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Abracadabra... Howard Turney: The Man Who Taught the F.D.A. about HGH!

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The Story of Lazarus Long (Howard Turney)

The Man Who Set Up the First Anti-Aging Clinic in the world, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in 1993

My Personal Story, How I began to use Human Growth Hormone in 1991

by Lazarus Long (Howard Turney)

This is my personal experience with growth hormone, written at the suggestion of The Rejuvenation and Longevity Foundation.

Hormone replacement therapy, with vitamin supplements, can do and will make the aging process slow down. It can even reverse the worst symptoms of the aging process. I am the best example that I know.

In July of 1990, I read in the New England Journal of Medicine of Dr. Daniel Rudman's study of World War II veterans, in which he gave them growth hormone for six months. The result was that they lost an average of 14% body fat, muscle mass increased between 9% and 12%, and they all felt more energy, power, and in many cases sexual desire. The latter depended on whether they had a partner or not.

In this period of my life, I was very bad. I had sat behind a desk for many years, and my belly continued to grow, until my waist was almost 45 inches. My right hand trembled so much that I could not write, and my left hand and my head had also begun to tremble. I knew that if I continued on this path, very soon I would die. I was just 59 years old ..

I called a doctor friend who is a shareholder in my company and I asked for his comments about this study. He had not read it, so I invited him to lunch and I brought him a copy. I asked him to find me any information he could find about it. A few days later he asked me to come to his office. He had found many studies on children with growth hormone deficiency who took growth hormone in order not to be dwarfs. But only one study had been done on adults. This was a study done by doctors at the University of Southern California (USC) on osteoporosis that lasted six months, in which the same results were obtained as Dr. Rudman ... But in addition, the osteoporosis patients had recovered 10 % bone mass, and between 7% to 10% additional thickness in the cartilage between the vertebrae of the spine and the conjunctures. And internal organs, which atrophy with age, had increased in size from 7% to 10% .

I had already convinced myself that this medication could help me, and I asked my friend to get it for me. He was very reluctant, suggesting that we wait until there were more studies. "If in a few years it still looks promising ..." etc. I told him that I did not think that I still had many years ahead of me, and that I really wanted to try it. Finally he agreed, and told me he would ask me.

That afternoon he called me to inform me that it was impossible to get it. Growth hormone could only be obtained through pediatric endocrinologists for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in children, that is, for dwarfs. The F.D.A. had only approved this use and the two companies that produced it in the United States were both afraid that if they sold it to doctors for other uses, they could get in big trouble with the F.D.A.

I was determined to get the medicine. I knew it was being sold in Mexico, so in the following months I found a doctor in Monterrey, Mexico. I convinced him that I had a doctor who would take care of me in Houston, and I asked him to get me an amount the next time he got it for two dwarf patients that he was treating. He got it, and I went to Monterrey during the Christmas holidays. I came back with enough growth hormone for 90 days. I started my treatment on January 3, 1991.

Within the first 90 days of treatment I felt a difference, but the doctor who was watching me was convinced that it was the placebo effect. (That is, ??I wanted it to work so much that I was making it work.) And other serious things. Two weeks later, while I was having breakfast, the bridge that the dentist had installed had loosened and I had to go and get it done. The dentist looked inside my mouth and was surprised. He asked me what was I doing? He told me that I had healed in 18 days, which usually takes two months to heal! Thatís when I knew that growth hormone was really working. Since then, Iíve heard many stories like this one. One of the benefits of growth hormone is that wounds heal faster.

In the fifth month, in a period of three days, the tremor in my hands stopped, and never again returned. This clear evidence of improvement and reversal of the aging process surprised and delighted the doctor who was taking care of me. Now he also became a believer! Now he also wanted growth hormone for himself, since there were also other important improvements in me. I had not changed my exercise habits or my diet but inches of fat had started to disappear; muscle mass was increasing; and blood pressure was normalized. Dr. Kiethly was 50 years old at the time.

