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HGH Frequently Asked Questions

How to mix, how to figure your dose, and other F.A.Q.

To reconstitute Serostim (6 mgs = 18 iu)... each 1 vial has 18 units of HGH (6 mgs) so you want to mix with an amount of water that is easily divisible by 18... for example, 90, or 180...
So... you will mix with .90 bac water (point 90, that is 9/10 of 1 cc, use a 1 cc syringe)
Or you could mix with 1.80 bac water (one point 80, that is one full syringe of 1 cc, plus another point 80 of one syringe full... )
one unit is one eighteenth of the amount of water that you used, so it is either .05 (point 05) or .10 (point 10) in the examples I gave above. That is "5" or "10" on the syringe which goes from 0 to 100, and also "5" or "10" on the syringe that goes from 0 to 50... or 0 to 30...(whichever you have.)
Tell me if you understood all this... Nobody was born knowing it, so don't be shy to ask if you have any question.

The following instructions are correct for Saizen 4 iu and Humatrope 4 iu. They are very similar for Norditropin 12 iu, Saizen 15 iu, Saizen 24 iu, Humatrope 15 iu, Serostim 16 iu, and Serostim 18 iu. with the only diffence being the quantity of diluyent used.

First... you should use 29 or 30 or 31 gauge insulin-type syringes to inject yourself, and 3 c.c. or 5 c.c. syringes to make the mix. You can also use 28 gauge syringes, but the NEEDLE IS THICKER, so it SCARES YOU LESS if you use a 31 gauge syringe.

TO MIX water and powder, you usually use a large syringe, 3 c.c. or 5 c.c. (don't worry about the big thick needle... you only use it to mix, you will not inject it into yourself.)

Note: 3 c.c. might also be called 3 ml. They are almost the same thing in the metric system (1 cubic centimeter of water = 1 milliliter of water = 1 gram of water) If they refer to water, they ARE the same thing.

In general, the amount of water that you use to mix will affect the concentration of the growth hormone in the solution, but not the number of units of growth hormone that are in that vial. The growth hormone is in the vial with the white powder, and no matter how much diluyent you mix with it, you always have that much growth hormone. I think it is a good idea to be able to inject 2 iu's with one .50 c.c. syringe, so I suggest that a good concentration is .25 c.c. per iu, (but it can be .20 or .10 or even .05) which you can do as follows:

For Saizen 4 iu, or Humatrope 4 iu, use 1 c.c. of diluyent water to mix. On the Saizen 4 iu or Saizen 10 iu, put the blue dot on the glass vial with water facing towards you, then snap the "head" off by pushing backwards.

Mix with an amount that is easily divisible by the number of iu's that you have in the vial. So... if you have 4 iu, mix with 1.00 ml and each iu is .25... If you have 15 iu, mix with 1.50 or 3.00 and each iu is .10 or .20... If your vial has 18 iu, use 1.80 ml and each iu is .10. You could even use .90 and each iu is .05 It does not matter how concentrated is the solution, 1 iu is the amount in which one third of one milligram is dissolved.

(NOTE: 1 mg. of powder GH = 3 iu, by convention, with all brands) The diluyent does not have to be bacteriostatic water since you will use the vial up very soon, probably in less than 72 hours. Even if the box says that you should use it in less than 24 hours, you can in fact use it for up to 14 days if you keep it in a refrigerator after it has been reconstituted. In this case, each iu is one fourth of 1 c.c. or .25 c.c. or 25 little lines on the scale of an insulin type syringe.

For Norditropin 12 iu, Humatrope 15 iu, Saizen 15 iu, or Serostim 18 iu you can use 12 x .10 (1.20 ml) or 15 x .10 (1.50 ml) or 18 x .10 (1.80 ml), so that each 1 iu will be .10 on the syringe... Use the bacteriostatic water which comes with the product, or buy bac water separately. This, for example, would allow up to 5 iu's to be used in a .50 ml short needle 31 gauge syringe.

Or you might want each iu to be .05 c.c. so you would use .90 ml for an 18 iu vial of Serostim, or 1.20 ml for a 24 iu vial of Saizen... etc.

For whatever reasons, you somehow lose a fraction of the total, so you can increase the amounts stated by 1 or 2 little lines (.01 c.c.), or don't worry about it. You are always using up the full amount of powdered GH, and I will show you below how to get the last drop out of the vial.

Many people mix Serostim with 3 c.c. of bacteriostatic water instead of the sterile saline solution it comes with, which is meant to be injected in one dose. If you use bac water instead of sterile solution, Serostim is identical in every way to Saizen. It will easily last for 30 days, maybe longer, in a refrigerator.

(Serostim is made in the same batch, at the same time, and with the same cells as Saizen. Then they are packaged separately and branded differently with a different set of instructions for different purposes.)

Bacteriostatic water prevents germs or microbes from developing inside the vial. This prevents them from EATING the growth hormone. This is why you are supposed to keep the reconstituted solution in refrigeration, or eventually it loses potency (maybe 30 days or more). However, it is unlikely that bacteria will ever get into the vial if you keep the vial stopper clean, and if you only use sterile and new syringes. This is what you will do, so in fact it will keep very well for much longer than 30 days, even if it is not kept in refrigeration...

This brings up an important point. It is not true that growth hormone must be kept under refrigeration or it will spoil. Growth hormone in your body is fine at 97 degrees. Dr. Elmer Cranton, who is one of the biggest authorities on growth hormone, has written:

"Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely kept at room temperature, not to exceed 86 degrees Fahrenheit, for up to 18 months (as dated on each vial). Up to 110 degrees for a day or two before mixing may be tolerated without a problem. Once diluent is added, however, the resulting liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks or potency will slowly decline." - Dr. Elmer Cranton

A separate vial of diluyent is provided for each vial of growth hormone at no additional cost. One vial contains a dry, white powder which is the growth hormone. The diluyent is a clear, colorless fluid, which looks like water.

Mixing Instructions:

Before the vials are first used, they will have a plastic cap over the top of the rubber stopper. Snap off the plastic cap and you find a rubber stopper. In the center is a smaller circle through which the needle is inserted. Keep the rubber stopper clean and sterile. Before each use, carefully wipe the area where the needle goes with an alcohol swab on both the diluent and HGH vials. Then do not allow anything to touch those sterile areas except the sterile needle.

Saizen 4 iu comes with a glass ampule of saline solution... There is a blue dot on the ampule, which should face towards you... snap the "head" backwards and it will break off cleanly at the "neck." The glass ampule is designed so the top will snap off cleanly, but in case it does splinter the pieces will be large so there is no possibility that the glass can harm you, or accidentally be sucked into the syringe.

How much of the saline do you suggest adding to Humatrope?

I suggest you use a figure that is easily divided by 15, because there are 15 iu in Humatrope... if you would have Serostim, which is 18 iu, then you would use a figure that is easily divided by 18... or if you would use Saizen 4 iu then you would use a figure easily divided by 4...

So... for Humatrope... you can use either .75 ml of bac water or 1.50 ml of bac water... then your solution is either .05 = 1 iu or .10 = 1 iu You could also use the entire bottle of 5.0 ml, but then you would be injecting a whole lot of water into your body for no good reason... what for?

But if you would use 5.0 ml, then each 1 iu is 5.00 divided by 15, which is .3333 so each .3333 ml = 1 iu

Why would you concentrate it so that .05 = 1 iu and not .10 = 1 iu?... For example, the dose for children to grow taller might be 8 iu, so you would need either .40 ml or .80 ml. But the best syringe is a tiny syringe 31 gauge short needle which is only .50 ml... so .80 won't FIT into this best syringe...

So the more concentrated solution .05 = 1 iu is better, because you can inject up to 10 iu using the best syringe, which you can't do if you would dilute it with more water.

Why would you want to use .10 instead of .05 ? I dunno. That is what I use, and I have become accustomed to it. Also, the little tiny bit that is left in the vial or in the syringe at the end, contains LESS growth hormone if the solution is .10 =1 iu than if it is more concentrated .05 = 1 iu

I don't take into account the little bit that is lost, it is so little and in any case my dose is what goes into my body, not what is lost... what is lost, is as if it doesn't exist for me... what I can use is what goes into me... and both .05 and .10 = 1 iu give me the same practical results...

How do I get into this ampule?

Put the blue dot on the ampule facing towards you... then ... press back against the "head" of the ampule, and it will snap off around the "neck"...

To add diluyent, use a 5 ml or 3 ml syringe, or even a 1 ml syringe. Suck it up from the vial with water and transfer it to the vial with powder.

Before removing the plastic guard from the needle, twist it clockwise to insure that the needle is screwed tightly onto the syringe. Pull back the plunger to draw air into the syringe. Then insert the needle through the center of the stopper into the diluent vial. Push the plunger so that all the air goes into the vial. Then hold the vial upside down, with the syringe and needle pointing upwards.

Pull the plunger back until slightly more than 1 ml (for 4 iu) or 3 ml (for 12 or 15 iu.) of saline is in the syringe. Any air will rise to the top. Move the plunger in and out slightly until all air is out of the syringe. Adjust the plunger so that 1.02 or 3.2 (three and two-tenths) ml of diluent remains in the syringe. Graduations in ml and fractions of ml are clearly marked on the barrel of each syringe.

Slowly inject diluyent into the HGH vial as follows: hold the HGH vial stopper-side-up and point the needle of the syringe downward. Insert the needle through the very center of the HGH vial, but angle the tip of the needle toward the glass wall. Slowly push in the plunger, releasing the diluent against the vial wall onto the HGH powder. You can tilt the vial slightly to help the diluent run down the inside wall of the vial. Inject diluent slowly, so that it trickles down the wall onto the HGH powder at the bottom. Do not inject forcefully, as the HGH will foam if agitated. Foam will stick to the inside of the vial, causing loss of HGH. For the same reason, do not shake the HGH vial during or after mixing. Instead, slowly roll or rotate the HGH solution until dissolved.

This will result in a concentration of 1-unit of HGH in each 0.25 ml of solution of 4 iu or 0.20 ml of solution for 15 iu.

The diluent vial may be discarded with any remaining water, as a new one will accompany each HGH vial.

After the HGH is fully dissolved, keep it refrigerated. Do not allow it to freeze. If out of the refrigerator for a few hours when traveling, after the diluent has been added, try to keep it cooler than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the HGH solution to get hot. DO NOT SHAKE the vial, as the solution will foam, causing some to stick to the glass walls of the vial, making it impossible to extract the entire amount.

It may be more convenient to transfer all of the HGH from the multidose vial to individual syringes immediately after mixing with diluent. Each syringe will contain one dose. Then keep the loaded syringes in the refrigerator. The HGH solution for injection is stable for up to 24 hours at room temperature (not over 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and for up to four weeks if constantly refrigerated. Potency is lost more rapidly if not refrigerated.

If used within 4 weeks and stored properly, full potency is assured.

A small insulated bag, or simply a paper bag, with frozen gel bags can be used to store your vial of HGH during travel. When you arrive at your destination, you will surely find a refrigerator somewhere to store the Growth Hormone, and refreeze the gel bags. Remember not to store growth hormone in the freezer, store it in the refrigerator.

Ellis, How do I use the HGH that I purchase from you?

This is a strange question, because I don't recognize your name or that you have ever purchased from me.

But I will answer anyways... I don't just want to sell HGH. I want you to use it correctly. So I teach you to use it correctly, starting from the blood tests and interpretation of the results, and advice about how to mix and prepare it, and I help you to find a good dose for you so you will not have any problem or side effect, and if you do (which you won't) I will show you how to reverse the side effects, etc.

And I will also teach you how growth hormone fits in into the big picture with all the other good anti-aging hormones that I use myself, which are testosterone, insulin, EPO, melatonin, and DHEA. That I know of, no other person or doctor on planet earth teaches how to use insulin or EPO for anti-aging, and these are extremely good hormones to learn about. I also teach you other anti aging therapies that can help you to reach whatever objective you have, for example to stay young and healthy for longer, or to run faster and jump further, or to grow taller, or to write a good book or play a better game of chess.

Is growth hormone a "Fat Burner"?

Not exactly... it doesn't "burn" fat like other fat burners do, which RAISE YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE... Growth hormone makes you lose fat because it improves the way your body uses fat, and how your body metabolizes the food you eat.

Can I take growth hormone together with other fat burners?

Growth hormone is a natural hormone of the human body, and injectable growth hormone is an exact copy of human growth hormone which we have in our body. In principle, injectable growth hormone will not have any clash with any fat burner or other medication which you take, although the fat burner or the medicine that you take might itself be bad for you. So what you should really ask is if you can take a particular medicine or fat burner... if it is good for you, it will be good for you even if you take growth hormone, and if it is bad for you, it will be bad for you even if you do or do not take growth hormone.

What results can I expect from taking growth hormone?

The results will depend on the dose and frequency with which you take growth hormone, and also on what can be fixed in your body. So... growth hormone will make you lose fat and gain muscle, but if you have 2% fat, it will be very difficult to notice any fat loss... and growth hormone will tighten your skin and soften wrinkles, but if you are very young and have very nice skin and no wrinkles, it would be very difficult to notice an improvement in your skin.

However... in general, growth hormone will REPAIR your body... thus, you can expect injuries to heal... you can expect your immune system to be very strong so you will not get many colds, or other illnesses... you can expect your hair and nails to grow faster... you can expect to feel more energy... you can expect to feel more optimistic and positive, and less depressed... and you can expect to sleep better and look "younger".

How soon will I see and feel all these results?

You will begin to feel them sooner than you will begin to see them... Some people "feel" more energy and feel better the first day... others take a few days to feel better... but if your dose is adequate and you take growth hormone with enough frequency, you will probably know it is working by the end of the first week...

After about two or three weeks, you might notice a small improvement when you look at yourself in the mirror. And you will see more and more good results steadily for about the first SIX MONTHS, after which you will stay well but you won't improve as dramatically as you did the first six months. Your friends will probably tell you that "you look good" after about 2 months..

Is it true that I will "grow younger"?

Well.... it is a mixed bag. You won't actually "grow younger" but you might feel younger, and you won't reverse every sign of aging, but you will reverse some signs of aging. That is, if you have less fat and more muscle, you look more like you did before. If you have more energy, you feel better as you did before... You didn't actually "grow younger" but you slowed down or temporarily reversed other signs of aging....

You might LOOK and FEEL younger, but your birth certificate will definitely grow older... If you also eat correctly and also do exercise, you will probably lose body fat and gain muscle, which is more like your body composition a few years back... And your circulatory system will work better, which is more like it was a few years back... So your skin will be less dry and less wrinkled, which is more like it was a few years back... You might have more sex drive and libido, like it was a few years ago... And you will feel younger because you will feel more energy, like you did when you were younger.

But other signs of aging might continue to advance, such as hair on your head might fall off or it might continue to get gray or white... your teeth might continue to get yellow or fall out... your cheeks and facial skin might sag more and more... your ears might continue to grow, which makes you appear older... Collagen under your skin continues to grow old and dry, so your skin "looks" older... etc.

But these are minor signs of aging, and you can also "reverse" them with make-up or with medical procedures... For example you can dye grey hair... You can get hair transplants, you can have your teeth whitened, you can have teeth implanted. And you can get skin treatments which rejuvenate the underlying collagen. And Botox can make your face look younger, or medical treatments such as Fraxell or Thermage can make skin tighten and fat melt off.

Will growth hormone allow us to live longer?

The fact is that WE DON'T KNOW if growth hormone alone will extend or shorten our lifespan. I am guessing that it contributes with other good habits to extend my lifespan, but I don't know it for sure because nobody has ever taken growth hormone for 60 or 70 or 100 years. So we can't know it yet...

But I have taken growth hormone every day since June, 1998 and I feel very healthy at age 74 (August, 2019), and I think growth hormone contributed to this good result.

But I don't only take growth hormone... and I try to eat correctly and I also try to do exercise. So I can't be sure what growth hormone alone could have done for me. It is a part of a package of things that I think might extend my life, but if they don't extend my lifespan, in any case they have extended my healthspan.

Some doctors say I will die younger because I used growth hormone, and other doctors say I might live longer, so I definitely don't listen to any doctor as if he is infallible. I think THE PACKAGE of what I am doing will extend my life because I have not gotten a cold in ten years, and I think I have to get a cold before I die... but I don't know it for sure... I'll tell you 20 or 30 years from today, if I'm still alive then, when I will be 90 or 100 years "old" .

Nobody has ever taken growth hormone for 40 or 60 or 70 or 100 years because it didn't even exist until 1985 and it wasn't used in adults until the early 1990's... I have taken a dose of growth hormone almost every single day without exception, since June, 1998 when I started and I made up my mind that *** I *** would be the guinea pig for doctors to settle the question of whether or not growth hormone might extend lifespan. It surely has NOT caused "cancer" or "diabetes" or made my internal organs pop out of my belly, etc.... as many ignorant doctors warn that "it might..."

