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and... A Short-Short Lesson, part II


Ellis Toussier - Ades Bigio - Antebi


To speak Spanish and English is of great importancia
It is something you need in any circunstancia.
I've a method that shows there's a great abundancia
Spanish words that you know each and every instancia.

It's a tool

It's a tool, it's a supplement, it's a new accesorio
For the student and teacher it is obligatorio.
"Toussier's Cognate Words" - like a word directorio
Great for students of languages, level introductorio.

For my book, as an exercise which is muy creativo
I've a way to teach endings that is recreativo
Best of all, it is good, it is quite positivo
It gets right to the point, to the class objetivo.

It gets right to the point
First I flip, then I flop, then I double pirueta

I just sit and I write, I forget my dieta
and before I know how, I become a poeta.
First I flip, then I flop, then I double pirueta
I write poems galore, I'm a poet atleta !

I go into a trance, it's a type of hipnosis
Then the words just come out, like a super osmosis.
It's just crazy, I know, it's a poet psicosis
What a change this has been, such a metamorfosis!

It's a type of hipnosis
I am so ingenioso

It is great, it is cool, it is really glorioso
I just cannot believe I am so ingenioso !
Best of all, it is fun, it's a feeling curioso
It's a game that I do, not at all laborioso.

How much can I teach with this method gimnástico?
It's never been tried in the world escolástico.
A heck of a lot, I am quite optimístico.
They'll love it for sure in the classroom linguístico.

How much can I teach
Some say I'm lunatico

The words that I've chosen are very didáctico
It's a way to learn Spanish that is quite automático.
Some say I'm a genius, some say I'm lunático
But they're wrong, I'm only A Cognate Fanático!

Wow! Read "A Cognate Fanatico" in Italian!


© copyright 1987, Ellis Toussier-Ades Bigio-Antebi

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A Short-Short Lesson, part II

There are more than 7000 words in English with Latin roots. These words are known as "cognates". The terrific thing about cognates is that you don't have to know any Latin in order to be able to use them instantly in Spanish or French or Portuguese or Italian. As I have written in my book, "Toussier's Cognate Words," all you have to do is learn a rule to translate the word intuitively, according to the ending in English. You can learn these rules very, very easily, because all the words in English that follow the rule rhyme with all the other words with the same ending... and they usuallly have the same ending in the foreign language! For example:


...orio / ...oire / ...orio / ...orio

English Spanish French Italian Portuguese
territ ory territ orio territ oire territ orio territ orio

So we could have written the second verse of the above poem to end with a cognate in French, like this:

It's a tool, it's a supplement,
it's a new accessoire ( ak se SWAR )
For the student and teacher, it is obligatoire
"Toussier's Cognate Words" - like a word directoire
Great for students of languages, level introductoire

Isn't that amazing?
Isn't that amazing?

Now... As an excercise, YOU re-write this stanza, rhyming in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, using the table above.


Verbs are probably some of the most useful words to learn in a foreign language, and there are several hundred cognate verbs in English... so you can learn them quickly in Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese. Here is a rule that will give you about 150 verbs:

...izar / ...iser / ...izare / ...izar

English Spanish French Italian Portuguese
legal ize legal izar legal iser legal izzare legal izar

In this way, using just 20 different rules which are shown in my book, "Toussier's Cognate Words" you could learn about 4500 words in any of the above languages in less than one hour !!!

Isn't that amazing?
Isn't that amazing?


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