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Abracadabra... Hyperbaric Oxygen?... What is that? How do you spell "Hyperbaric"?

Welcome to Ellis Toussier Bigio's

The Sago Mine Accident, 2006... Hyperbaric Oxygen? What is that?...

(A true story, written as it happened...)

The date was Wednesday, January 04, 2006, about 6:00 PM in the afternoon. I was in CanCun for the New Year holidays, and the television happened to be on. CNN News was reporting about the lone miner who had survived the Sago, West Virginia coal mining disaster.

I don't usually see CNN, because I live in Mexico City and it is not in the cable TV programming that I receive... But I was in Can Cun, and CNN News is received where I was staying. The reporter was saying that carbon monoxide had poisoned 12 miners, and the lone survivor among them had been taken to the hospital in critical condition.

I knew that carbon monoxide is a deadly poison. It kills because it has greater affinity to hemoglobin than oxygen, and it substitutes itself in hemoglobin thus occupying the place of oxygen in our blood. A victim's survival depends on getting him oxygen, but it is difficult to do until the carbon monoxide is removed from his blood... and I knew that the fastest and best way to do this is with Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy (HBOT), which will force oxygen into the patient's red blood cells and also into the blood plasma.

But... the reporter on CNN was not mentioning that the survivor of the mining disaster was receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy! Surely, I thought, that would be an interesting fact for the reporter to mention... since they had not mentioned it, I guessed it had to be because they were not giving it to him!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is relatively unknown in the U.S.A. for the purposes that I take it for myself, which is to prevent premature aging, especially to repair the circulatory system and prevent the loss of neurons... Hyperbaric oxygen is used by my doctor, Dr. Gerardo Diaz Bautista, in Mexico City for the treatment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, Diabetes, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndromes, and many other medical problems...

You might think that with so many uses, HBO therapy would be more popular in the United States. But the fact is that there are many more hyperbaric oxygen tanks per population in Russia than there are in the United States, where it has not been well accepted as mainstream medicine.

There are some hyperbaric oxygen tanks in the U.S. mostly near the coasts where divers might require slow decompression if they have had to resurface in a hurry, known as "the bends." But in general, since a hyperbaric oxygen chamber plus the necessary installations can cost much more than $100,000 dollars, and since many doctors think using it for anything other than for the bends is quack medicine, most hospitals do not have even one hyperbaric oxygen chamber...

"He needs hyperbaric oxygen," I said to a friend frantically, "and I know he isn't getting it because they haven't mentioned it. I have to get a message through to the doctors that he needs hyperbaric oxygen, and he needs to get it as fast as possible!"

My friend couldn't believe I was so excited and upset about this. I am not a doctor, and I am not qualified to tell doctors in West Virginia what they have to do... and I was in Mexico, thousands of miles away... But I knew they weren't giving the miner the necessary treatment, probably because they didn't know what I knew, even if I am not a doctor... This isn't at all very surprising because doctors specialize, and most hospitals don't have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber... so I guessed they probably were not even aware of what hyperbaric oxygen could do for their patient.

I would have to make them aware of it... but how?

What to do? Ah! My portable computer... the internet...

The first thing I did was to tell 2000 persons subscribed to my forum, Rejuvenation, to help me. I figured 2000 heads are better than one.

I wrote a quick note to my group of subscribers. I told them what I had seen on television, and I asked them to help me try to get a message to the miner's doctors: he needs hyperbaric oxygen therapy as soon as possible, because it will force the carbon monoxide out of his blood. I asked them to try to relay the message if they knew how to call or FAX the hospital.

Then I copied and pasted the same message in another forum.

But after doing that... I still wasn't calming down. I couldn't stop trying to reach his doctors with my message.

I opened Search Automator Pro... this is an amazing program with which I can do my searches on multiple search engines, and I can refine the results of the search. I typed in a few key words I could think of: Hospital.. West Virginia... Sago...


The first results had one that said "One Miner survives explosion at ICG Sago mine in West Virginia... taken by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital in nearby Buchannon, West Virginia"

The name of the hospital and the city was all I needed to know.

Now I needed the telephone number of St. Joseph's Hospital. I opened up a telephone directory on the internet, www.switchboard.com and very soon found a telephone number for St. Joseph's Hospital.