But I also try to keep my blood sugar well controlled (between 60 and 100 mg/dl, where "70" is close to optimal...) and I also take testosterone, and EPO, and insulin to control blood sugar... and I also DO NOT SMOKE and I hardly ever drink alcohol. (a sip, or a cup of wine, sometimes.)

It could be that we will live the same lifespan, but in better physical shape... that would be fine with me...

Or it could be that we live a longer life and also have better health... That would be even better "fine" with me, too!

And if I live a shorter lifespan, I am already more than expected 73 years of age anyways... so it won't shorten my life very much because in the year 2019 I am already 74 years old. And I am glad I have lived 74 years in very good mental and physical health, so I wouldn't change anything that I have done if I could go back in time.

Can I take growth hormone if I am nursing, or pregnant?

I think you can, but if I was a doctor, I would never prescribe HGH to you if you would be pregnant or nursing... I think growth hormone might even be very GOOD for a mother, or for a small baby... but there have been no studies made with growth hormone on mothers or on their unborn babies...

And I would not want to experiment on my own wife or unborn child. So in this case I would take an old-fashioned decision : NO, you should not take growth hormone if you are nursing or pregnant, because it might affect the unborn child... although you could give small children growth hormone, I would not give it to an unborn child, or to the mother, because PERHAPS it would be bad...

On the other hand, it might be GOOD for the unborn child... for example, IT MIGHT help the child's BRAIN and neurological system to develop better, so the child might be a fast learner. But there is time after the child is born to try that, if you would want to try that. I have noticed that little children who take growth hormone to GROW TALLER then also become extremely intelligent. It might be related, or it might be a coincidence. I don't know for sure, but I will guess that it is related.

Can growth hormone change the odds of a 42 year old woman from having a baby with Down's Syndrome?

Wow! Now you are asking me the $64,000 dollar question. YES! I DEFINITELY DO THINK GROWTH HORMONE BEFORE CONCEPTION MIGHT LOWER the PROBABILITY of a mature woman from having a baby with Down's Syndrome... but I repeat, she would have to take growth hormone several months or a year BEFORE the baby is conceived, so that A HEALTHY OVULE is formed.

The REASON I think this MIGHT be true is because Down's Syndrome occurs in direct proportion as a factor of AGE... that is: the probability of a baby with Down's Syndrome goes UP with age... so if growth hormone REVERSES some signs of aging, one of these signs MIGHT BE that the ovule that a mature woman develops will NOT have a congenital defect to begin with, so the defect is avoided.

This is only a hunch and only "according to Ellis"... I have never heard that any doctor has ever recommended growth hormone to mature women who want to have a baby in order to lessen the risk of a baby with Down's Syndrome... but most doctors really don't have a lot of imagination, and I do...

If I had been a doctor, I would have recommended a little growth hormone replacement to all women who want to have a baby, regardless of age... if I had been a doctor... But I am not a doctor... So I can't say I have known any woman that I prescribed HGH to, so that she would lessen the probability of having a baby with Down's Syndrome.. But I know that my hunches about the effects of growth hormone are almost always right, and this one is probably right.

In any case, a woman has NOTHING TO LOSE by using growth hormone BEFORE she conceives a child, because there are NO SIDE EFFECTS from using a physiological dose of growth hormone, and she will feel better and look better, anyways. No downside, only benefits.

So it might work, but it can't harm you to try it... So if you are going to have a baby anyways, why not try it?

Would you please send me information on the gauge of needle and the best place to inject?

You can use "BD Ultrafine II" .50 ml, 5/15" 31 gauge "short needle"... you can also use 29 gauge, and 30 gauge normal needle any brand insulin type syringes, and also 3/10 cc instead of 1/2 cc but in my opinion the B D brand syringe is "a miracle"...

Which is the best place to inject?

The best place to inject is into the fat in any place on your body that does not have much sensitivity. One such place is in the stomach near the belly button... another place is the buttocks, or fat on a leg, etc... any place that has little sensitivity is o.k.

Is there a best time to inject HGH?

The best time to inject HGH is when glucose levels are low... and that occurs in the morning, before breakfast because our last meal was perhaps 10 or 12 hours ago. But you can take it any time that glucose levels are low, so it can be three hours after eating, any time during the day, or night.

Shouldn't we take growth hormone before sleep at night, to imitate the natural release of growth hormone during "deep sleep"?

"According to Ellis" It is entirely a myth that HGH is released during "deep sleep"... Release of HGH has NOTHING TO DO with "deep sleep"... it is a coincidence that when glucose levels are the lowest in the day, probably about 4:00 or 5:00 o'clock in the morning, is also when we happen to be fast asleep.

But if you would not sleep, your body would still release growth hormone when glucose levels are low.

What side effects might I get from using growth hormone, and how can I avoid these side effects, or reverse them if I can?

There are NO MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS if you do not overdose... and it is very difficult to overdose. But... there are some minor side effects, usually in the first month of using growth hormone: You might feel a bit of pressure in your wrists or ankles... this might be accompanied by a feeling of numbness (it never happened to me, so I am saying what has been described to me)... in any case, lower whatever dose you are taking by one half, and this will disappear.

Blood pressure might also rise a little bit. This is because growth hormone causes your body to retain more water, and that additional water is now in the same hyrdraulic system. This is actually a good thing, because our body loses water as we grow older, so it is good that we reverse this sign of aging... however, until our body has time to build more capillaries and circulatory system (which is one of the extraordinary benefits for using growth hormone) this means more water in the same circulatory system.

This slight increase in blood pressure is not a serious problem for most people, but it might be a problem for somebody with high blood pressure. So: if you have high blood pressure, your starting dose of growth hormone has to be very low ie, one half iu per day, or perhaps even less, and it should be that low dose for as long as it takes to build some circulatory system.

In the long run (six months, or one year ???) growth hormone will LOWER blood pressure, so this is a long term benefit for those who have high blood pressure, but they have to survive to get to that point, so the dose has to be very low (1/2 iu. per day, or even less...) until they get to that ideal state, then they might consider increasing the dose to 1 iu per day.

What about cancer? What if we have a small cancerous tumor which has not been detected, and growth hormone causes it to grow out of control?

You have been listening to the nay-sayers of growth hormone too much. Growth hormone does not cause cancer, in fact it probably reduces the incidence of cancer. I have used HGH every day for more than 20 years (June, 1998 to June, 2018) and I have not even gotten a bad cold in 20 years... So I am not going to worry about getting cancer until I first get a bad cold...

Note: In April, 2013, a malignant melanoma was found beneath the hair on my scalp. It was 1.20 cmts wide, .6 mm deep, and mitosis was less than 1 per viewing area (which means, very little activity...) Nobody knows why malignant melanomas form, but it is theorized that it was caused by a bad sunburn, many years before...

In any case, I had taken a "double dose" of HGH almost every day when this malignant melanoma was forming on my scalp, and it grew VERY SLOWLY, perhaps because my immune system kept it in check...

But, to answer your question: It makes no sense to take growth hormone to live healthy for longer, and then die of cancer, even if growth hormone did not cause the cancer. It is easy to detect a small cancerous tumor with blood tests, and it makes a lot of sense for men to take a P.S.A. ("prostate specific antigen") test every year, which might detect a growing tumor several YEARS before it is a cancerous tumor that is out of control. The equivalent test for women will detect the most common cancer in women which is breast cancer or cancer of the uterus, it is called the CA-125 test.

There is another blood test called the A.M.A.S. ("anti-malignin antigen in serum") blood test which will detect a tumor anywhere in the body and once knowing this doctors can find the tumor with magnetic resonance imaging ("M.R.I."). If I would have cancer, I would insist on taking growth hormone, either because I think it will help my immune system to combat the cancer, or because I want to feel well or better for the short while that I am still alive.

But this is a personal decision, and I am not a doctor, so don't do what I would do only because I would do it. You should take your own decision yourself, with your doctors if you want to... but there are doctors and there are doctors, and most of them are totally ignorant about growth hormone. They hear the word "growth" and they imagine that it causes everything to grow out of control.

Cancer has not been a problem with hundreds of thousands of persons who have taken growth hormone for many years, since 1991, and the contrary seems to be true. In 20 years and literally thousands of feedback from doctors and also patients, I have never heard that anybody got cancer from using growth hormone. Since at least a few should have been expected to get cancer in that period of time, I think growth hormone helped to prevent that we should get cancer.

I have had the case of somebody who thinks he got cancer from using growth hormone... but this person had not used growth hormone for six years when he discovered cancer... so I say that he got cancer precisely because his body is HGH deficient and he did not use growth hormone for six years.

I realize HGH is a naturally occurring hormone. However my major concerns before embarking on this are two-fold. 1. Risk of diabetes which I have read several times on th web in relation to rHGH injecting.

Is there any way to mitigate this risk in terms of my diet? *

First of all, I want to mention that there are two types of diabetes... Diabetes Type 1 is an auto-immune disease, and it is not caused by Growth hormone.

So we are talking about diabetes type 2. "According to Ellis" there is zero risk of growth hormone causing diabetes type 2. Everything you read about this on the internet is written by ignorant doctors who don't know what they are saying, but they say it anyways... Diabetes type 2 is not caused by growth hormone. The cause of diabetes type 2 is incorrect eating and raising blood glucose levels very high over 30 or 40 or 50 years of your life...

In any case, there is a general risk of diabetes, so learn to eat correctly: avoid sugar, cereals, sweets, bread, potatoes, rice, spaghetti and all pasta, and eat fruits with moderation. SEE MY PAGE:

http://www.rajeun.net/carbotherm.html The Carbohydrate Thermometer

I am concerned that the pituitary gland eventually reacts by reducing or ceasing altogether to naturally produce HGH, leaving me in a position where I am dependent on the injections.

More baloney by more ignorant doctors who must say what they think might be true, even when they don't know it is true. After age 15, certainly by age 25, and even worse at age 35 or 50, your pituitary is not releasing very much growth hormone anyways, and your body is greatly deficient of growth hormone. And as you get older your pituitary will release even less until it doesn't count. When you inject growth hormone, in the long run it seems to also rejuvenate the pituitary gland itself.

I think my pituitary is releasing HGH a little better than before I began to use HGH. But to show it I had to stop using HGH for 30 days... At the end of 30 days, my IGF-1 was as high as a healthy young athlete, and I was 54 years old at the time. I don't intend to stop again to prove anything to anybody anymore (because I harm my body when I stop taking growth hormone) but this is what I found the one time I stopped for 30 days:

Read my page:

http://www.rajeun.net/day30.html Day 30 My Pituitary Lives

Which is the best dosage?

The best dosage FOR WHAT?

To grow taller, the best dose depends on the AGE of the child... I don't want to give details here in this answer because I do not want to train children to take HGH on their own... but the dose for children depends on their age: the YOUNGER they are, the LESS dose they need...

And THE YOUNGER THEY ARE, THE MORE EFFECTIVE one iu will be to make them grow taller. I have seen a child 18 months old literally shoot up three inches with a dose that would not have done much in the same child 12 years later...

To run faster or jump further, perhaps 3 or 4 iu... but I am not sure what dose a serious athlete might use, if they use it.

But if I was an athlete, I would not be a Competitive Athlete because it is forbidden for competitive athletes to use HGH... I would refuse to stop using HGH because I refuse to lose NEURONS in my body because of a VERY BAD rule that says I have to allow my body to become unhealthy "naturally".

So I prefer not to compete and stay healthy, than to compete and break the rules or else allow my body to become unhealthy when I know HOW I can avoid the loss of neurons. I can't sit and watch my body deteriorate if I know I can stop the deterioration, and I give no athletic federation the right to tell me how I should I take care of my body, when I know I can take care of it better than they can.

To just "stay well," you can stay well with 1 iu or with 1.5 iu or with 2.0 iu or with 3.0 iu... I even know persons who use 1/2 iu. or even 1/4 iu. per day, and they say they "feel better"... Of course they feel better: SOMETHING is better than ZERO... 1/2 iu is more than one billion times more than ZERO for your growth hormone starved body.

NOBODY KNOWS which is the OPTIMUM DOSE, even if they are a doctor and speak with great authority... But we DO know which doses are BAD for us... That is, with a dose of about 10 iu PER DAY, or 15 iu PER DAY for about 5 months or more, IN THE LONG RUN you first get CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, then if you have carpal tunnel syndrome and you CONTINUE to take that high dose, then you get ACROMEGALIA ("giantism").

But you cannot get Acromegalia ACCIDENTALLY... it is a PLANNED and CONSCIOUS DECISION TO OVERDOSE... SOME PEOPLE WANT TO LOOK AS BIG AS ARNOLD SCHWARTZENNEGER, so they purposely overdose. What is a side effect and ACROMEGALIA to me, they think LOOKS GREAT, so it is not a bad side effect to them.

And... 15 iu or 18 iu for a month or two is a dose that is RECOMMENDED to make cartilage grow for people who have lost cartilage on their knee caps or hip bones. And 15 or 18 iu for a few months is so good for the IMMUNE SYSTEM that persons who are HIV+ are healthier than ever.

So your dose depends on many things: your budget, to begin with. And also your height, your weight, your age, and WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH by taking growth hormone? If your doctor has experience, he will tell you how much to start with. If he doesn't have experience, he can ask me and I will be glad to answer him. (Believe it or not, many doctors consult with me... and I am not a doctor... but I have more experience with HGH than most doctors do.)

What happens if I stop taking HGH after a period of time? Are there any side affects, or quick aging, or anything as a result of stopping the treatments?

No, this is not like sunlight hitting Dracula... you will not crumble and turn to dust and fall apart. You will not start to age "quickly" but you will continue to age "normally" from that point on... which means that you will be 1 year older every 365 days... and of course you will eventually lose the benefits of HGH.

There are no side effects from taking a physiological dose of HGH, and there are no side effects caused by having taken it and then stopping to take HGH...

I have taken HGH every single day since June, 1998 and my dose is twice as much as the starting dose that most doctors recommend... My IGF-1 level has been about 550 for all these years, and I have had fantastic results. I have not had any bad side effect at all... I have not even gotten a BAD COLD in all these years.

So I am not worried that my internal organs will grow too large, and I'm not worried about getting cancer or a heart attack, or carpal tunnel syndrome, or acromegalia, or any of the horrible side effects you might read some doctors say we might get, because I haven't seen it happen to anybody in 20 years...

The sad thing is that the doctors who say these things about growth hormone say it as if they are an authority, and they aren't. Doctors who speak against growth hormone don't take it themself, and they don't prescribe it to their patients. So in fact they know much less about growth hormone than the doctors who actually take HGH themself and prescribe it to their patients. But they both get equal time to say their opinions on "60 Minutes"...

I might get diabetes someday, but that would be entirely independent of having taken growth hormone. I am not diabetic today as I write this, in 2018, but I did not eat as I should have eaten until age 56, when I changed my eating habits drastically when I bought a glucose meter. Had I known before what I know today, I would be even further away from diabetes.

But even so, at age 74 and with a family history of diabetes, and nineteen years after taking a dose that many doctors would say is "dangerous" and seven years after taking insulin to control my blood glucose levels, which doctors said would cause me to become diabetic, I am still young and I am really as good as new in every way, or better than new. In my opinion, in my eyes, I truly think I look about age 60, and I am already age 74. I expect someday I will look older than age 52, but in the meantime I have enjoyed 10 more years of youth.

How much would Bill Gates pay to be 10 years younger? Or how much would Donald Trump (b. 1946) pay to be 45 again, when he is 72? It actually costs much less than they would probably be willing to pay... but they don't know it exists, or they don't believe it, or they think it is very dangerous and risky... so they don't ask for it... so they don't get it... so they "age gracefully."

I don't want to "age gracefully"... I want to stay young, gracefully. And that is what I have done.

Question: The bottles of Serostim are very small and after I reconstitute and draw out an injection I always get a drop or more coming out at the top thru the needle hole. How do I stop this?

There is too much pressure inside the vial... suck some air out of it, with a syringe, and that will take care of this problem. The next time... when you put IN 1.80 ml of diluyent, also take OUT 1.80 ml of air after you have injected the diluyent IN.

For how long will the unopened bottles stay potent for use?

The expiration date of most products that I have in stock right now is about 12 to 18 months into the future... and I have used Humatrope which for one reason or another is expired, several YEARS after the expiration date...

So... at least a year after expiration, it is still completely good.