I called the doctor in Mexico. I had to call him several times to convince him to get me twice as much growth hormone, but I finally convinced him. In the following year, Dr. Kiethly and I both took growth hormone. The changes in me were already apparent. People asked me, what was I doing? What a change! When I told them, they also wanted to try it, because everyone wants to improve their quality of life. Then I was obliged to tell them that growth hormone was experimental, that it was forbidden ...

By then my waist was already 36 inches (now it measures 34) and my blood pressure was at 116/78 (normal, now it's 110/66, even better ...) and my eyesight had improved to such an extent that I no longer needed glasses to read. I felt better than when I was 40 years old.

Do not misunderstand me. There were times when I doubted the wisdom of what I was doing. The cost of the hormone was quite a lot. The changes did not come as fast as I wanted, and sometimes I wondered what would happen if I stopped taking it? (In all 6-month studies, the subjects returned to their previous condition in the next 6 months.) I did not want that to happen to me.) Some may think I was stubborn as a mule. They would be right to think so. But I am convinced that if I had not taken the risk, right now I would be dead, or close to death. This was the best decision I ever made.

Although at first I only took growth hormone and vitamins, later I started taking DHEA, melatonin, and mineral supplements as well. Anyone over 40 would benefit a lot from this program, if they really want to improve their chances of a long and healthy life.

In February of 1993, Dr. Kiethly and I opened the El Dorado Clinic in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I handled it for a year and a half. Dr. Kiethly died in an accident, three months after we opened. When I learned that it was finally legal for doctors in the United States to prescribe and administer growth hormone for other treatments that were not previously written, I closed the clinic in Mexico and I looked for doctors in the United States to take care of our patients there.

In El Dorado we had made the mistake of telling patients to try growth hormone for three months, hoping that at that time they would see so much improvement that they no longer wanted to discontinue it. This was a mistake since at the beginning the results are slow. (I resigned and I retired from the clinic in December 1995 because I was so convinced of this.)

Anyone who takes these steps should do so with wide eyes. It took me 59 years to reach the state I was in when I started taking growth hormone treatments. After a year, I was much better. After 2 years I was even better. And now, after 5 years, I am a new man, younger than I ever dreamed possible. All this is to say that if you choose this path, do it with the dedication and understanding that you are talking about your life. Take note that it will take time, so that the gradual results can build the improvements of your youth.

But those who started with a positive attitude and with patience and continued can tell you that it was worth waiting for. If you take this medicine with faith and dedication, and if you allow nature and your body enough time to heal your body, then you, like me, will never want to return to where you are now.

I know that by telling you this many will not want to take that first step. I know it's a big step, but if you do not think about taking it for long, then do not even start. Many of those who started in El Dorado still continue with the program, and they have the same results that I have had. But many more left because they did not have the instant gratification they expected. Unfortunately, they will not hear much from those who are still benefiting; TV personalities and politicians. It is not good for them to say that they had to resort to hormones to look and feel as good as they do, but there are many like that.

The goal of the Rejuvenation and Longevity Foundation is to reduce the cost and make this treatment reach as many people as possible. That's why I want to help. I would like for anyone over 45 to have these benefits that I have had, but some argue that this would cause many other problems. I have been told, "Too many very old people would cause Social Security and Medicare to go broke." But that is also a lack of vision, a misguided argument. If the population is healthier, and if the elderly still contribute to the economy instead of lying in bed in hospitals or nursing homes, we would all be much better off.

To all those who decide to follow this path, I welcome you. I am certain that we will see much more in the 21st century, and many more marvelous advances that have not yet arrived, than we would have seen if we had accepted old age without seeking solutions like this, to restore our body to a more youthful state of health.

May you never lack health,

Howard Turney

>----- Original Message -----
>From: Ellis Toussier
>To: Lazarus Long
>Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001

> Hello Lazarus,

> I am writing because somebody asked how you are coming along with growth hormone, and if you have had any bad noticeable effects after taking it, 10 years now! As I say to people: I am not the brave pioneer, because that is Lazarus Long. I am stepping where he has walked before me. Anybody can take growth hormone for a mere three years like I have, and know they will get good results, because Lazarus Long told us this already.