I picked up the telephone and dialed... my heart was pounding... the operator answered, and I explained that I was calling from Mexico....

"You're in Mexico?" the operator asked...

"Yes, Ma'am... I'm calling from Mexico. I have to get an urgent message through to the doctors of the survivor of the West Virgina coal mining accident... He needs to have hyperbaric oxygen therapy done, as soon as possible. This will force carbon monoxide out of his blood."

"Just a moment," the operator said. "I'm going to pass you to Emergency..."

A few moments passed while the call was transferred to Emergency... "A message from Mexico..." I thought to myself. "Will they believe me?"

Emergency answered... A woman politely asked me how can she help me?

I explained to her that I was calling from Mexico, and that this is an emergency call. I asked her to please take notes of what I was going to tell her... I repeated what I had told the operator before her.

"Are you a doctor?" she asked.

"No, Ma'am, I'm not a doctor, but believe me, I know that this is what the miner needs."

I was trying to be as convincing as possible, but I knew that a message from somebody who is not a doctor and who is calling from far away Mexico might not be given much credence by doctors in the United States.

I repeated the key words I had to make sure she would not miss: "hyperbaric oxygen therapy..." And I repeated what the benefit would be: "Tell them this will force carbon monoxide out of his blood.... Please... Can you get this message through to his doctors?" I pleaded and prayed.

"Yes," she answered, "I certainly will try!"

I thanked her, and hung up the phone. I went to tell my friend that I had called a hospital in West Virginia, and now I hoped the message would get through to the miner's doctors...

But then I heard on the news that the coal miner had been transferred to another hospital. Oh no!

I wasn't taking any chances... I got on the internet again... I had done this once before, I could do it again. I had a telephone number for West Virginia University Hospital very soon...

I repeated my call. I left the same message at West Virginia University Hospital, and the person who received the second call also said he would try to relay my message.

Thursday passed for me... It was Friday now... I woke up early, 3:30 A.M. By now I had learned the name of the miner... Randal McCloy was on my mind.

I turned on the television, to CNN again... Lou Dobbs reporting... a rerun of a news show on prime time...

Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke... etc....

Then I heard Lou Dobbs say "Tonight, the sole survivor of the Sago coal mine disaster in West Virginia has been transferred to a hospital in Pittsburgh for specialized medical treatment. He is going to be undergoing what they call...

He looked at his notes... "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.!"

Wow! I couldn't believe it! My emotions overwhelmed me and I burst into tears...

My message had gotten through!

- Ellis Toussier
Tel. 011 - (52-55) 5280-3644
Moderator, " Rejuvenation a forum to discuss anti-aging therapies.

Rejuvenation, My 8 Point Anti-Aging Program http://www.rajeun.net/rejuvenation.html

I give you permission to copy and paste or print this story anywhere you wish to, but you must not change anything I wrote below the title of this story and above this line. You may add other links but you should not remove any link already in this article. Thanks, Ellis Toussier

Messages to Rejuvenation:

From: Ellis Toussier Bigio
Date: Wed Jan 4, 2006 6:21 pm
Subject: URGENT Hyperbaric Oxygen for West Va. Coal Mine survivor

I don't know why I should know this... and doctors treating the survivor of the West Virginia coal Mine disaster don't seem to know it yet... or maybe they are giving him what I have in mind, but they have not announced it to the news reporters.

From what I heard on television reports on the survivor of the West Virginia Mine disaster, there is no mention that he is being given hyperbaric oxygen therapy, so I suppose they are not giving it to him because it would have been an interesting item that would have made the news.

IF ANYBODY KNOWS HOW TO GET THROUGH TO THE HOSPITAL AND THE DOCTORS WHERE THE SURVIVOR IS BEING TREATED, PLEASE CALL THEM AND SUGGEST THAT THEY SHOULD GET THE SURVIVOR INTO A HYPERBARIC OXYGEN TANK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This will force carbon monoxide out of his blood. The sooner it can be done, the less the damage from carbon monoxide, and the sooner the survivor will recover as best possible.

I am trying to get this message to the hospital where he is being treated, to give this suggestion. If anybody subscribed to Rejuvenation knows how to forward this message by e-mail or FAX or telephone, please forward it. (There is no need to say where this suggestion comes from...I am not seeking publicity, I am only seeking to help the miner.) - Ellis

From: Ed Anderson
Date: Fri Jan 6, 2006 7:49am
Subject: URGENT Hyperbaric Oxygen for West Va. Coal Mine survivor

Here you go Ellis...looks like they got your message.