Also... I know you might have heard the contrary, but it really is not necessary that Growth Hormone has to be kept in refrigeration until it is mixed... That doesn't mean you should keep it in a very hot place like the trunk of your car in summer... But you can keep it anywhere that is a pleasant room temperature... Remember it is probably cooler at normal room temperature than in your body...

also... DO NOT KEEP IT IN A FREEZER... keep it anywhere that it is cool... anywhere where cotton candy would not melt is cool enough...

I am now on my doctor's recommendation doing 1.25 iu's per day every day. Do you think I should perhaps only inject 5 or 6 times per week, to give my pituitary gland a chance to produce?

God Rested on the Seventh Day... But your pituitary gland doesn't need to rest any day. Nor is there anything special about 7 days in the week, a week could have been 10 days, 3 weeks per month, and then you would ask if you should take it 8 days and rest 2 days...

Your pituitary produces regardless of whether or not you take HGH. But the amount that is released goes down with age, perhaps because the pituitary gets more "beat up"... But as you take HGH, "according to Ellis" the pituitary itself gets repaired, so it will release a little bit better than if you do not take HGH. So in time, your IGF-1 GOES UP, with the same dose. After more than 20 years injecting HGH, my IGF-1 is about 600 with 2 iu, which is perhaps 200 points higher than it would be with 2 iu if I was starting.

The idea that it stops producing comes from DOCTORS who think everything is THE SAME: if you inject TESTOSTERONE, we know your testicles stop producing testosterone, because there is a feedback mechanism... So some doctors with bird brains, think: if A then B, so if C then B also.

But that is a fallacy in logic. Each hormone behaves in its own particular way, and when this wavelength got started, "everybody" (except Ellis) assumed that everything is the same for all hormones. But it isn't. You get Doctor Schulz, a very famous doctor with a huge following, saying FALSE STATEMENTS like: don't inject insulin because the instant you inject insulin, you are addicted to insulin forever. (or similar words...)

That is absolutely mistaken, and mistaken absolutely. I have injected insulin 30,000 times in 18 years, and if I don't inject insulin, my pancreas will secrete the insulin necessary to bring down blood glucose in less than 2 hours, which is proof positive that my pancreas is still in relatively good shape, in spite of Dr. Schultz and it doesn't matter how many DIPLOMAS he has on his wall, he is mistaken... but he is a DOCTOR so he says it anyways. And he says it with the authority of a doctor, as if he knows it is true. So many people are then misled to believe insulin is a very dangerous hormone.

Read my pages:

Day 30, My Pituitary Lives!

The 35 minute Blood Glucose Roller Coaster Ride

Bottom line: if you inject 5 days, you get benefit of HGH for 5 days... if you inject 6 days, you get the benefit of HGH for 6 days... if you inject every day, you get the benefit of HGH every day. You can't save money by not injecting a few days, you just don't spend money on those days, but you also don't get the benefit of HGH.

What is an "iu" and how does it relate to "mg"?

An iu is "international unit"... it is the unit that is used to refer to the dose. One mg. is 3 iu, of any brand, and each 1 iu is supposed to be the amount of HGH that a young man produces... but nobody has told me WHICH young man... so in fact it isn't what they say it is, but it is a starting point, and it is like saying "one quart" or "one meter"... etc.

So... Humatrope contains 5.0 mgs, which is 15 iu; and Serostim contains 6 mgs. which is 18 iu. This means that Serostim has 18 "doses" of 1 iu and Humatrope has 15 "doses" but in fact MY DOSE is 2 iu, and has been 2 iu every day since shortly after I started, in June 1998... many years ago...

NOBODY KNOWS which is the OPTIMUM dose... we only know which are the BAD DOSES... the bad doses are the doses that will cause side effects. I know that 15 or 18 iu per day, everyday for several months will cause cartilage to grow... which is a good thing, if you want cartilage to grow, and some people want cartilage to grow... it also is the dose that people who are HIV+ take to strengthen their immune system to the point that nobody knows how long somebody who is HIV+ can live, because their immune system is so strong now that they are in better health now than when they were not HIV+ (eg, Magic Johnson, etc.)

But you probably don't want your cartilage to grow, and you don't need to strengthen your immune system more than mine (I have not gotten a bad cold since June 1998...) So... stick to 1 or 2 or 3 iu

How can I test to see if the HGH you send me is fake or real?

I am not insulted by your question, although maybe I could be... but the internet is full of frauds, so I am not insulted. But you can be sure that everything I send you is authentic because "it comes from Ellis".

However, if it does not come from me, you can check as follows:

Almost all fake HGH is in fact HCG (human corionic gonadotropin) which is a relatively cheap hormone that causes men to produce more testosterone... so they get a "kick" and if they don't know what it is supposed to feel like, they might be fooled to think it was HGH.

So first: LOOK at the HGH. If it looks like the top of a Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream (soft ice cream that comes out of a machine in swirls) then it is FAKE HGH. On sight it is fake, but you can prove it with a pregnancy test kit. Put a drop of the dissolved suspected product on the pregancy test, and if it tests "pregnant" then it is proof that it is HCG and not HGH.

But if it is not HCG, then you still have not proven that it is authentic HGH, because it might be something else. So here is a test that I call "The Mirror Test". Find a very OLD MAN (age 75 or more) in relatively good health, whose face is FULL OF WRINKLES... He should not have had Botox recently, or plastic surgery. Take pictures of his face, and ask him to look at himself carefully in the mirror, and you look at his face carefully also...

Then... Give him 4 iu in one dose... ONE HOUR LATER he will have fewer wrinkles on his face. And he will FEEL very good, too. If this happens, then you KNOW it isn't water, and it isn't fake HGH. If it still does not happen, then send the sample to be analyzed in a laboratory. If it came from me and it is fake, I will refund your money and I will pay for the lab test too.

Are the syringes and the needles reusable if sterilized professionally?

No, they should be used only once. You can load the syringe with several doses, and inject it into yourself several times, but you cannot load the syringe with growth hormone after you have injected it into yourself, because you will contaminate the growth hormone in the sterile vial. There are some syringes where you can dispose of the needles only, but I recommend the syringes where the needle is attached to the syringe. For growth hormone I recommend .50 ml, 31 gauge, "short needle" B D brand, which you can buy at www.hocks.com for about $30 per 100 syringes.

item number 4724266 BD Ultrafine II, 1/2 cc, 31 gauge, short needle
or item number 4724282 BD Ultrafine II, 3/10 cc., 31 gauge, short needle

>I have 1 ml 28 gauge insulin syringes. Can I get by with these for my HGH order? Are they close enough?

Yes, you can GET BY with these, but 29 gauge or 30 gauge or 31 gauge are each successively more... "modern"... that is to say, the needle is so tiny and so thin that it doesn't "SCARE" you as much... Next time, try to get the 31 gauge syringes at www.hocks.com but for now, since you have them, 28 gauge syringes are fine...

If I'm going to do 2iu/day, why do I use a .50ml syringe?

I think you are a bit confused about what is an "iu" and what the "50 ml" on the syringe means... it does not mean it is a 50 iu syringe!

An "iu" is just a measure of growth hormone, a standard that a committee decided would be a good dose of HGH. I take a dose of twice that amount, which means I take 2 iu per day.

The syringe goes from 0 to 50 but that is not 50 iu... that is a measure of the volume of solution that fits in there...

And the solution depends on how you mix HGH powder with diluyent... and how much you decide to concentrate the solution.

So the 2 iu that you want to use refers to the amount of HGH that you are taking, and the 50 ml syringe is what you will take it with because it fits in that syringe without a problem.

You have 6 mgs. of HGH powder, which you will mix with 1.80 ml of diluyent... so each 1 iu will be .10 ml in volume, so if you want to take 2 iu, you will use a .50 ml syringe, but you only will fill it to number 20... or you can fill it to number 40, and you have two doses... you can inject yourself twice with it (once today from 40 to 20... then keep the syringe covered in a refrigerator, and use it again tomorrow from 20 to 0...)

I was using .4 mg of Humatrope. How much Siazen should I inject for the same effect? Thanks

When you say you were injecting .4 mgs of Humatrope, I hesitate to answer because you might have figured it wrong. The answer is that if you were using .4 mgs of Humatrope, the you should inject .4 mgs of Saizen also, because .4 mgs of one should be exactly the same potency of the other... HGH weighs the same, made by one company or the other, so the potency of the same amount of HGH should be the same, and they are tested so that 1 iu of one means the same from one company or another.

But... Make sure you were doing this, or else tell me what you were doing so that I can figure out if you weren't really injecting .4 mgs If you were :

Mixing with 5 cc of water, and you have 5 mgs or 15 iu. then .4 mgs means you were getting 12 and one half doses from each vial, so you were filling to number 40 on the syringe. (500 divided by 12.5 = 40 )

Mixing with 3.0 cc of water, you have 5 mgs or 15 iu. then .4 mg means you were getting 12 and one half doses form each vial, so you were filling to number 24. (300 divided by 12.5= 40)

In the meantime... Saizen, fill with the all the water in the vial... it contains 1.0 ml of water and 4 iu of HGH, so each 1 iu is = .25 mg of water, or to number 25 on the syringe. If you get a whole number of doses with no fractions left over it can only be: 100 (4 iu), or 50 (2 iu), or 33 (1.33 iu), or 25 (1.0 iu) One and a half iu would be 25 x 1.5 = 37.5

Since there are 4 iu in the vial, you are left with a smaller dose after 2 doses, so you would have two doses of 1.5 iu and one dose of 1 iu. There is nothng "wrong" with that, it just isn't a steady dose, but that's fine, if you are getting the results you want, and I think you probably are because it is probably the same as three doses of 1.33 iu...

A friend freaked out today and said that she has a friend who was a professional in the anti-aging arena and was on HGH and now she's a complete mess. Lost all her hair, boils on her skin, depressed, hiding out in Vegas not working...attributes it all to the HGH! My friend wouldn't let me contact her...I'm thinking she might have mixed one too many potions? Any thoughts or horror stories like this one with women?

After using HGH every day since June 1998, and after answering 10,000 posts on Rejuvenation, I have never heard a horror story like this. I have read articles by people who do not take growth hormone and who want the ones who do take growth hormone to stop taking it say horrors about HGH... but I don't believe anything I read unless it is from somebody telling me their own experience and I can ask them questions.

You can't believe a story by a person with the "boils on her skin" (out of the question, this does not happen to people who take injectible HGH...) if you cannot interview that person to ask for more details. "Depressed and loss of hair" are secondary side effects that do not happen, it is the contrary of what really does happen...

So if you can't ask questions to whoever wrote this, then don't listen to it at all. It is misinformation, like a virus that is spread maliciously.

Also, there are products that are NOT injectible HGH that SAY they are HGH... "spray HGH" and "powder HGH" and "homeopathic HGH" etc... and then people who take those products which are NOT injectible growth hormone will get bad results will write and say "growth hormone" does not work, or "growth hormone" caused their problems. It was not injectible growth hormone. It was a product that is not growth hormone, but calls itself growth hormone. ONLY INJECTIBLE GROWTH HORMONE IS AUTHENTIC GROWTH HORMONE... period.

At what age can I start to take growth hormone?

I used to be very, very conservative on this, because I did not want to cause any harm with bad advice to young people, and doctors were saying that growth hormone replacement should only be done on children, for growth, and on growth hormone deficient adults to replace a little of the lost growth hormone...

But then one day my brain lit up... I suddenly understood that the basic foundation of good health is the nervous system... I understood that if we lose neurons, we then lose muscle because it atrophys... and then where the muscle atrophys, it is replaced by fat... This process is more or less irreversible, ie, once we lose the fast twitch neurons with which we are born, we lose the speed and strength of youth.

For this reason, I have now changed my opinion. Now I think that growth hormone and other hormones that are lost with age should be replaced starting as young as age 20 to avoid the loss of the fast twitch neurons that are the first to go... of course I recommend that you should do this under the supervision of a doctor... but finding a doctor who will go against the current, the mass of medical opinion that says that growth hormone should not be given to young people... is going to be difficult.

Once the fast twitch muscles are lost, a world champion boxer or a world champion athlete slows down, and is forced to retire... This happens at different ages, in different sports. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN WINNING SPORTS, but I am interested in not losing neurons, and maintaining top health. Every person, even those who are NOT athletes, also slows down with age... and this is due to the loss of neurons, which is partly due to high glucose levels in the blood, the drop in hormones, and the lack of oxygen, and the contraction of the circulatory system...

If I knew when I was 20 what I know today, (and if these hormones had been available then) I would have started to take GROWTH HORMONE; and TESTOSTERON; and Erithropoyetin (EPO); and DHEA; and MELATONIN; and INSULIN; as necessary and monitored with blood tests, of course. And I would have taken care of my DIET to make sure that I do not raise glucose levels; and I would do aerobic AND weight lifting exercise, because both are important; and I might have taken hyperbaric oxygen therapy and EDTA chelation, starting since I was 20 years old.

Unfortunately, I am 74 years old now, and I have already lost some speed and strength, compared to when I was 20 years old. Fortunately, I began to replace various hormones since I was 53 years old, and I have not lost any speed and strength compared to when I was 53 years old... on the contrary, I am almost as well age 74 as I was at age 53. Fortunately, too, I learned to control my glucose levels before I became a full blown diabetic (I consider myself to be a "Future Diabetic") and lost more of my nervous system at high speed... and I have not lost as much muscle and speed as I would have lost if I had waited until now to begin...

So... I EXPECT that I will be in PRETTY GOOD SHAPE 20 years from now compared to other persons my age, if I can in fact prevent the loss of most of my nervous system and muscular system. It seems possible to me that I will lose my nervous system more slowly, perhaps MUCH MORE slowly, than others who are not trying to prevent the loss.

Your price guide is not detailed. Don't forget I am not up on all the lingo 2iu 5iu.

O.k. I will explain it more clearly... Each "unit" is like a pre-set amount, that some committee decided is a good place to start... In theory, it is what a healthy young man's pituitary releases in one day... but nobody has told me WHICH young man, or what is his exact age... and a healthy 18 year old athlete might release 4 or 5 times as much HGH as a healthy 25 or 30 year old who is not an athlete... So, just think of "one iu" as a starting point, and I take two of them every day.

My daily dose is two units, which has worked well to keep me healthy and young... but maybe three iu would have been better, or maybe one iu would have given me just as good results... I don't know, and nobody really knows, because I can't know now what I didn't do.

The dose that an athlete might take to improve his body so that he runs faster or lifts more weight, or that a kid has to take to grow taller is more than I take...so a kid takes more growth hormone than I do, because I am not growing taller I am only trying to stay "well"...

One unit of HGH costs about $15 for most good brands in the U.S. or Europe, and I can usually deliver to you top of the line quality for less ... each vial contains a certain number of units, which is abbreviated "i.u." This means "international unit" because it is used all over the world, and it is common to all brands of growth hormone, so we are all speaking the same language.

Why are growth hormone, testosterone, and EPO banned for athletes?

Now you are asking me a question that I can't answer, because it is like an Alice-In-Wonderland upside-down-world nightmare, or a Kafka or George Orwell science fiction story... where GOOD is BAD, and BAD is GOOD.

Growth hormone and testosterone and EPO are forbidden for athletes because they are GOOD for your body... not because they are BAD, but because they are GOOD... but you can smoke, or you can drink alcohol, and that is not banned or against the rules of athletics.

And then... since the International Olympic Committee calls growth hormone and other good hormones "drugs", then POLITICIANS who don't understand the health benefits that growth hormone or testosterone do for our body then pass laws to make growth hormone and testosterone and EPO very difficult to get.

And then athletes cannot get supervision from DOCTORS, because the doctor can lose his license, so athletes have to learn in the STREETs, or in GYMNASIUMS... Which is why some of them then get into trouble. There is too much emphasis put on WINNING FIRST PLACE, in my opinion, and too little emphasis on what is really important: winning first place for yourself... Keep your body and mind as healthy as you can for as long as possible.

You are allowed to put the best additives and oils and high premium gasoline in your car, and you can change the ball bearings when they get old, but you are not allowed to do the same for your body, if you can do it... which today you can, for the first time in history.

Why? I dunno. Maybe because the East Germans and the Soviets swept the field when they used testosterone in the Olympics, before the others learned to do it... And the ones who decided the rules were neither East German or Soviets. So they banned testosterone then, and they have perpetuated the myth that these hormones are DRUGS, which they are not: they are HORMONES.

Testosterone is the MALE HORMONE, and I happen to be a male, and I am not an athlete, and I am an old man who wants my body to be young for as many years as I can keep it young. So I certainly use testosterone... I know it is great for my body and mind if I use it correctly, which is the only way I use it.

The fact is that these hormones, in the right dose at the right time, will help you to keep your NEURONS well for longer... And there is nothing wrong in MY MIND that you should want to prevent the loss of neurons in your body.

