sara: How does it work? What is it like?

Ellis: Well... they pass something on the surface of your face that sends out some radio waves, like a microwave oven I think... and it heats the layer of skin below the surface, at the same time they pass some cold gas on the surface of the skin so that your skin doesn't burn... So you feel "hot" "cold" and "hot" again. The bottom line is that it really does tighten your skin very well. I think the skin of my neck is much better than before Thermage.

What I like about Thermage is that it really is reversing a sign of aging, because it stimulates collagen to grow back again, and this is the reason why the skin looks better. Plastic surgery is mostly cosmetic. I am not criticizing anybody that wants to have plastic surgery, but for me, I prefer Thermage because it is non-invasive and it is more "natural" because it stimulates the growth of collagen. And it did a great job of tightening the skin of my neck, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Sara: That's good... You also have a page about Thermage on the internet, don't you? You have a lot of pages on the internet... I saw your poems... You are an amazing man of many talents...

Ellis: Yes, I have more than 100 pages on the internet... I have pages about diabetes, and about diet, and nutrition, and I have pages about testosterone and growth hormone and EPO... I have a discussion group with 2000 doctors and patients, where we discuss growth hormone and other anti-aging therapis... That is how I have learned so much, because I learn from the people and the doctors on my forum...

Sara: And what else do you do besides growing younger and writing poems on the internet?

Ellis: I am dedicated to caring for my sons, and to enjoy life... I love music... I go a lot to classical music concerts and symphonies, and I go to rock concerts too... I love Mozart and Beethoven and the Beatles... I also like to wander through Mexico City to get to know my city... It is my city, and I love it.

Sara: O.K, Ellis... I guess that is enough for now...

(Sara gets up...)

Sara: I have to go... It was nice to see you again... Take good care of yourself...

Ellis: And you too, Sara... You are invited to my birthday party in the year 2045, to celebrate my first 100 years...

Sara: To celebrate your first 100 years? And after that, what comes next?

Ellis: Well... then you will be invited to my birthday party in the year 2145, to celebrate my second 100 years!...

(Ellis laughs out loud...)

End of Interview


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