Hospitalized Miner to Get Oxygen Treatment

By DANIEL LOVERING, Associated Press Writer


From: "kidduglee"
Date: Fri Jan 6, 2006 0:21pm
Subject: * * * Re: URGENT Hyperbaric Oxygen for West Va. Coal Mine survivor

Ellis, you are truly a saint. This proves your heart is in the right place. God bless you, and God bless that poor coal miner and his family.

Date: Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:29 am
Subject: * * * Re: URGENT Hyperbaric Oxygen for West Va. Coal Mine ...

Ellis... You Go Man!!!!

Keep doing what you are doing...We can make a change...

Thank you for your efforts, you are a true Crusader!!!

God Bless!!

Scott Salter

Ellis: Thanks. But please help me to help Randal McCloy.

Please take a minute and write to Anna and Randal McCloy, so that Anna knows we care, and so that she and her doctors will be aware of other possible treatments.

No doctor can know everything, and I am sure Dr. Larry Roberts is an excellent doctor... but I think he is not a specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy... And he probably is not a specialist in hormones... And these are alternative treatments that they should be trying, since Randal McCloy has not regained conciousness until now.

One letter can miss making the point. Many letters will get the message through.

I wish Randal McCloy's treatment with HBO would be overseen by Dr. Neubauer, of Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, in Boca Raton Florida. If SPECT SCANS are unavailable in West Virginia or in Pittsburgh, I wish he should be transferred to Boca Raton, Florida to get SPECT scans, to help get a better diagnosis of his present condition.

Dr. Neubauer describes the SPECT scan


as follows:


Most people are familiar with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CAT (computerized axial tomography) scans, which are superb at depicting structural anatomy. However, neither is designed for or is capable of measuring the brain activity.

A specialized tool, the SPECT (single photon, emission-computed tomography) scan, has been proven effective in this task - and it is the primary tool OHNC employs to objectively measure the effectiveness of HBOT on patients. Specifically, SPECT scanning show actual brain functioning, in visual terms. It can help doctors to see how blood is flowing through different areas within a patient's brain, visualize brain metabolism, and make a better diagnosis of his/her condition.

During SPECT scanning, a radioactive "tracer" agent is injected into a vein in the hand or arm. The tracer localizes in an area of the brain where it can then be "photographed." Only viable tissue can absorb the tracer, which breaks down harmlessly within a few hours.

A special gamma camera aimed at the head pinpoints the position and energy of photons emitted, as the tracer disintegrates.

As inert (dead) cells do not absorb the tracer at all, SPECT scanning can distinguish between living and dead (necrotic) tissue. SPECT scanning can also identify between recoverable brain cells (referred to as sleeping cells, idling neurons, or the ischemic penumbra). If the living brain tissue is determined to be recoverable, or in an electrically inactive or idling state, HBOT may substantially and/or permanently revive them.

At the OHNC, we use SPECT scanning as a baseline measurement tool - both before and after a brief series of HBOT treatments.

The following SPECT scans are from actual OHNC patients:

(see SPECT scans here)



I am also going to suggest that they should try growth hormone and EPO, and hydergine, and whatever else I can find that might help dissolve blood clots and restore damaged neurons. I think there is a lot of similarity between his condition and if he had suffered a stroke.

- Ellis

----- Original Message -----

From: stavey2
To: Rejuvenation@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 12:48 PM
Subject: [Rejuvenation] * * * Re: URGENT Hyperbaric Oxygen for West Va. Coal Mine ...


You are one grandiose motherfucker!!

Ellis: [Well... normally I do not like being called a "motherfucker"...

But... "one grandiose motherfucker!!" That's a different story!

Thanks!... I did what I could... but it was not enough, and not soon enough... As of today, January 20, 2006, Randall McCloy is still in a coma... and he is NOT receiving the proper medical care that I would want for him if he was my son, or that I want for him BECAUSE HE IS my brother.