Anything that is abused is BAD... including too much water, or too much food... But it would be a healthier world if everybody would be allowed to go to a doctor to learn to take care of their body with the right dose at the right moment, as I have learned from doctors and through the internet how to to do for my body.

Which hormones do YOU use, and why?

The question is too broad for me to answer here, but in short: I replace four of the five of what I call "The Big Five" hormones which are: growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, and insulin. Thyroid is also one of the Big Five, but I don't replace it, because I don't need thyroid. My "dose" is zero... it is a concious decision not to use it because my dose is zero.

see The Big Five hormones

And I also take "The Little Two" hormones which are: melatonin and DHEA. They are "little" compared to the "Big Five" because they are not as dramatic in their effect as the Big Five, like the baseball Big Leagues vs. the Little Leagues. I don't replace thyroid, which would be in the Big leagues too, if I would need to replace it.

The reason WHY I use them, obviously, is because they are good for my health. I am an old man who likes to stay young and healthy in body and mind... And I am doing it very well, thanks in part to the hormones I use.

What is the difference between the "Big Four" that you use?

Quickly: Growth hormone is like sending a car to the shop to get everything fixed and repaired...

EPO raises red blood cells, which carry oxygen... so it is like using rocket fuel instead of regular gasoline...

Testosterone is the male hormone and it increases muscle strength, among many other important things... so it is like changing a 200 HP engine for a 350 HP engine... (and then helping to make new little cars!)

And insulin is like greasing the car and changing the oil... it prevents the circulatory system from getting clogged up and damaged with HIGH SUGAR. The health of your circulatory system affects EVERYTHING in your body... every single cell, every neuron... every bone and muscle... in your body has to receive blood, or else it dies.

For how long should I take growth hormone?

For how long do you want to stay healthy?

I have taken growth hormone every day since June, 1998 and I intend to take it every day for the rest of my life, or until I no longer want to stay alive and healthy... which I hope will never happen, but it might.

Why is growth hormone so expensive?

Price has gone DOWN about 50% in the U.S.A. since I began to use growth hormone in 1998. Whatever the price, growth hormone is CHEAP considering the benefits it has for your health. Until 1985, growth hormone was not even available except for children. You couldn't even buy a month supply for a million dollars.

I have taken 2 iu EVERY DAY for more than TWENTY YEARS, which has cost me about what a new car would have cost me... But a new car is not as valuable to me as having a young and healthy body. Growth hormone (and all my program, but especially growth hormone...) has extended my health and my youth by at least 10 or 15 years.

So in 2019 my birth certificate is 74 years old, but my body looks like it is about 60 years old... and I feel just as young as I have always felt...

How much would you pay if you could jump into a swimming pool and come out 10 years younger? Cleopatra would have been happy to pay an arm and a leg... of her slave... if she could have gotten the results I have gotten... In fact, she DID pay the testicles of her slaves, trying to find the Fountain of Youth... but she never found it... It was in their pituitary glands!

Do you break from the cycle? .

I take each hormone according to the dose and at the time and how that hormone should be or can be taken.

I don't "cycle" growth hormone. I take growth hormone once a day, every day. I take testosterone perhaps once every week or two weeks or month... I take EPO enough to keep my red blood cells between 52% and 54%... and I take insulin as many times as necessary and in the exact dose that is necessary to keep my blood glucose in optimum range.

Some hormones are taken once every month, some are taken several times each day. I do not do all my 8 point program every day, I only do what I have to do, when I have to do it. I do not take a break from my program in general, ie, I think about it every day, even several times a day in the case of insulin... and I try to do what I have to do, when I have to do it, every day.

I want to break all records as the oldest living man in superlative good health, someday. That is what I want to do. It doesn't matter if I actually do it, or if I don't achieve this goal... What matters is that this is the goal I have set for me: to be in superlative good health TODAY. (I am only trying to stay in superlative good health today for my own sake, I don't really care if I break any record in Guinness Book of World Records... but I will, if somebody is watching...)

This is what I am trying to do, and so I do what I have to do in order to do it... and I don't do what I shouldn't do, almost always. I go in the right direction: even if I don't eat perfectly well all the time, I make an effort not to eat perfectly badly all the time, as many people do. I eat twice of what is good, and leave half of what is bad... I avoid most of the bad (sugar) and try to eat correctly (low carb, high protein and vegetables) And I do some exercise...

This is enough to bring good results, and that means: very good health for me, today, which is the only day that really matters... until tomorrow becomes today.

Which are the pros and cons of spray, homeopathic, pills or powders, gels, or injectible growth hormone? Which is most cost effective?

I know that the huge amount of FAKE INFORMATION on the internet concerning growth hormone makes it difficult to see through the light... but... BELIEVE WHAT I AM SAYING: There is only ONE WAY to take growth hormone, and all the rest are false, or not as good... You can ONLY take authentic growth hormone by injection... Every other way is NOT growth hormone.

It is true that there are amino acids that will free a little bit of growth hormone from your pituitary, but you never know how much this little bit is... and the amount is so little that (as shown in blood tests) it is not equivalent to a single small dose of injectible growth hormone. If you find pages showing how some products raise IGF-1 30% or 50%, or 100%, believe what I am saying: even that is NOT ENOUGH, because they raise IGF-1 from 90 to 120, or to 150, or 70 to 130... and I want a minimum of IGF-1 of 350, and preferably 500... YOU ARE WASTING TIME, if your objective is to GROW TALLER or to REVERSE the signs of aging.

Whatever your budget, even if it is $50 per month, spend it wisely on real authentic injectible growth hormone and don't waste it on amino acids or sprays... there is nothing else like real, authentic, growth hormone!

There is no possibility of taking growth hormone by sprays, or by powders, or by gels, and "homeopathic" GH simply is not effective... Those ways are not enough to get truly good results. You MUST take growth hormone by injection, or else, you are wasting your money... And what is worse, you are losing time in the race to try to slow down the aging process.

Sites that sell powders or sprays or homeopathic GH will always tell you the benefits of authentic injectible growth hormone, but then they will scare you from taking it with reference to horrible side effects that you will never get yourself if you take a physiologic dose of GH; that it is very painful to have to inject it; and that it is very costly.

The truth is that there are no side effects at all if you take a correct dose (there are many people using 1 and 2 and 3 iu and body builders use up to 5 iu per day for long periods of time)... The tiny sub-cutaneous insulin-type syringes do not "hurt" at all... and injectible GH gives you many more benefits than the sprays and powders, so cost is relative... Growth hormone costs about as much per year as a medical insurance policy for a 50 year old man; it costs much less than one school tuition at a good private school per month; and it is far less expensive than growing old, or getting seriously ill. If you can afford to spend between $300 and $500 dollars per month for a very good dose of GH to insure your health, it will improve your health vastly, and good health has no value, ie, it is priceless. If you cannot spend $300, then spend $100. Whatever amount of growth hormone you replace in your body will make a big contribution and a positive difference in your health.

My doctor told me that Growth Hormone from Mexico is inferior quality, and might be cadaver derived. Is this true, and how do I know what you sell is not cadaver derived?

Your doctor or your pharmacist is slandering Mexico for his own convenience, to scare you so you buy from him. There is no cadaver derived growth hormone sold anywhere in the world, and your doctor or pharmacist knows this very well. If there would be, it would be more difficult to obtain and more expensive to make than growth hormone made in a laboratory, so it would not be a good business, and wouldn't be commercially attractive, besides being criminal because it could spread disease. Your doctor or pharmacist knows this, and is telling you a slanderous statement for his own benefit.

I only sell top quality growth hormone bought from legal sources. Humatrope is made by Eli Lilly in the United States or France, and imported into Mexico. Saizen or Serostim are made by Serono of Switzerland, in Italy, and imported into Mexico. They cost much less in Mexico, (perhaps because of doctors like your doctor...) but they are the same product that you would pay much more for in the United States or Europe and many other countries.

And whoever is telling you that growth hormone in Mexico might be cadaver derived surely knows it is not true... so now you know how scruplous that "doctor" or pharmacist is... Just for saying something which he knows is false, I would change doctor or pharmacist, if he was my doctor or pharmacist. He's lying, and he knows it.

How do I know that what you send me is not fake?

If you are worried that what I might send you is fake, you should not order through me. Always order MEDICINE from a source you trust, especially since you have to INJECT IT into yourself. You will never get fake growth hormone from a good source... and I am THE BEST source on Planet Earth.

I pride myself in being THE BEST source in the world for growth hormone, because I know it is authentic and also because I TEACH YOU to use it correctly, as you are learning from me, right now. But if you don't trust me, then please don't ask me to prove that what I send is authentic because I won't do it... I could show you invoices to show that I buy direct... but if you don't trust me, you will think they are fake.

So do yourself a favor and buy whatever you buy from a doctor or a pharmacy that you trust.

But then please don't write to me for advice. Ask your source for advice...

You have already picked my brains for free, which is unfair... don't steal my time anymore.

I am taking 1 iu growth hormone every day, but a doctor said that he is against me using growth hormone because he says it is not necessary, and there is a risk and no benefit.

I don't let anybody that is AGAINST me using growth hormone bother me... I don't listen to them, even if they are DOCTORS... Anybody who is telling us NOT to take growth hormone is NOT taking growth hormone themselves, so how could they know what they are talking about? Which is the "risk" that he says we are taking? Where is it?

It is like somebody being against sex. If they don't like it, they are welcome not to have it, but I don't listen to them if they tell me that I should not have sex... To each his own. Just let me be.

Don't be impressed with somebody just because he is "a doctor." Ask ten "doctors" about anything and you will get many directly opposite answers... so whatever a "doctor" says might be mistaken, and in this case, there are many doctors who would say growth hormone is a good thing for our health.

You have to learn whose opinion you can trust to be correct... On the topic of growth hormone, I have taken growth hormone every day for nearly 20 years... so I trust my own opinion better than a "doctor" who doesn't use and has never used growth hormone.

Will my pituitary stop producing its own growth hormone if I take injectible GH?

If you are an adult, your pituitary is already not producing very much growth hormone... and whatever little amount it is releasing is diminishing with age. Your pituitary, however, will continue to produce and release whatever it does independent of injectible growth hormone (but it might release a little more than it would have, because the pituitary itself might be benefitted from growth hormone) because there is not a feedback mechanism, as there is with testosterone... In any case, if you stop taking growth hormone, your pituitary continues releasing at least what it would have, and maybe more, without any negative effect from your having taken injectible growth hormone.

What happens to a person who takes HGH for a year then stops taking it? Does the body pick up where it left off or are there risks involved?

There certainly are risks involved: your body starts aging again!

There are no side effects if you stop doing a good thing for your body, except you can't get the benefits of doing the good thing. Your body just loses most of the benefits after a few months or years, and will go on its merry way, aging normally. Remember, this is not A CURE, this is A TREATMENT. Stop the treatment, and you stop the benefits. That's all that happens: you stop getting the benefits and you continue to age normally.

What happens if you stop eating meat? You stop getting the benefits of eating meat, but you continue getting the benefits of eating vegetables, I suppose. That is what will happen if I stop "eating" growth hormone, because I consider growth hormone a part of my daily breakfast. I will not get the benefit of growth hormone anymore, but I will continue to get the benefit of whatever else I eat.

What dose should I use?

Take a blood test with what you have been injecting, and you would like your IGF-1 to be close to 500 but at least 350 to 500. My IGF-1 comes out 500 to 550, with 2 iu per day. I am 6'0" and I weigh 75 to 78 kilos most of the time, and I am not a body builder. If I weighed more I might use 2.5 iu or if I was trying to build my body for a contest I might use 4 or 5 iu per day.

Nobody knows the IDEAL dose. What you want is NO SIDE EFFECTs and you want good results. Tell me your height weight and age, and what you want to do, and I will give you my guess...

There are two ways of looking at which is the ideal dose... the first is what many doctors advise, which is: take the LEAST DOSE THAT WILL BRING YOU THE DESIRED BENEFITS... the second is what I do for myself: take the MAXIMUM DOSE THAT WILL BRING YOU THE DESIRED BENEFITS WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS IN THE LONG RUN. I go along with the second... but it is difficult to know: WHICH is the highest dose that will not cause side effects in the long run? In any case, the best dose is probably 2 or more units per day, and less than 5 units per day...

I know somebody who got carpal tunnel syndrome (pain in the wrists) with 10 iu per day, and the pains went away when he dropped the dose to 8 iu per day... So, maybe 8 iu is safe enough, but I would stay away from 8 iu until I hear more good or bad experience from bodybuilders. I have NO intention to be a brave pioneer who is burned in the name of leading the way, since there are plenty of volunteers for this position among body builders.

Will Growth Hormone help in increasing the size of a male penis and make it bigger in size?

That is a very good question... the answer is: I don't know, but I think it will make a male penis grow...

However, a better answer is: together with testosterone, I am almost certain it will make a male penis grow. My penis grew from 5" which I measured when I was in my 20's to 6" now... but I am not sure which hormone made it grow... probably each one helped a little.

Testosterone is the male hormone, and a correct dose of testosterone is very good for a male.

Do you inject every day?

Yes, I inject every day... Some doctors say you should inject 6 days and not the 7th day to let the pituitary "rest"... If it had taken 10 days to create the world according to the Bible, the week would last 10 days, and these doctors might tell us to take growth hormone for 9 days and "rest" on the 10th day... I say "God rested on the 7th day, but the pituitary doesn't rest..."

But NOBODY knows what is correct and what is mistaken, we will find out in "the long run" who is right... in the meantime... I have injected every day for nearly 20 years (since June, 1998) and I still have not gotten side effects, so if I do get side effects I will let you know.

So go ahead and divide your weekly dose by 7, and inject everyday.

I am 18 years old. I am 5' 5" tall and I weigh 130 pounds. (1.65 mts/59 kg) I eat three times per day, and I do exercise. I want to know if growth hormone can help me to grow 4 inches taller, and I would like to know how much it would cost? How long will it take to see results? Are there any side effects?

The honest answer to your question is that IT MIGHT ALREADY BE TOO LATE for you to grow taller... On the other hand, most males of your age are still growing at 18, about 1 cm. taller per year... The sure way to find out is to have your bones X-rayed, but I don't like X-rays unless they are absolutely necessary, and it isn't absolutely necessary to prove that you can grow when it doesn't hurt to find out by simply going ahead with the treatment... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you will TRY IT.

Read a testimonial from a boy age 18 that grew 2 inches with growth hormone, in a few months. See: http://www.hghgrowtaller.com

If you were 20 years old, I might think it is TOO LATE, but I would still try it because most males are still growing until age 25! I think you still have a lot of possibilities to grow. I have known boys 19 years old that have grown 2 inches in the first few months with growth hormone, so I REALLY THINK THERE IS A GOOD POSSIBILITY that at 18 years of age, and maybe even at 20, you are still in time to grow taller with INJECTIBLE growth hormone. (NOTE: DON'T WASTE PRECIOUS TIME EXPERIMENTING WITH SECRETAGOGUES ! THEY WON'T GIVE YOU THE RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.)

I don't know if you will grow 4 inches, but I DO think you will grow at least an inch or two, and maybe 3, and maybe 4 inches. I am only guessing, but I think it is a good guess that you have a 90% probability to grow at least 1 inch, 70% chance to grow 2 inches, and about a 40% chance that you will grow 4 inches. Whatever amount you grow taller, it can make a huge difference in your life, so if you were my brother I would definitely tell you: Go For It! You have NOTHING to lose because it won't harm you, and EVERYTHING to gain because you might grow. If it does not make you grow, it will still help you in other ways.

There are no side effects if you take GH correctly, which is how you will take it. I can help you with my experience and advice but of course you should be under the care of a doctor, because I am not a doctor. In any case, the most important advice I can give you is this: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE... you cannot delay to start, since you are already close to the end of your physical growth. If you are going to try it, try it NOW... If not, then forget it, because TODAY is the best day to start... every day that passes your chance to grow taller will be less and less.

I recommend that you should start with a budget of about $2000 worth of growth hormone, and if that gives you results, then continue with more until you see that you are NOT growing taller anymore. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE except money, which is only paper... and you have EVERYTHING TO GAIN by trying it, because there are no side effects if you use it correctly, and there are plenty of good benefits, even if you do not grow as tall as you would like to.

WHAT YOU EAT is more important than how many times per day you eat. I will be glad to give you exact nutritional advice if you would like to consult with me, or else I recommend you should consult with a nutriologist close to you who is experienced and specialized in growth problems. (Most nutritionists are experienced in treating diabetes, or obesity, but I have seen that many really don't know the fine points of how food helps or hinders our growth.)

My budget is very limited. How can I get the most "bang for the buck" from ONE vial of GH per month?