>People still write to tell me there is not enough known about it, and that I am taking my life in my hands with such a risky therapy. I have had splendid results, and I have helped hundreds of people to start taking growth hormone.

>If you would like to join Rejuvenation, which is the discussion board that I began nearly 2 years ago, it now has 550 persons subscribed to it, including many well known doctors. One very good and active member, Dr. David Speer, died last week of a heart attack, so now I have a sudden surge of letters telling me how dangerous growth hormone therapy can be, and cautioning us. But Dr. Speer had had a heart attack before, and he was not in good physical shape when I met him in June of last year, and he wasn't taking growth hormone since several months before his heart attack.

>And... half the population dies of a heart attack.

> Anyways, would it be possible for you to join us as Guest of Honor? I would introduce you to everybody, with a short synopsis of your experience, then we would ask you some questions about your unique experience. It would be really nice if you could join us. We have had Guests of Honor whose reason for being "honored" was that they know you! Ha! It would be nice to have the original article there!

> I know you are very busy, but if you can, it would be an honor to have you, or if you can write me a short paragraph of how you are doing.

> Sincerely,

> Ellis Toussier

At Fri, 09 Feb 2001 15:38:29 -0600,

Lazarus Long wrote:

Dear Ellis,

I am flattered and taken aback that there is so much interest. I urge all who are interested to realize that human growth hormone will not keep you from acquiring or suffering from maladies such as heart disease, cancer, or having a hypertensive stroke, if you are genetically programmed or prone to develop these problems eventually... but neither will growth hormone cause any of these things.

Growth hormone will let you live better, longer and enjoy life more, because of the things it does, as a cell regenerator and powerful immune system booster, but it is not a magic cure-all.

I am facing my 70th birthday in a few months now. I am 6'2", weigh 198 lbs, play racquetball with men from 20 to 30 years younger (and win most of the time), make love an average of 3+ times per week and in general, feel great. This is not to say that the ten years have not been without some problems, but I am satisfied that had I not been taking HGH I would have been in much worse shape and perhaps even dead.

Many years ago while visiting in Africa I evidently picked up the Epstein Barr Virus, which can lie dormant for many years, doing no harm. But eventually, as a result, four years ago I was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma, B cell phenotype. It presented itself in the left testicle and I had it removed. After the operation I was told by an Oncologist that if I did not submit to radiation and chemotherapy, I would be dead in less than 90 days.

I asked to speak to someone who had been through this before I made the decision. I was told that he couldn't give out patient names. I suggested that he could call one or two and ask them to call me, I was sure that they would be glad to do so. He agreed and as I was leaving told my wife to get me off HGH whatever else she did, that she was assuring my demise if she didn't.

A week later, having not heard from any patients, I went to see him and asked about talking to them. After much hemming and hawing he finally admitted that there were not any survivors of the recommended orthodox treatment. I said, "wait a minute, I will be dead in 90 days if I don't do this, but all those who have done it are deceased, what is wrong with this picture?"

To make a long story short, I kept taking the HGH and we treated my condition with alternative means. Three years later (last July) I suffered a recurrence in the other testicle and I had it removed last June or early July. We continued with what we had been doing, alternative treatments plus HGH.. When I had a P.E.T scan a month later, it showed no sign, NONE, of any lymphoma metastases lurking elsewhere in the body. (Bear in mind, this ultimate technology can detect even the smallest malignancy.) I function better than before, with the addition of testosterone supplementation by injection, every three weeks.

I tell you this long story to make a point. I would have developed the lymphoma in any case, but will always suspect that it originally happened only because at the time I developed the first malignancy in 1996, I had lost my supply source and been without my HGH for 5 months, and during this time of deprivation, my immune system became depressed enough for lymphoma to get a foothold. Without resuming the HGH and all the other things we did, I am satisfied it would have been the end of me several years ago.

I would be glad to participate in your discussion board, especially if we can do it on some sort of schedule. As you know I am getting very busy with the development of New Utopia, and the first construction will begin very soon now. The closer it gets the busier I will become. Weekend dates would probably be best for me.

My very best to you and I look forward to our next communication.




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