I wrote to six Senators and Representatives of the state of West Virginia who are "investigating" the accident. I asked them:

1. Why wasn't there a hyperbaric oxygen chamber NEAR the mines, since the danger of carbon monoxide exists?

2. Why did it take nearly two days to send Randall McCloy to Pittsburgh, for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Let us suppose that the answer to these first two questions is that they were caught totally unaware of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen... but...

3. Why was Randall McCloy only given three sessions with hyperbaric oxygen in Pittsburgh, and then sent back to West Virginia University Hospital, where they don't have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

If you will see what Dr. Richard Neubauer says on this page,


you will see that he has given MORE THAN 100 Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions to a little boy that arrived brain dead and blind after near-drowning AND THE LITTLE BOY RECOVERED!!!

You see, I don't have to BE a doctor, to LEARN from good doctors, and I don't have to BE a doctor to know that Randall McCloy should be receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy every day RIGHT NOW. The fact is that HE IS STILL IN A COMA... What in the world are they waiting for?!!!

And... I would also be giving him injectible growth hormone (15 iu per day for 60 days, and 3 iu after that) because IT MIGHT help his neurons to recover... and in any case I feel that there is NO RISK and there is a possibility that it could help...

And... With a little more caution, but I would also want him to have MORE RED BLOOD CELLS, because this would raise the amount of oxygen circulating in his body, which MIGHT HELP him to regain conciousness! I would raise his red blood cells to 50% using EPO (erythropoyetin), if there is not a danger of a blood clot... and if his present hematocrit is less than 45% then I would raise it to 45% even if there is a danger of a blood clot, because 45% is NORMAL and any less is bad for him right now... He is in a COMA right now... he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying to get him out of his coma by using a little imagination!

So... I am going to write to Anna McCloy to make her aware of this. I ask others in Rejuvenation, please write to Anna McCloy, or to Doctor Larry Roberts who I think is the doctor in charge of Randall McCloy, and to West Virginia State Legislators... and if we can't get these things done for him, then we have to write to newspapers and radio stations and and to anybody who will listen who might help to get him proper alternative medical care.

Anna and Randal McCloy
Ruby Memorial Hospital
1 Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, West Virginia 26506

I know it is like a punch in the belly for doctors to hear an outsider suggest what they should do, (especially an outsider who is not a doctor... and in Mexico) but they aren't doing what I think they should be trying to do, and their patient, my brother and yours, is unconscious... and WE WANT HIM TO COME OUT OF THE COMA! This is the only way to try to help him.

- Ellis]

July 29, 2019... Michelle wrote:

Then I get a cough and then I'm really really sick, and they X-ray my chest.

The upper lobe of my lung had shut down on the right and then the lower part of my left was dead. The rest of my lungs was filled with multiple... and I mean multiple... tumors.

In less than a month I have now 3 days to live. My friend drove me to a Hyperbaric Oxygen Place. I did therapy for three months, and it saved my life.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Dr. Laura, out of all the people I've met in my life she is at the very top......shes the very best!

Every tumor is gone. Not even scars from where they were. - Michelle

Here is the name of the place and the address. Laura and her husband run this place and they are truly a rare find. I love them both, they are as genuine as they come:

12802 N. Cavecreek Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85022
(602) 996-6327
(tell them that Michelle and Ellis sent you)

Letter to Six Delegates and Senators of West Virginia (Delegate Mike Caputo, Delegate Eustace Frederick, Delegate Bill Hamilton, Sen. Jeff Kessler, Sen. Shirley Love, Sen. Don Caruth)

January 13, 2006

Dear Representatives and Senators of West Virginia,

My name is Ellis Toussier Bigio, and I live in Mexico City. I have taken a special interest in the Sago mine accident, because by chance I heard news reports on January 4, 2006 about the accident and since hyperbaric oxygen therapy was not mentioned on the news as one of the procedures to which survivor Randal McCloy was receiving, I guessed that he wasn't getting it. So I made it my goal to get a message through to his doctors, which I think I did... I think this resulted in his being transferred to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which I hope was good, but in any case was given to him very late.

I am writing to you because I read In the Charleston Gazzette online that you are the West Virginia State Legislators that are doing an investigation into the Sago mine accident. I am writing because I wish that you should investigate three questions which have been burning in my mind:

1. Why wasn't there a hyperbaric oxygen chamber available near the mines?

2. Why did it take nearly two days after Randal McCloy was rescued to get him to a hospital where hyperbaric oxygen therapy was available? If it was not available at West Virginia University Hospital, why wasn't he taken to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as soon as possible?