This answer is the same for ANY single vial of injectible growth hormone:

Assuming your vial is 6 mgs. (18 iu) Serostim or 1.33 mgs Humatrope or Saizen... Start by mixing the powder with exactly 1.50 ml of water. Each dose will be .05 ml, so each "dose" will be one thirtieth (1/30) of the vial. If your vial is Serostim 6 mgs., it contains 18 iu, so each dose is a little more than 1/2 iu... or if it is Humatrope 5 mgs. it contains 15 iu so each dose is 1/2 iu... in any case, since you used 1.50 ml of water to mix it, and since each "dose" will be .05 ml, both the 18 iu or the 4 iu's vials will be divided into 30 equal doses.

Assuming 4 weeks of 7 days plus 2 days is one month...

With the following schedule you will use 8 "doses" per week, and will last 4 weeks. The longest you are without HGH is 48 hours (from Wednesday morning to Friday morning) and you are getting up to 1.5 iu in 24 hours, from Monday morning to Wednesday night, and Friday to Saturday. This is a lot, considering the example is only ONE VIAL of growth hormone in one month.

I give the example schedule for a vial with 5 mgs., 15 iu, where each dose is exactly 1/2 iu:

1/2 iu Monday night
1/2 iu Tuesday morning
1/2 iu Tuesday night
1/2 iu Wednesday morning
Nothing on Thursday
1/2 iu Friday morning
1/2 iu Friday night
1/2 iu Saturday morning
1/2 iu on Sunday morning

With this schedule I think you will get as much benefit as possible from any size vial.

I think this could give you the most benefit from a very limited amount of injectible growth hormone that you have budgeted.

I have gotten feedback from somebody who takes 1 iu per week to say that he has gotten the benefits that he sought, which goes to show that even an extremely small dose of HGH is infinitely better than zero, and a budget of $100 per month is certainly much better than not taking growth hormone at all... in my opinion this would surely be better spent on authentic injectible growth hormone than on $100 worth of amino acids to perhaps stimulate the release of a little bit of growth hormone.

What do you suggest for the dose to use?

15 iu of GH lasts me about 7 days because I take 2 iu per day... it might last you 7 to 15 days, depending on the dose you take. The dose you take is determined by your budget, and also by your physical results. There are no serious side effects in a healthy person using 1 or 2 or 3 iu per day, and some body builders use 5 iu per day. If you are diabetic or have heart trouble, you should start with less than 1 iu. (note: growth hormone does NOT cause diabetes, and it does NOT shoot your blood glucose up. What you choose to EAT is what causes or affects blood sugar.)

Start with 1 iu, which is a good standard dose to start with...

What are your desired results? Do you want to stay young and healthy, or do you want to have a big body builder type body, or do you want to win a body building contest? I want to stay young and healthy, so the dose I take is between 1 and 3 iu per day... Body builders take from 3 to 5, and to win a contest they take 8 and up to 15 iu per day, but they don't take it every day, they cycle just before a contest.

The correct way to figure out your dose is from bottom up, and experiment with the results, and take IGF-1 tests to have an idea of what you are getting... however IGF-1 tests are not reliable because you can get quite different results on the same blood from one lab to another, even from the same blood sample at the same lab. So don't depend on a blood test result, just use it to help you in your decision, if it is relevant, and ignore it if it is not.

I SUGGEST you start with 1 iu per day, and work your way up to 2 iu per day, maybe 3 iu per day, depending on your budget, your height and weight, and actual physical results and blood tests. I am not a body builder, and I don't like to recommend body building doses until I know if they might cause side effects in the long run... the side effect I like the least is that body builders start to "look" alike, like the soldiers in "Toy Soldiers" or the boxers in "Rocky"... but body builders also take a lot of testosterone, so this is not necessarily due to excessive growth hormone.

Testimonial received concerning dose:

"Oh, by the way, I have dropped about 35 lbs in three months of regular HGH injections and my back pain dropped to the point that I did not need the heavy narcotic dose I had been using. This happened when I went from 1 to 1.5 and then 2 IU's per day dosage.

There is a huge difference for me between 1.5 and 2 IU's and this is the first time in these five years I have felt as though I could use 2 per day. Had I known what it would do for me I would have tried to do it a long time ago.

Thanks again friend."

Dr. Hertoghe recommends a dose of 1/2 iu per day in his book. Why do you recommend 1 iu per day?

With all due respect to Dr. Hertoghe, his book is extremely conservative when he talks about the dose, in my opinion. That is a very low starting dose, but I can understand that a doctor would be extremely conservative in what he recommends to the public in a book not meant for other doctors, because they don't want to recommend a dose that might cause any side effects, not even to 1 person in 1000.

You won't get any side effects at 1 iu, unless you are sick or overly sensitive to growth hormone, which might be the case, so Hertoghe would be correct... I think Dr. Hertoghe might recommend 1/2 iu to the general public in his book, but 1 iu to most patients in his practice.

1/2 iu per day will "work" but it will be extremely slow, and you might not feel a great deal. There's a reason why 1 iu is called "1 iu"... that means: it is the standard dose.

In my opinion, the starting dose should be 1 iu, and the optimum dose is probably about 2.0 iu

What about the needles?

I can send syringes to you anywhere in Mexico... I don't send syringes to the U.S., because they cause more problem being shipped than they are worth, and it is easier if you order them through http://www.hocks.com I recommend .50 cc, 30 or 31 gauge, "short needle" BD brand... if you can't get these, then get any insulin-type syringe.

Can I reuse syringes if I boil or sterilize them?

No, I don't recommend that you should sterilize disposable syringes... I don't think they are made to withstand so much heat. You can load a syringe with a double or triple dose of growth hormone (or insulin, etc.) and inject it into yourself two or three times, but you should not load more growth hormone (or insulin) into a syringe which you have already used to inject into yourself because you will contaminate the growth hormone (or insulin) which is in a sterile vial.

Which syringe shall I use, and where can I buy them?

Use a .50 or .30 ml syringe... preferably 31 gauge, otherwise 30 or 29 gauge is o.k... preferably "short needle" otherwise any needle... B D brand, or any brand where there is no wasted product. There are cheap syringes where you waste a drop of growth hormone or insulin... insulin is cheap, but the drop of growth hormone costs more than the syringe, so get the best syringe you can... I recommend B D brand (Beckton Dickinson).

You can buy them at www.hocks.com

I am a woman... what is my dose?

I am not sure that 1 iu per day on the average is your dose, but it is a good standard dose to begin with... But later you might find that your optimum dose is 1.5 iu per day on the average, or even more, (or maybe less... nobody really knows how to determine the optimum dose... I have my theory and my way of figuring it out, and doctors have theirs... and we are both probably right, although we come to different results... that's how good HGH is...)

I recommend that women who are still menstruating should divide the total dose of their entire cycle by 28, then take half of that average on the first 12 days of her cycle... then the average dose from days 13 to 16... then take 1.5 iu dose from day 16 to 28... This means: you take the same 28 iu in 28 days, but you take a smaller dose on your "high estrogen" days, and take a higher dose on your "high progesterone" days. I put it for you here, very clearly, with 1 iu average as an example:

1/2 iu days 1 to 12 (6 iu)
1 iu days 13, 14, 15, and 16 (4 iu)
1.5 iu days 17 to 28 (18 iu)

note: I did not learn this from doctors... You will not find many doctors who agree or disagree with me on this, and I admit I am just guessing... but it is a good guess...

I once read in one of your websites you were giving a woman instructions on how to take HGH in different amounts at different times of the month, but now I can not find it in the internet.

This is only "according to Ellis".... I have not learned this from any doctor, and I have not heard any doctor tell me that it is correct, or mistaken... the idea is: estrogen probably interferes with the action of HGH, which might be why women stop growing taller sooner than men, and why women get less results from the same dose of HGH than men... So... take your MONTHLY DOSE (28 days) and divide it by 28... that gives you a daily average dose... take HALF OF THIS DOSE from days 1 to 12... take the dose from days 13, 14, 15, and 16... and take a dose and a half from day 17 to 28...

So... for example... your daily average is 1 iu... take 1/2 unit from day 1 to 12... 1 unit from day 13 to 16... and 1.5 units from day 17 to 28... Your average is still 1 iu, but most of the action is when your body is low on estrogen, and high on progesterone.

The idea is to get "more bang from the buck..." you take more of your dose when you are HIGH PROGESTERONE... progesterone is a hormone that seems to be very GOOD for women, they feel better when they are in their 5 and 6th and 7th etc. month of pregnancy, and I think they look more beautiful too...

What's my next step? How can I feel comfortable paying you before I see any product?

Find an anti aging forum that is not mine (Rejuvenation), and ask the question: "Does anybody know Ellis Toussier, in Mexico? Can I order products from him and be reasonably sure that I will receive them, and that they are authentic?" You will probably receive several answers, because I am "pretty well known".

I'm not really sure until I speak with you what will be the amount I should take but I imagine this should get me started adequately.

If you are a "standard size" woman, about 5'4" to about 5'8" and not particularly "heavy" then 1 iu per day average, is a good starting dose, to get your body patched up and to increase the circulatory system without any side effects. If you do have "side effects" it is usually only at the beginning and it is a good side effect, ie, you retain more water (which is a good thing, because it is reversing a sign of aging) so at the beginning with the same circulatory system you might "feel" a little strange in your hands and extremities... but this will either pass soon, or you can lower your dose (eg, 1 iu every other day instead of every day) until your body builds up the circulatory system and this adjusts naturally.

If you are bigger or smaller than "standard size", adjust what I wrote above accordingly.

After the first month, you can either stay with that dose if it is giving you all the results you want, or adjust it + or - half an iu per day, and "play it by ear."

Just remember: you probably know more about your body than your doctor knows about your body, so let your body speak to you. It is very difficult to make a mistake with growth hormone if you don't take a dose above 8 iu per day. I have not heard of side effects ocurring at 4 or 5 iu per day with body builders, so 1 or 1.5 or 2.0 or even 3.0 iu per day are all very very well known to me... It really takes a huge dose of HGH (eg., 15 iu per day) for many MONTHS before you have the truly "bad" side effects caused by overdose.

I have heard that we come to this earth with a certain amount of cells, and when they are gone they are gone... So with growth hormone speeding up cell turnover, it might use them up faster? Is there truth to that?

As we say in Mexico, every madman to his madness...

Everybody has something to say, everybody says one thing or the other. And smart alecks, like DOCTORS for example, love to say things they don't know to be true. They especially love to seem smart as if they are big authorities, and some doctors want to scare us away from taking growth hormone, so they say these things...

The fact is that is only a theory. It could be that with HGH speeding up cell turnover it uses up the cells faster...

But it might also be true that with HGH keeping everything well, cell turnover is slower...

So which one is it? I dunno.

But I do know that I am 74 years old and I have taken HGH every day since June 1998, when I was 52 years old, and in 21 years LOOKING AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR, I look a bit older.. I am not aging very fast. I think I look about age 60, and I am age 74!

I am not unhappy to see my face in the mirror, from age 52 to age 74.

So, how many Old Men can say the same thing? How many persons in the world can say that they look ALMOST THE SAME (with a few extra wrinkles and grey hairs, which is easy to solve...) today as they did in 1998?

So I THINK cell turnover is SLOWER with HGH than without it... but in any case, I have not gone DOWNHILL very much from age 52 to age 74, and if I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would take HGH every single day all over again, exactly as I have done.

I don't care if I will die sooner... I don't think I will die sooner, but if I do, I don't care if I do, because I have already lived 20 incredible years in a healthy and still young body, when many other men who were born the same year I was (1945) are either dead or dying, or wishing they were dead. And I am still alive and very healthy. I would have been an old man already, but I am still a young man.

And I don't see why I should die just because some doctor thinks I might die, since I am healthier than ever. There are also a lot of doctors who think I will not die sooner because I took HGH... so take your pick.

To be able to take HGH, to live at a time in history when we can buy growth hormone, is a gift that I have been given. It is an unbelievable gift that we have all been given... but it won't do anybody any good if you just read about it and don't put it into your own body... and I am very thankful and grateful that I have received this gift, that is that I was able to use growth hormone and other good hormones during my lifetime.

So I won't let Jay Olshansky and Thomas Perls and their crowd of HGH detractors convince me that I am mistaken to take HGH and other good hormones.

I have replaced all my hormones. DHEA, Melatonin, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Is there any I am missing?

You are missing INSULIN, and you are missing EPO. Insulin gives me much much better blood glucose control. And EPO puts my red blood cells UP so that I have more oxygen running through my body and my brain, so I don't get tired.

Anything else you highly recommend that I should get?

Yes. I am a fanatic about keeping glucose levels under control. If you don't have one, buy a Roche Accucheck (or Accutrend) Sensor... and buy perhaps 4 boxes of test strips, so that you will have enough to test yourself enough times so you will learn how you react to various foods which I group together in the Carbohydrate Thermometer (which happens to be my creation too...)

And read my page about how to interpret results of your glucose meter. My interpretation is much more strict than doctors, even more strict than diabetes specialists, which I say are too lenient. I also say I am right and they are mistaken (typical "Ellis") (I'm very strict on this idea, for myself.)

The Glucose Theory of Aging

I am buying growth hormone and receiving it legally in Mexico, for the first time. Do I need to declare this at the border crossing? I seldom bring anything back I need to declare though I am in TJ once or twice a month....never been stopped but would rather know what is the protocol.

You can declare it and say it is yours, for you. You should have no problem if you declare it, according to what it says below. As you will read from the following, if you buy growth hormone in Mexico and take it back to the U.S.A. you are NOT required to have a prescription by an American doctor.

"A new bill was recently passed by Congress that amends a portion of the Controlled Substances Act (21USC956(a)). This amendment allows a United States resident to import up to 50 dosage units of a controlled medication without a valid prescription at an international land border. These medications must be declared upon arrival, be for your own personal use and in their original container."

Previously it said:

"New Federal ruling allows U.S. residents reentering the United States at international land borders to bring back, without a prescription, up to 50 dosage units of medications on the Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) controlled substances list, Schedules 2 through 5. You may bring in more than 50 units if you have a prescription written by a U.S.-licensed physician whom DEA has authorized to prescribe these medications."

U.S. Customs

What amount is "50 dosage units"?

I don't think even they know what that means... In short, if you take an amount with you that does not seem like you are planning to sell it to others, you should have no problem going through U.S. Customs. For example: 50 vials, if one vial is one dose.

I am interested in knowing the difference between the various Growth Hormone products... What is the difference between spray growth hormone, injectible growth hormone, homeopathic growth hormone, etc.?

There are not "growth hormone products" in the plural, there is only ONE authentic growth hormone, and that is INJECTIBLE GROWTH HORMONE... To paraphrase one of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not have any other growth hormone product besides me!"

What I mean to say is that there is only ONE way to take growth hormone, and that is INJECTIBLE GROWTH HORMONE. Some authentic brand names are Humatrope, Saizen, Serostim, Norditropin, Genotropin... and a few other legitimate brands, all made in laboratories by genetic engineering. In the United States, legitimate growth hormone is only sold in pharmacies with a prescription.

So... if it is being touted on the internet or on a TV infomercial as a way to get growth hormone without a prescription, without the "pain" of injecting, and "thousands of dollars less" than injectible, and to avoid "dangerous side effects such as acromegalia" etc., you can guess you are going to lose your money with all of these. Growth hormone MUST be injected, or else it will break up before it gets to the blood stream, in which case it is not going to act as growth hormone, it will act like any protein: a piece of chicken, or steak...

Authentic injectible growth hormone is not as expensive as they say it is, it does not cause the side effects they say it will cause (because you will not overdose on it) and the sub-cutaneous insulin-syringes don't hurt at all: From 1 to 10... usually a zero (ie, nothing at all... you didn't feel anything at all)... or a 1...

In spite of anything else you might read on the internet, EVERY THING ELSE IS NOT GROWTH HORMONE. "Homeopathic growth hormone" might contain nanograms of authentic growth hormone... in a year less than what I take in a day... it is such a tiny amount as to be ineffective compared to the dose used in anti-aging, or to make children grow tall. Certainly, do not use it to try to make short children grow taller because you will waste precious time. You would have to inject more than a year to get the dose we use in a single day. And in any case, "homeopathic growth hormone" will not work if you swallow it because the growth hormone protein will break up in the stomach.

"Spray Growth Hormone" is simply ineffective, even if it might contain a little bit of recombinant injectible growth hormone in a spray, the growth hormone protein will break up and not act as growth hormone in your body.

There are powders with amino acids that do increase the release of growth hormone in your body, but these are not effective enough to give you the same benefits as injectible growth hormone, but they do work. If they are sold to you with the stipulation that it helps release growth hormone, then it is not a fraud. If it is sold to you as growth hormone, it is a fraud, because it is not and cannot be growth hormone.

