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Toussier's Cognate Words is a systematic method to learn 4500 cognate words in Spanish or English with 20 rules. Each rule will immediately give the student hundreds of commonly used words in the other language. It is not a list of cognate words... The 20 rules are similar to the 4 rules that I have already given in the short lessons. The rules are not perfect, but they are all surprisingly good...

Toussier's Cognate Words is a very useful tool for students and teachers alike... it is especially useful for students who are in first level Spanish or English.

I also have other material with the identical rules in French, Italian, and Portuguese. Please write to me for details.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to sell only one book title through book stores, so my book is not found in bookstores... I'm the only person who sells this unique book. I have sold thousands of them at $25 each, but I will send it to students and teachers of languages for only $10 plus $2 shipping, from Mexico. If you are not a student or teacher, if you can afford it the price is $25 dollars, and if not, you put the price. I accept payment by check, but please don't send money orders as they are very difficult to cash in Mexico... I will also give you the following guarantee: if you are unhappy with it, for any reason, I will return your money, and you can keep the book! My address:

Ellis Toussier
Horacio 1729-5
Colonia Los Morales
Mexico City, D. F. 11510

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