3. Why was Randal McCloy not given more hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Why was he returned to West Virginia University Hospital where hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not yet available?

I am not a doctor, but after studying the videos and SPECT scans at Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, put there by Dr. Richard Neubauer who is a doctor, and which you can see at the URLs below, I have NO DOUBT (ZERO DOUBT) that he needs more hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and of course he needs it as soon as possible to prevent or alleviate further brain damage.

See Dr. Neubauer's Before and After Case Study Videos of HBO patients

See Dr. Neubauer's SPECT scans of the brains of some patients, Before and After HBO Therapy

I copy and paste this text from the second link above::

"Left: SPECT scans of the brain of a three year old male near drowning patient shown shortly after the accident showing decreased brain activity. The patient presented in a persistent vegetative state, and was pronounced blind with severe spasticity.

Right: SPECT scans of the same child taken 9 months later demonstrating increased brain activity and blood flow following 120 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. The child was now alert, responsive, laughing, eating and drinking normally, walking, speaking bi-lingually, and had regained normal vision."

For this reason, I am sure that Randal McCloy would benefit NOW from further hyperbaric oxygen therapy, without further delay.

(I have not heard on the news that he was given a SPECT scan, for which reason I also suspect it was not taken, as it should have been. And in my opinion he would also benefit tremendously from growth hormone replacement therapy. And he probably would benefit to have his red blood cell count ("hematocrit") increased to 50% with erithropoyetin.)

As legislators, I ask you to please pass laws for West Virginia which will require all the mines to have sufficient hyperbaric oxygen chambers close to the mines so that in case of an accident in the future, miners will have a better chance to cleanse their blood of carbon monoxide as soon as possible, without the delay that was seen in this case.

With best wishes from Mexico, and prayers for the full recovery of Mr. Randal McCloy, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Ellis Toussier Bigio
Tel. 011 5255 5280 3644
Horacio 1729-5
Mexico City, D. F. 11510


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I like to think of myself as "the King of Growth Hormone," "the Father of EPO to prevent senility and age related loss of muscle and mobility" and... "the Father and the Mother of using Insulin for non-diabetics to prevent diabetes and aging."

I hope you will think I am "The King" and not "The Madman in Mexico"... but if you do, that is fine with me... He that laughs last, laughs best, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will have the last laugh.

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March 25, 2006

Dear Ellis,

"I want to express my feeling of deepest gratitude to you for teaching me about the significance of EPO. I learned about EPO first from you. Initially I did not pay much attention to it.

What happened to me about two years ago when I was 88, was sudden mysterious anemia (hematocrit 35-38%). My doctor did not worry about my anemia... He said it is mild and stable, there is nothing to worry about... but I felt terribly weak... I felt like I was dying.

Reading what you have written about EPO on Rejuvenation, I asked another doctor to write a prescription for EPO. The results are beyond description. A Miracle! Now I feel stronger... much stronger than I was 10 or more years ago. Now I think better than before, and I publish better books and papers than before.

I wish to express again my deepest feelings of gratitude towards you. I feel you saved my life and restored my high working and creative capacity.

With kindest regards,

Sebastian Shaumyan
Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"You might remember me. I am the 66 year old Phoenix firefighter that has the hyperbaric chamber that I use for mountain bike racing. I also let ill people use my chamber ( for $5.00 which is the actual cost to operate a high pressure oxygen chamber for an hour) that can't afford to go to a hyperbaric oxygen center. I myself have done over 400 dives in the 3+ yrs that I have had the chamber. I owe it to you Ellis to explain what I know because I learned almost everything I now know (including the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen) and about staying healthy from years of following your advice on Rejuvenation."

- Frank Lively
Phoenix, Arizona

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"I've been a student of health and longevity for all my adult life. I used to own a health/herb store and used to teach herbal healing. I'm fairly knowledgeable about both natural healing and some areas in the fields of medical science, having worked as a biomedical engineer for over 12 years.

I've been a member of Rejuvenation for several years, using many of your suggestions like monitoring blood glucose and using HGH, among other things, both of which have made a big difference for me.."

- Scott Brown
Northern California

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