Get this straight: Authentic growth hormone can ONLY be taken by injection. Period. (And it doesn't hurt!) Any other way is impossible, in the year 2004. And until you read or hear that there is finally a way to take insulin by spray or powder or pill or gel, you can be certain that growth hormone cannot be taken by spray or powder because the HGH protein is more than twice as long and complicated as insulin.

I have read that injectible growth hormone can cause acromegaly and carpal tunnel syndrome, or cancer, and that it is very dangerous.

You would have to take a dose of 4 complete vials of 4 iu injectible growth hormone for a period of about 8 months to get acromegaly ("giantism"). Since you are not going to intentionally overdose (ie, you will take a sane dose) acromegaly is totally out of the question, don't worry about it.

As for cancer... one out of three persons in the population will get cancer sometime in their life... of these, only 5% get cancer as children and 95% will get cancer AFTER age 40, the incidence rises with age.

This means that cancer is MOSTLY a disease of aging. Children have MORE growth hormone in their body than adults, so a higher amount of growth hormone in the body coincides with LESS CANCER... and this seems to be true of the thousands of people injecting growth hormone. In any case, the INCIDENCE of a new cancer is NOT HIGHER in thousands and thousands of persons who inject growth hormone, and I think in time it will be shown to be LESS.

I prefer to take my chances to take growth hormone which makes my body healthy and physiologically younger, than to let my body slowly deteriorate and degenerate with age, until it might degenerate and get cancer. I prefer to take a simple blood test to see if I am developing a cancerous tumour in my prostate, which is the single most common cancer in men, (and there are similar tests for breast cancer in women) and avoid cancer, than to stop taking growth hormone because of a fear of cancer.

A cancerous tumor anywhere in the body can be detected with 99% accuracy with two AMAS blood tests that show there is an antigen to cancer. So, if you are scared of cancer, as I agree you should be, it makes more sense to detect it at an early stage, and cure it, than not to take HGH which is good in every way for your body, because of your fear of cancer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pain in the wrists... it can be caused by too much growth hormone, or from typing many hours on a keyboard, etc... If you ever notice a pain in the wrists, lower your dose of GH about 25% and take Vitamin B complex, and the pain will be reversed and the pain will probably disappear.

If I die soon, I will be THANKFUL that I have lived so well for so long, because growth hormone (and all the other hormones and anti-aging therapies I do, especially correct nutrition plus exercise) has extended my HEALTH span into my 60's. I am already 74 years old, but my body is in its 40's and in some important ways even in my 30's.

I think I will not die of cancer, or of a heart attack, or of diabetes, which are the three biggest killers... and I know I have been very healthy until now, (in Sept, 2019, age 74) which is way past what I would have expected if I had not taken growth hormone. So I have to be thankful for what I have received, and I am. That is why I tell others what I am doing, and how I am doing it.

I heard from one of my friends that his friends took the hormone and while they took it they had a small tumor and it grew larger with the hormone.

This sounds to me like what an anti-growth hormone doctor would say... but instead of telling you "what if somebody has a tumor and it grows with growth hormone?" this genius prefers to scare you from taking growth hormone by saying "I know somebody who had a tumor and it grew with HGH."

Ask him to tell you the name and telephone of the person, and I will bet that the person does not exist, except in his imagination.

Also one of them had a cyst that was cancerous that grew while taken the hormone. Is this possible?

Another invented friend?

If a person has a cancerous tumor, would the cancerous tumor grow, or not grow, if that person eats chicken?

What is your age? Are you afraid you might have a cancerous tumor? If so, take the AMAS blood test which will find a cancerous tumor with 95% accuracy, and if you take it two times, then you can be nearly 100% certain of the accuracy.

Yes, I suppose it is POSSIBLE, because one in three persons on planet earth will get cancer at one time or another in their life... but I have never heard of HGH CAUSING a cancer in somebody who does not have cancer... and if they already have cancer, it might grow, just as it would have grown anyways, with or without HGH.

But it sounds like the kind of baloney that an anti-aging doctor or reporter would make up to give an example of a horror story that never occurred. It is just not believable, unless they give you the name and telephone number of the supposed person whose cancer grew while they took growth hormone.

What is the best way to take HGH?? Can you cycle 1 week on and 1 week off, or is it better to take it everyday??

I have taken it nearly every day since June, 1998, which is now twenty years ago... My friend, "Big Doc" (died of a heart attack, in 2001) had a very different program: 6 days of 3 iu ON, and 6 days of 3 iu OFF, combined with heavy exercise and a very low carb diet which he said would put him into "ketosis," which according to him would keep his IGF-1 levels high (but he never took blood tests to demonstrate this).

If you are not seeking the best "bang for the buck" as Big Doc was, but just plain good health, in my opinion it is better to keep your IGF-1 up in a constant manner... My IGF-1 fell very fast in 7 days when I stopped taking GH for 1 month (I stopped in order to take blood tests to show what happened to my pituitary gland after taking growth hormone every day for 18 months) from above 500 to 201, as shown on blood tests... So I think it is better to take a shot of growth hormone every day to keep my IGF-1 up constantly. It is like watering the plants: it is best to water them a little every day, rather than a lot a few days, and then a long dry spell.

Take it however you like, but take it long term for as long as you are getting good results.

Is it better to take 1 shot of 2 iu, or 2 shots of 1 iu each?

Either way is o.k., at these doses... if you would take 8 iu as some bodybuilders do, then I would recommend splitting the dose... I think it is easier to take 1 dose of 2 iu per day, and it gives excellent results, although perhaps two doses of 1 iu in one day is theoretically better, and might give better results... nobody really knows if 2 half doses is better than 1 full dose, or if it is the same... I know I take one full dose per day and my results are excellent, so... Why argue with success?

What will happen if I stop taking growth hormone? Will my pituitary stop producing growth hormone? Will I grow older faster?

No, your pituitary will not stop producing growth hormone because you took growth hormone, and on the contrary for a while it might even be releasing in a more youthful manner. Your pituitary is probabaly not releasing much growth hormone anyways, but it never stops producing it...

If you stop taking injectible growth hormone, you will slowly lose the benefits you gained while you took it. You cannot expect that the benefits should last forever, just as you cannot expect that you will not be thirsty forever only because you have drunk sufficient water every day of your life. When you stop taking it, you will stop receiving the benefits of GH, and you will begin to lose the benefits...

But I imagine that we will be better off than we would have been ourselves, because we have repaired some of our body while we were on taking growth hormone. I imagine that an old car that goes to a shop and gets an overall repair job is then in better shape than other old cars that did not get repaired.

But... nobody really knows, because a study to prove what happens would take many years following persons who have taken growth hormone for many years and then stopped taking it, and growth hormone has only been available to the general public since the mid 1990's, and is still used only by a very tiny fraction of the world population (less than 1 in 50,000 persons).

I went back and looked at my HGH usage. The first time I took 3 IU, 6 days, 1 day off and the second time 2 IU, 5 days, 2 days off. I do not remember a difference although I stopped the 2 IU dose after only about 3 months.

My IGF-1 at 3 IU of Saizen was 346 (64 - 185); at 2 IU it was 302.

Don't put too much attention to the exact figures of IGF-1... they can vary a lot, and both of these could be 20% UP OR DOWN from the actual figure.

so...at 3 iu it was: 290 to 420 and at 2 iu it was: 240 to 360... take your pick.

More important is your physical results... I SUPPOSE that you FELT more energy with 2 iu and also with 3 iu. and I SUPPOSE that you looked good, your skin looked good, your hair and nails grew faster, etc.

I also suppose that if you have not taken HGH lately, that you FORGOT a lot of the physical benefits, so it is impossible to really decide which was better, or how much better.

I have taken 3/4 cc of testosterone for many years. It was 1001 the last test (260 - 1000). When I took HGH I had a problem with dihydrotesterone. It was 193 and 202. Normal is 94 (25 - 99).

HGH wouldn't affect dihydrotestosterone. I would say that if you take testosterone, you should also take Arimidex and this would probably keep DHT in control. Do you take Arimidex?

Right now PSA is 1.4 and when I took 3 IU of HGH it rose to 2.0.

But you are also taking testosterone, and testosterone affects PSA... 1.4 is good, and 2.0 is good, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep on taking PSA tests about every 6 months or 12 months or so, but right now don't worry about "it rose" to 2.0 It could be just irritation or it could be you had sex or it could be many things but it is not a significant number at 2.0... it is "o.k." and especially because you take testosterone which puts it up a bit.

Take Arimidex.

So, I am still not sure what dose of HGH to take. I remember reading that doctors do not recommend any dosage over 3 IU?

Doctors don't use 3 iu or more than 3 iu, and they don't prescribe more than 3 iu so they like to comment on what they THINK is right rather than what they KNOW is right. You should ask a body builder who has taken 4 iu for many years, and who knows other body builders who have taken 5 or 6 or 8 iu's for a while, and I guarantee they know much more about what more than 3 iu will do, than doctors who don't know, but speak as if they know.

I take 2 iu, but that is because that is what my budget allows. I get good enough results, because I am physically well, and I am not getting old very fast... in 19 years, I have a few more grey hairs than 19 years ago, and THAT'S ALL. I am essentially the same, physically as I was 19 years ago, OR BETTER. I don't have more wrinkles, I am not more tired, my sex life has not gone down... but... I use HGH, EPO, testosterone, and Insulin... So I don't know that it is the 2 iu of HGH alone.

But... I have taken 3 iu, and occasionally 4 iu for a day or two, and I am not sure which is the OPTIMUM DOSE of HGH if cost would be 1 penny per iu. But... if HGH cost 1 penny per iu, I would probably take 3 iu or 4 iu per day for a while... My opinion is that THE BEST DOSE IS THE HIGHEST DOSE THAT DOES NOT CAUSE ANY SIDE EFFECTS IN THE LONG RUN.

And since I know body builders who take 4 iu in the long run, and have not complained about anything at all, and insist that 4 iu is the LEAST effective dose for body building, I tend to believe them much more than I do the doctors.

And it also depends WHICH DOCTOR, because there are many many doctors that also say that HGH is DANGEROUS because it "might" cause cancer, and it might cause Acromegalia, and it might cause the internal organs to GROW TOO LARGE... So if you ask their opinion, they will tell you that I should be dead by now, because I should have died a long time ago of cancer, and I should have died when all my internal organs burst through my chest.

So I don't worry about or even think about what doctors have to say about growth hormone, except I listen to the doctors that take growth hormone themselves and who prescribe it to their patients... but with a grain of salt. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't agree with them... but I never bow to them or decide that they are doctors so they must know more than I do. They know as much as I do, or less than I do... but they think they know more than everybody because they are doctors.

I tried to determine what dose Saizen recommends. I went to their Web Site and found a formula: Hgh = 0.03mg per 1 Kg of weight per week. This calculates to 2.45 mg of Saizen. The mg to IU conversion is: 1 IU = 2.45mg. That means I should be taking only 6.61 IU per week. The most I ever took was 18 IU.

No, you are making a mistake. 1 mg = 3 iu, so 2.45 mg = 7.5 iu

But they have a RANGE, it is not ONLY .03 mg per kg per week.

And it depends on WHAT FOR? For persons who are HIV+, the recommended dose is about 18 iu PER DAY. For children who want to grow taller, the dose is 4 iu to 8 iu PER DAY. For adults, with growth hormone deficiency it is 1 to 3 iu per day.

For Dirty Old Men Who Want to Stay YOUNG... do what I do.

And don't give more weight to what SERONO says than to what I SAY.

I have been to SERONO DE MEXICO many times, I have spoken to many employees and specialists, and NONE OF THEM HAS EVER TAKEN ONE SINGLE DOSE OF GROWTH HORMONE.

And I have had breakfast and met with representatives of Eli Lilly de Mexico, and they all think I am like Flash Gordon, the Man from Outer Space or something, the Bionic Man, because none of them has ever used HGH themself...

and in the U.S.A., or in Switzerland, I think it is the same...

I have visited and interviewed THE OWNER of a laboratory in Mexico who MAKES EPO... and he is about 70 years old... and HE HAS NEVER TRIED EPO HIMSELF. He thinks it is INTERESTING that I am taking EPO myself, but HE DOESN'T DARE TO USE IT HIMSELF... and I think (ie: I KNOW) it would benefit him greatly...

So... are you going to follow HIS INSTRUCTIONS and HIS OPINIONS, or WHAT THEY COPY FROM OTHER INSTRUCTIONS AND WRITE IT ON THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, or are you going to better believe a bicycle rider or a marathon runner... or ME? The fact is that NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE what is BEST. We only know for sure what is BAD. Stay away from excess doses.

The fact is that I don't believe bicycle riders, or marathon runners, or body builders either. I believe my eyes, and my own experience, and I believe blood tests. But I learn by observing the results of bicycle riders, marathon runners, and body builders, and getting feedback from them and also doctors on my forum.

I searched the Internet for recommendations but found none. You said BIG DOC takes 3 IU 6 days - that is what i took the first time. Who is BIG DOC?

Big Doc was a doctor who was subscribed to my forum, who used to write a lot of good posts. He died of a heart attack in 2001. He was a body builder and an expert on steroids. He had a gymnasium, and he was way ahead of his times... so far ahead, that the F.D.A. PUT HIM IN JAIL for making GHB in 1992, when it was still LEGAL... Read my page:


I lost his photograph, unfortunately... but he was a BIG MAN, at age 68... very strong, like Arnold Schwartzennegger type...

I have read that you are using 2 IU per day..... how many days?

Every single day for 19 years... except once, for 30 days...

I started with 1 iu, then 1.5 iu for about 1 year, then 2 iu, then 3 iu, then I went back to 2 iu for budget reasons and also because I was getting IGF-1 of about 720... which I felt was too far in front of the crowd, I don't want to be the brave spaceman that later tells everybody not to do his mistakes.... I prefer to stay in front of the crowd but with the crowd, and not make any mistakes.

Plus it is cheaper to take 2 iu per day than 3 iu per day, and I give 1 iu per day to my girlfriend, or to her grand daughter who is SHORT and has grown about 4 inches taller than she would have... so that is 4 inches like high heels for the rest of her life...

I changed her life with that, and I can still afford it, me 2 iu and 1 iu for my personal charities. Who else better than my girl friend, and her grand daughter (now age 4)?


I remember reading that you need to give your system some rest?

I take 2 iu every day, 365 days per year.

I stopped using HGH for one month, once upon a time, just to see if the "experts" were right. They assured me that my pituitary was "fried" from using HGH for 18 months, but blood tests showed that it was in better shape than ever.


My system doesn't have to "rest"... "Rest" from WHAT?

"God Rested on the 7th Day... But My Pituitary Doesn't Rest." - Ellis Toussier

I wrote that 19 years ago on a forum of doctors, and I shocked them so much that it caused a commotion on the forum... somebody who is from MEXICO, who IS NOT A DOCTOR, and who is taking growth hormone WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION... and who dares to challenge the established way of thinking...

But some of them actually came around to think as I do, and today many doctors do it my way, or at least accept that it is a possibility.

What is the shipping time from when you get the check? I am going to do some more research on dosage and make decision on how much I want to take.

Shipping time is about one week.

The best research you can do is to ask your body.


At the end of the vial, you are always left with a tiny drop of perfectly good growth hormone, which to me seems a pity to throw away. Here is a way to get it out:

Fill a syringe with the diluyent that you are going to use on your NEXT vial of GH, but first insert it into the OLD vial of GH, wash it around, and then suck it back into the syringe. Now the tiny drop left inside the vial is very diluted GH, and most of the tiny drop of GH that was trapped in the vial is now in your syringe where it can benefit you. Use this solution to mix into the new vial.

WHERE TO INJECT I am often asked: Where should I inject?

you can inject anywhere that you have a little fat... for example, the top of your leg, or near the belly button... poke around with the needle and find a place that has less sensitivity... you will see there are places with more and places with less sensitivity than others...

The injection is "sub-cutaneous" which means just under the skin, perhaps 1/4 inch below the surface... into the fat. If you use an insulin type syringe, with a half inch or 5/8" needle, inject at about a 45 degree angle to the surface of your belly. If you use the "short short" 3/8" needle, you can inject perpendicular to the surface of your belly.

It shouldn't hurt. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is "I could barely feel it" and 10 is "it hurts just a little bit" it will usually "hurt" about a 0... or maybe a 1... Very seldom, I might see a tiny drop of blood, but this is unusual.

WHEN TO INJECT You can inject ANY TIME... before breakfast, after breakfast, before exercise, before going to sleep... any time is a good time. I have heard doctors recommend injecting before sleep because it imitates the "natural" release of growth hormone which they say occurs when you are asleep... but the natural release of growth hormone probably has more to do with low glucose levels than with being "asleep"... and in any case, EVERYBODY reports excellent results, no matter what time they inject, just so long as they inject growth hormone, everyday.

In my opinion, it is not DEEP SLEEP that affects the natural release of growth hormone, it is LOW GLUCOSE LEVELS, which naturally occur in the early morning hours, (which coincides with deep sleep, but "deep sleep" is not the cause of release itself... it happens to be a coincidence.) This nonsense, that deep sleep is what releases growth hormone, has been repeated so many times that it is engraved in stone in medical books, and you will probably hear many doctors tell you that deep sleep will release growth hormone... in my opinion, it is a mistake.

TO CYCLE OR NOT TO CYCLE? Some doctors recommend taking growth hormone for 5 days or 6 days per week then off 2 days or 1 day... This, they say, is "to let the pituitary rest"... I ask myself: Rest from what?

I have taken growth hormone every single day, non-stop, 365 days per year, since June 1998, and my pituitary is in perfect shape. Maybe it is even better than when I started taking GH in June, 1998... so I see no reason to "rest". You can do it however you wish, but I like the idea of taking my weekly dose divided into 7 days rather than divided into 5 or 6 days.

WHICH IS THE IDEAL DOSE? This is really the $64,000 question. The best dose to start with, the first month, is probably 1 iu per day. Almost nobody reports any problem with this dose. But for the very few persons who feel an uncomfortable pressure on the wrist or legs, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, it is a GOOD SIGN that the growth hormone is working well! It means you are retaining a little bit more water, which is fine because, that itself, is reversing one of the Signs of Aging (loss of water). If it really bothers you a lot, drop the dose to 1/2 iu for a week then go back to 1 iu per day, just to give your body a chance to build some more circulatory system for the extra blood and water.

2 iu per day is probably a much better dose than 1 iu for most people, and you will probably feel the difference.

3 iu per day is the most I have taken for an extended period of time, and the most I would take until body builders prove me wrong. I take 2 iu 10 months, and 3 iu two months every year. (I consult with my doctor, who approves what I do with caution... so don't do what I do without consulting with your doctor.)

I think the ideal dose is the highest dose I can take every day in the long run without ever having any side effects. It is the highest dose, not the lowest dose, because a higher dose (without side effects) is closer to what you had when you were YOUNGER.

NOBODY REALLY KNOWS what the ideal dose is.... not even doctors (doctors often speak as if they KNOW the TRUTH, but they really are only just guessing, just as I am)... and I don't want to find out what an excessive dose is on my body, for the sake of science. There are enough madmen taking much higher doses than mine, and reporting side effects... so I will let them be the guinea pigs.

4 iu per day is the dose that makes short children grow taller. By weight, this is equivalent to about 8 iu in adults... so I GUESS that 8 iu is too much because I don't want to stimulate my bones to grow!

3 iu is the highest dose that I dare take for the long term without any side effects... but I might be mistaken... It might be lower, it might be higher... I took 3 iu per day for about 6 months, and although I know several people who have taken this dose for several years, I lowered my dose to 2.0 iu recently, because my blood test showed IGF-1 = 620... Although there is no evidence that 620 is "too high," I decided it might be too high, and I get excellent results at about 500... so I dropped the dose to 2.0 iu. per day.

There are a lot of body builders taking 6 iu or 8 iu and reporting no side effects, but I still wouldn't want to take more than 4 iu everyday, until we know at what point there are side effects in the LONG RUN... and body builders cycle, so I cannot tell if their dose is safe EVERY DAY for SEVERAL YEARS...

For the moment, I am getting good enough results, so I will stay at 2 iu. I know that 1, 2, or 3 iu are good doses in the medium or long term, because there are thousands of people taking these doses and reporting excellent results with no side effects. At the first sign of any side effect, (usually, headaches or pain in the wrists) you should cut back your dose immediately.

When is Growth Hormone NOT indicated?

Growth hormone of course is not indicated for anybody who already has an excess of growth hormone, such as in acromegaly or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If there are underlying issues of other organ systems or hormones such as Hypothyroidism (especially cases such as the so called reverse T3 syndrome which is very common) - In the case of thyroid inadequacy, GH will not cure the lack of thyroid, but it will help the lack of growth hormone, so this might or might not result in a change of dose of thyroid that a patient requires.

Another case is adrenal insufficiency - which is almost universal - GH can create further stress if the cells are asked by the IGF-1 to function at a level they are not prepared to function. Heart and lung function are also important in this equation.

I would NOT advise the use of growth hormone for anybody who is already sick, and also not in cases of severe trauma, until the severity has been overcome.

I also would not recommend it for somebody who is very, very old and not in good physical and mental shape, because it would perhaps extend that person's misery instead of alleviating it.

I do not believe that growth hormone will cause cancer to spread, or diabetes to get worse, and I do not think a small dose of growth hormone would be bad for the development of the fetus if a woman is pregnant. On the contrary, I think it would be excellent for the healthy growth of the baby...

But all this goes too much against the medical orthodoxy, and I would be immediately blamed by doctors, or the person's heirs if anybody would take growth hormone by my recommendation and then coincidentally died the next day, or had any health problem at all. Growth hormone would immediately be blamed, unjustly, but that is what would happen.

Instead, I would tell that person to read as much literature to support that he (she) can take growth hormone... to take his own decision... If he signs a non-responsibility agreement with a doctor, I think he might be able to get a prescription.

Growth hormone is also not indicated in cases of a bad accident, while the person is still in danger of death.

How many doses per week would I need for an effective treatment ?

I take it every day, 365 days a year... I have taken it every day for nearly 20 years. I see it like "watering the plants"... I water the plants every day, because they need their little bit of water every day... 1 dose per day, or 2 half doses per day has given everybody that has done this excellent results, with no side effects. Some doctors say you should "stop" to "rest the pituitary" but I don't stop, I go on, with superb results...

I don't think the pituitary needs "resting" since there appears to be no feedback mechanism, as there is with testosterone, for example. My experience is that taking one correct dose of GH every day is the best way, and there are hundreds of doctors that agree with this.

How do I convert ng/ml to the SI unit in nmol/L?

To convert from the conventional unit [in ng/mL] to the SI unit[in nmol/L], MULTIPLY the ng/mL value by the conversion factor of 0.131

To convert from the SI unit [in nmol/L] to the conventional unit [in ng/mL], DIVIDE the nmol/L value by the conversion factor of 0.131

How do I convert milligrams to "iu"? Each milligram (mg) is 3 iu, by convention, that is, the pharmaceutical companies all decided that is the strength of each milligram of growth hormone. Theoretically, 1 iu is the amount of growth hormone produced by a young man in one day, but nobody has told me which young man, or at what age. So, it is just a convenient measurement to start with... start with 1 iu, then take a blood test and adjust your dose.


There are no ml. in the vial with growth hormone powder... there are mgs.... 6 mgs. to be exact... ml is a measure of liquids or volume, and mgs is a measure of weight... Each milligram is 3 iu, because a committee of pharmaceutical companies, or doctors or somebody, decided that amount is a good standard dose. I think 2/3 of one milligram would have made a better standard dose, but nobody asked my opinion... 1/3 of one milligram of HGH is established as 1 unit, and my dose is 2 units.

So... you have powder on one side and water on the other side, and you mix them together and you will have the powder diluted into the water... so you will have as many ml of reconstituted growth hormone as you used to mix... that is your decision... For example, you can use 1.80 ml so that each 1 iu is .10 ml or 10 little lines on the syringe, just because it is a convenient and easy number to remember... but it can be any amount you want, just so you dissolve all the growth hormone powder without any problem...

HOW MANY "I.U.'s" are in a 6 mg BOTTLE ?

Each mg. is 3 iu, this is a convention, that is, some humans decided that they should call one iu a certain amount of potency... it used to be a little different, then they made it 3 iu per mg about 4 years ago, and now all pharmaceutical companies give the same potency to each mg. of growth hormone.

It is interesting how they all get the same potency, and I might write about that some other time. In the meantime, the important thing to know is that one iu of Humatrope is the same potency as 1 iu of Saizen or of Norditropin or of any brand of growth hormone... by convention... That is, they decided to give the same potency to 1 iu, and they test it before they package it.

So... 1 iu is "the normal starting dose" and after taking a blood test you might decide to lower the dose or increase the dose, as a multiple of the 1 iu.

Which is a good starting dose?

Many doctors start their patients off with 1/2 iu per day, then they increase it later. Others start most patients off with 1 iu. In my opinion, unless you have high blood pressure, 1/2 iu is too little, and too slow. 1 iu is a very safe dose for most people to start with, for the first month, then test later and adjust your dose. If high blood pressure is a concern to you, start with 1/2 iu. With 1 iu blood pressure will not increase too much, but it will increase due to water retention, the first month while your body builds more circulatory system. (The fact that your body retains more water with growth hormone is actually a benefit, since your body loses water with age.) So... somebody who has high blood pressure should start with 1/2 iu per day at most, and be under strict medical supervision.

I have 1 ml syringes. How much of Serostim 18 iu vials is 1 iu in this 1.0 ml syringe?

It is the same as it is in a .50 syringe, or in any other syringe, just like 20 miles per hour is always "20" on any speedometer, no matter if it only reads 0 to 50 MPH, or if it reads 0 to 200 MPH... and...

It depends on how much bac water you used to mix with the GH powder...

You have 18 iu of GH powder, no matter how much water you mix with it, you always have 18 iu... So...

If you mix the powder in 1.0 ml of water, then each 1 iu is 100 divided by 18, which is about 5 and 1/2 little lines.

If you mixed the powder with 1.80 ml of water, then each 1 iu is 180 divided by 18, which is .10 ml

If you mixed the powder with 3.0 ml of water, then each iu is 300 divided by 18, which is 16.66 ml or 16 or 17 on the syringe scale.

And don't get confused. The scale on the syringe is the same, no matter how high the syringe scale goes to... 16 or 17 is the same 16 or 17 on any syringe... Like 20 miles per hour on a bicycle speedometer that measures to 50 MPH is the same as 20 miles per hour on an automobile speedometer that reaches to 200 MPH.

Is one dose equal to one vial?

No. Each vial contains a certain number of iu "international units" and the dose is based on the number of UNITS that you decide to use, usually 1 to start, about 2 later on, according to your physical and blood test results.

I'm confused about the difference between 18iu vial and a 4iu vial. Is the quanity (volume) of one vial more than the other or does the "iu" refer to the strength of the product?

One has 18 iu, the other has 4 iu, like a gallon has 8 pints, and a quart has 2 pints...

And again, how much is in a vial, like 1 ml, 3 ml???

A vial contains growth hormone, measured in milligrams, ie, 1.33 mgs or 5 mgs. etc. You will mix it with diluyent, and then you will have the growth hormone dissolved in as much water as you chose to use. It can be 1 ml, 3 ml, or any figure which is easy to divide into the number of units in the vial.

Don't worry about this, it will be plain the day you see it in front of you.

If I take 3ml of the 15iu compared to two ml of the 18iu, am I getting a stronger dose or just more volume?

You always have the number of milligrams that the vial says it has... 1.33 mgs, or 5 mgs., or 6 mgs., or whatever... then... the strength of the solution depends on how much milligrams of growth hormone, and how much diluyent (water) you use to dissolve it...

DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS, until you have it, I'll explain it then if you still don't understand it.

Sorry if these questions seem confusing, I haven't quite figured this part out yet.

Nobody was BORN KNOWING THIS, so it is confusing at first, especially if it is not in front of you to see with your eyes but it will become very easy after you learn to use it.

If I take one 4 iu dose that fills a 3ml syringe compared to taking two 2 iu doses that fill a 3ml syringe, am I getting the same amount?

Yes, if you take 4 iu, or if you take 2 iu twice, it is the same amount...

Don't worry about this until you have it in front of you, then I will explain it to you in more detail if you still don't understand it.

How to use a high dose with a .5 ml syringe Sometimes parents want to inject their children with a single shot of 4 iu, using a 30 gauge .5 c.c. "BD" "short-needle" syringe. The problem is that 4 iu is too much to fit into a single syringe. To make it "fit" you have to concentrate the growth hormone solution, so you have to mix less diluyent with the GH powder.

To do this, mix the 4 iu vial of Saizen or Humatrope using only .5 c.c. of diluyent; a 3.33 mg. vial with 1 c.c., or a 5 mg. vial using 1.5 c.c., or a 6 mg. vial using 1.8 c.c. It will mix easily. This concentrates the growth hormone in less water than you were mixing before. Each 1 iu will now be only .125 c.c., and 4 iu will be .50 c.c.... Or in the case of 3.33 mg, 5 mg. and 6 mg. vials, each 1 iu will be .10 c.c. so 4 iu is .40 c.c.

This way you can "fit" 4 iu into a single syringe with a very tiny needle. This scares little children less, and it is worth learning to do it.

WHICH SYRINGE TO USE: It is important to choose the proper syringe for the administration of the various anti-aging injectibles.

I use a .5 ml, 29 or 30 or 31 gauge, 3/8" or 5/8" needle insulin syringe to inject insulin and growth hormone.

I use a .5 ml, 30 gauge 3/8" short-needle needle, or a 1.0 ml., 29 gauge 5/8" needle insulin-type syringe to inject growth hormone.

I recommend a 1.0 ml, 29 gauge, 5/8" needle, insulin-type syringe to inject EPO intravenously or sub-cutaneously.

The most common syringes for injecting anabolic steroids are a 22 (or 23) gauge, 1 1/2" needle, with a 3 cc capacity. The length of this size needle allows for penetration to reach deep inside the muscle tissue and it is thick enough to allow for easy passage of the oil-based injectible.

Shorter needles, 5/8" or 1" are not sufficient for intramuscular injections and occasionally leave a portion of the injectible in a subcutaneous area which causes a swell between the skin and muscle, as well as impaired absorption.

The gauge size of a syringe represents the needle's diameter. The lower the gauge number, the wider it is. A 29, or 30 gauge needle is extremely thin. A 21 gauge is quite wide; it is often referred to as "a cannon." It is scary, but in fact does not actually "hurt" much more than a very thin needle. The 22 and 23 gauge needles are not so large that they are difficult to insert, yet they are large enough for oily solutions to pass easily through them.

The use of insulin-type needles is not acceptable for injecting oily solutions that should be injected intra-muscular ("into the muscle"); they are simply too short and too thin. Insulin syringes usually have very short needles, 27 to 31 gauge, with a .3 ml. to 1 ml. case. (NOTE: "ml" means "milli-liter" and "c.c." means "cubic centimeter" which is also one one-thousandth of a liter. So these two terms, c.c. and ml., are interchangeable.)

I have read that water based anabolic steroids, such as Winstrol (Stanazolol) and Testosterone Suspension can be injected with a small gauge needle, such as 25g-27g, but since the gauge of the needle is not going to make a difference in how much it "hurts" (the entry of the needle hardly can be felt at all) I recommend using the same 23 gauge 1.5" needle for these water-based products as for the oil based products.

Usually it is the product itself which "bothers" when it is being injected, not the entry of the needle. The only products that "bother" me are injectible vitamin B complex, and T. Suspension... all others (insulin, growth hormone, EPO, oil-based testosterone) I have no problem with, they do not "hurt" or bother at all.

I have heard people suggesting that 29 or 30 gauge insulin needles are too small for the very delicate (and large) HGH molecular structure? Is it true? Could the protein be disturbed by such a small needle, or by drawing it too fast? Or is this just rumor?

No, it is not true, and yes, it is just a rumor. I might have started the rumor myself, since I suggested that, on discussion boards in 1998. Maybe it is my suggestion making the internet rounds, today being repeated by others.

Somebody wrote on Rejuvenation to say that the diameter of a 29 and 30 gauge needle is (I don't remember how many daltons or angstroms or whatever it is) wide, and the diameter of the GH protein is much much less... so the size of the 29 or 30 gauge needle is not a problem... It is just a rumor, turns out to be not true... and it was probably started by me, when I didn't know any better...

What do you think of the Saizen One-Click Pen, Upjohn MiniQuick and Nordi-Pen systems?

I don't like them. They don't add anything to the benefits, but they do add to the cost. They are a gimmick. They are for people who are afraid of injections and want a machine to hide the needle and do for them what is very simple for them to do: load and inject themselves... Instead, they have to load, and let a machine push the needle for them. I recommend you stay with the normal old-fashioned syringe, which is cheaper, and does not hurt, and is very simple. I sell pens because some people insist they want to buy them, but I prefer syringes myself.

Are any brands of HGH better than the others?

Yes... All the top Western brands are equally good, which means: perfect. Some generic is good, and some generic GH is not as good. Stick to Humatrope, Saizen, Norditropin, Genotropin, Serostim, etc. I trust all of them. I have had dozens of bad reports from people who took Chinese GH, but I have never had a bad report from anybody taking any of the top Western brands. There are several brands of Chinese GH, and perhaps some of them are good, but I don't know which.

Based on the comments on your web site and the Rejuvenation mailing list, I gather that you recommend a minimum 1 i.u. per day with no cycling. What do you think of "Big Doc's" biweekly cycle which is included in links on your web site? Would that be a way for me to maximize my financial resources while still getting most of the benefit?

I am taking so much more than Big Doc ever took... His idea was to get the most "bang for the buck" and my idea is to try to have an "optimum long term dose". Big Doc would take 3 iu for a few days, then stop and try to get the most out of that, etc. But... I have taken 1 iu, then 1.5 iu, then 2.0 iu, or 3.0 iu every single day, without ever stopping or cycling (except for 30 days, in early 2000, when I purposely stopped, to prove that my pituitary gland is still functioning...).

The question that has always been on my mind has been: "Which is the ideal dose?" and not "which is the best way to get the most bang for the buck?" which was Big Doc's preoccupation. They are very different questions. I THINK it will not make a big difference in the long run if you take your monthly dose split up in his way; or as I take it, which is a steady dose, every day... but if it makes you happy to think that it does, then take it his way.

I determine my dose by taking IGF-1 blood tests, even though IGF-1 blood tests are not very exact or easy to interpret, but they give a ballpark idea of how high is IGF-1. I don't want IGF-1 to be so high that I get side effects. I like IGF-1 about 450 to 500 until I learn that 600 or 700 are safe in the long term... I have had IGF-1 as high as mid 600 without side effects, but I decided to lower my dose because there is not enough experience with IGF-1 as high as 600, and I don't want to be the first person to find out that 600 is too high, if it is too high. I know 500 is good enough. I am very healthy and well with 500, so that is where I like to have my IGF-1, now... but I might change my mind in the future.

Growth hormone is a superb anti-aging therapy... probably one of the very best. But it is just one of many anti-aging therapies, and the single most important therapy is good nutrition, to get all the good nutrients your body needs, but also to get them while you keep your blood glucose levels near 90... the best anti-aging therapy is not growth hormone, but GH certainly is very good, and the results are dramatic, and benefits are seen and felt very fast!

So if you want to take growth hormone in Doc's manner, with good nutrition and exercise, you are sure to get excellent results... But if you take growth hormone with bad nutrition and Doc's way, or my way, or any other way, then you are sure NOT to get the best results that you could.

Do you follow what I'm saying? - Ellis

I am a 19 years old male. I am short and I want to grow taller. Have you heard of a product called "Grow Taller Fast"? Is it effective?

Can I still grow with injectible growth hormone?

I don't know if you will grow or not with injectible growth hormone, you are right on the borderline... but you might. Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you come to Mexico, my doctor will help you. You will not have any side effects, and if you grow that is great, if you don't grow, you will still have health benefits from taking injectible growth hormone. I have known 19 year old boys who have grown an inch and a half with injectible growth hormone in a few months, but there is no guarantee that you will grow...

See my page: Grow Taller

And there is no comparison with secretagogues.... without any doubt, you surely will waste your time and money with any product that is not injectible growth hormone. Arginine, which is the most powerful amino acid secretagogue used by some doctors to try to determine if a patient is growth hormone deficient, stimulates about 3% as much growth hormone as induced hypoglycemia (which YOU CANNOT do yourself) which is the most powerful test by doctors to see if a patient is growth hormone deficient. So please understand that arginine or any other powder or spray secretagogue is absolutely "mickey mouse" in comparison to injectible growth hormone.

Don't waste your time, because you don't have time to waste. If you decide to try it, get moving right away... you need authentic and injectible growth hormone, that is the only solution.

I was wondering if you have ever tried any non- prescription HGH enhancers, and if you would recomend any. I'm assuming that comparing them to rHGH injections (what you take) would be like comparing the prohormones (Androstenedione, etc.) to anabolic steroids: They may work to a certain degree, but they aren't even close to the real thing.

That is precisely correct. Amino acids might raise your IGF-1, for example, from 100 (which is very low) to 130 (which is still very low) and then claim that it raised IGF-1 by 30%. The fact is that 130 is better than 100, and it might help some... but it is not nearly enough to make the great physical improvements that you can get if you use injectible growth hormone, and the problem is that you are wasting TIME...

In the meantime, as you procrastinate, your body goes a little bit downhill when it could have gotten better, or at least it could have gone downhill less steeply... You will lose a little more nervous system than you might not have lost if you had used injectible GH and raised IGF-1 to 350, or to 500, (my IGF-1 is about 500+) and in my opinion, I simply cannot afford to lose ANY of my nervous system.

The key is in the levels of IGF-1 that you can get with injectible growth hormone... I don't know of any amino acids that will get your IGF-1 even to 200, and 200 is simply not acceptable, since we know there is a way to raise to 500, which will give you truly dramatic physical benefits.

What are the possible side effects that I might get with growth hormone replacement?

You probably will not get any side effects. If you do, they will not be bad ones... At a starting dose of 1 iu the most common discomfort, in about one out of 10 persons, some discomfort in the wrists or ankles, maybe headaches, is due to a bit of water retention... water retention is actually a good thing, because you lose water as you age, so this is a sign that you are reversing this fact... You will not get any side effects from taking growth hormone, as long as you only take a physiological dose of HGH. If you have any of these "side effects" then simply lower your dose to half of what caused it, and later you can probably increase your dose again.

if I start taking HGH regularly will my body stop making it's own thereby rendering me dependent upon the injected HGH?

Good question! I was afraid of the same thing when I began, nearly 6 years ago... But the answer doctors gave me then was that, no, my pituitary will continue to produce GH... about a year and a half later, after taking GH for all that time, I was challenged to prove if my pituitary was still produciing or not... So I stopped taking GH for 30 days and I measured my IGF-1 four or five or six times in that month... If my pituitary was not working, my IGF-1 should have gone to levels of persons who are growth hormone deficient... instead, my IGF-1 dropped to the level of a 40 year old athlete, or so... not bad... excellent... it might have even been better than when I started, but I can't tell because I DIDN'T TAKE TESTS before I started my program (dumb, dumb, dumb!!!)

Anyways, my test results showed that my pituitary was not only alive, but thriving... You can read more about it here:

Day 30, My Pituitary Lives!

Do you recommend IGF-1 testing?

Yes, and no... I definitely am a big believer in blood tests, and an IGF-1 test is a routine test you should have. But IGF-1 is not a very reliable test to begin with, and sometimes people feel that growth hormone is not working, because their IGF-1 test is lower than they expected. If you ever get an IGF-1 test result that is far lower than you expected, it probably is not a valid result, and the truly valid result is what I call "the mirror test." (LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR; weigh yourself on a scale; measure your belly; look at the tightness of your skin; feel any difference in energy; see how your hair and nails are growing; compare how you are sleeping now and before; etc.)

On the scale of importance, I believe that a PSA ("prostate specific antigen") is much more important than an IGF-1 test... and hematocrit and hemoglobin are critically important to know... INSULIN will tell me something very important, Hb-A1c will tell me something much more interesting than IGF-1, total cholesterol, HDL and LDL and triglicerides, all are important to have an idea, estradiol is very important...

As for IGF-1: a high score is nice to get, but a low score (if you are taking authentic GH) means the test result is meaningless; just erase it from your mind and take another test... or don't take another test, and just continue taking your dose of HGH... If you are getting good physical results, a score above 350 or so is nice to confirm your GH is authentic, but a low score just means the test result is invalid.

If you are taking a high dose of GH, then a high score can tell you if your dose is too high and you should cut back, but a low score doesn't tell you anything...

So... yes, take an IGF-1 test, but don't stake continuing your treatment on the result.

If so, how often should we test for IGF-1?

Test at the beginning, to learn more or less where you stand... and test any time after you change your dose... then test about once a year... but... there are other blood tests that are much more important than IGF-1, and IGF-1 is a relatively expensive test. Hematocrit and hemoglobin and PSA, for example, are relatively cheap and much more important to your health. Spend most of your money on growth hormone, not on IGF-1 tests. - Ellis

I live in England, where it is very difficult to get blood tests done. How do I go about getting a blood test done through the internet?

I let somebody in England answer your question:

"It can work out expensive to get tests done private. All over London are small private clinics called Medi Center, costs around �30 for a basic Full Blood Count... They don't ask too many questions.

The best way is a visit to your doctor [GP] and get a set up where all you have to do to get a blood test is phone the reception to get a blood form for you to collect, with no appointments or hassle. On the initial visit I told my GP That I had just started sleeping in a hypoxic tent, and wanted to monitor my MCV, haematocrit, haemoglobin, etc and would need monthly blood tests.

They will ask a few stupid questions, but ultimately its none of their business. You have to be confident with them and tell them what they can do for you as you are trying so hard to stay fit and healthy. They can't and won't argue with that.

As to why you are using hypoxic therapy, laugh and tell them to get with the program... you're the doc, not me! Tell them you are preparing for a hike at high altittude... a ski trip at 10,000 feet... a trip to Mount Everest... anything...

Save your money for Ellis' magic potions!"

(Hey! That's a Great Idea! - Ellis)

Ellis, is the GH in the 18 IU Serostim vial more "concentrated" than the GH in the 4 or the 10 IU Saizen vials? I am asking this because the size and capacity of the 18 IU vials is smaller than the 4 and 10 IU vials, and also the 18 IU vial brings less GH (powder) than the 4 or 10 IU.

It is the same thing, but in a different package... first of all, understand that the "powder" that you see is only the vehicle upon which the GH is placed, so more or less powder does not mean more or less GH... (think of the powder like "white cotton candy" upon which the GH is placed, then it dissolves nearly instantly when it is mixed with water.) You can have more powder, or the same amount of powder, or less powder, and a different or same amount of GH in each. The pharmaceutical company, whichever it is, places the exact amount of milligrams of GH on the powder. So if it says 6 mgs. on the vial, believe it, even if it appears to be the same or less "powder" than when it says 1.33 mgs.

In the bigger 5 mgs. Humatrope vials I usually use 0.33 cc of diluyent per IU but with the smaller 18IU vial I cannot use 0.33 cc of diluyent per IU in the 6 mgs. Serostim vials, since the size of the vial is too small, and the pressure in the vial pushes out and keeps me from injecting more diluyent into it...

You can mix different amounts of diluyent water into the different presentations... So... The 18 iu Serostim vials are made for up to 3 c.c. of diluyent... You can mix in 3 c.c. and then each 1 iu is 16.7 little lines on the syringe...

Or you can mix in only 1.80 c.c into the 18 iu vials, in which case each iu is one-eighteenth of 180, or 10 little lines. It mixes very well, even with this small amount of diluyent. You can actually mix the 6 mgs with as little as .9 c.c. of water and then each 1 iu is .05 c.c., or 5 on the scale of an insulin-type syringe.

If you have excess pressure inside the vial, take it out of the vial by letting it be sucked into the syringe. Just release your pressure on the syringe, and the pressure in the vial will make the plunger on the syringe go out, thus air from the vial goes out and there will be less pressure inside the vial. - Ellis

Because the diluyent bothers me, I am now using only one sixth to one third of the amount of diluyent (without m-cresol or benzyl alcohol) I used to use. Using 50 ml of diluyent, I use approximately 05.5 ml for 1 IU and 08.5 ml for 1.5 IU. Such precise measurements are difficult to achieve on the disposable syringes. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

What you say is correct... 1 iu is 5.5 "little lines" or .055 ml, and 1.5 iu is 8.5 "little lines" or .085 ml... and such precise measurements may be difficult to actually see... however... precision is NOT NECESSARY... it's not critical... if you take a tiny little bit more or a tiny little bit less today, that doesn't make any difference, and you will use a little less or a little more tomorrow, or the next day, and all the growth hormone will be used up. It really doesn't make a difference because the dose itself is arbitrary, that is, somebody or some committee decided that 1 iu ("one standard international unit") would be .333 mgs of growth hormone... (remember, if it is well made, all growth hormone has 191 amino acids in the same order, same shape, and it all weighs the same, and has the same potency) The committee could just as easily have decided that 1 iu would be .25 mgs of GH and that is what we would be calling 1 iu.

There are people taking 1 iu, and 2 iu, and 4 iu per day with no side effects. NOBODY KNOWS which is the ideal dose, even if they claim that they are authorities, nobody knows and there is a lot of disagreement on this. The correct dose as far as I am concerned is a dose that gives you the results you are happy with AND does not give you ANY side effects in the long run... I have even heard of body builders using 8 iu's per day and, they say, WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS. (I am not certain at what dose there might be LONG TERM side effects, but I have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome and beginning signs of acromegalia using 18 iu per day for eight months...)

For example, I know of doctors who prescribe up to 18 iu per day for 6 weeks to make cartilage grow in patients with pain in their knees... it works well, and it does not cause side effects in six weeks, although it would cause side effects in eight months.

You see, the reason that 18 iu causes side effects is because an adult cannot grow any taller... his bones can't grow because they have fused... so they first grow more cartilage, then they start to get too much cartilage and it gets all cramped up. First it "hurts" and then they start to get deformed, they start to look like big apes, or gorillas. Some body builders think this is cool, but to each his own, I prefer to look "normal" in my eyes... I just want to be very healthy, and have NO SIDE EFFECTS.

But 9 iu per day is a known dose for children, and this is equivalent by body weight to 18 iu per day in an adult. So... this gives you a feeling for why it isn't very critical to get the exact, exact dose if you are using between 1 and 3 iu, there simply is very little chance of any serious side effect.

I have used 2 iu for several years... I also know many people using 2 iu per day, and nobody has reported any side effects at this dose.)

Don't worry about getting the EXACT dose... If you really want to see more details, use a smaller syringe, like .30 ml... But it isn't critically important... Just use all the growth hormone in each vial, in the number of doses that you want to use it in, and at the end of each vial you can wash out the last drop by first putting in then sucking out the 1 ml of water in the old vial that you will use in the new vial of GH powder.

Where to inject testosterone, intramuscular

To inject intramuscular (eg., testosterone)... inject into the upper-outer quarter of either cheek of your backside, preferably the upper outer quarter of the right cheek. Not where it is "meaty" but where it seems there is not so much meat. There is a big thick nerve called the "sciatic nerve" that runs from the spinal column down the left leg, and you have to avoid hitting that nerve with a needle at all costs. Ask somebody who knows perfectly well how to inject intramuscular to explain to you the first time. It isn't difficult to learn it... it just is something that is not obvious, and maybe even goes against instinct, so it has to be learned, and the consequence of doing it incorrectly is very bad.

What other therapies can help me to get the best results from growth hormone? You should definitely be eating correctly. To me, that means: high protein, low carbohydrates, to keep your glucose levels low, and your muscles big and strong. You should definitely be doing some exercise, which doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym every day... but going to the gym is certainly good. Aerobic exercises, such as walking instead of driving, climbing stairs instead of riding the elevator, carrying a bucket of water around, these all help. And you should definitely be taking supplements of the common vitamins and minerals, and perhaps some other nutritional supplements which you can buy at a health food store.

Other hormones you might want to replace include testosterone, melatonin, DHEA, insulin, EPO, thyroid, HCG, clomid, etc. But you should take a blood test before you take testosterone, or insulin, or EPO, etc, and you should know how to interpret the blood tests like an anti-aging doctor, which is much better than you can probably do alone, so you should go to a doctor.

Hormone replacement normally should be done under a doctor's supervision, but don't be in awe of doctors. I have found there are many good doctors that have taught me a lot. But there are many doctors who don't know half as much as I do about anti-aging therapies, but they are doctors so they say a lot of things they don't really know to be true as if they are facts... that simply are not true.

I know you can learn a lot more about hormone replacement or diabetes or nutrition than most doctors know, and you might end up teaching your doctor, as I have taught my doctor and many other doctors about anti-aging therapies. I have learned from good doctors, and I have heard doctors speak absolute nonsense and false statements about growth hormone, diabetes, insulin, EPO, and many other things, but they supposedly know more than I do, so I try not to argue with them, I just stay away from them.

Should I inject twice a day (morning and night)?

It depends on your dose... Most people don't take so much that it merits injecting twice a day... so... just inject once a day, in the morning (better than at night... I know you will read the opposite, but who do you want to believe: them or me?)

and should it be on an empty stomach?

It doesn't have to be empty, but it won't hurt it if it is... if you inject it in the morning before breakfast, it usually is on an empty stomach by default... but that is not important... what is important, according to me, is that your glucose levels should be low... that is why I think injecting in the morning before breakfast is the way to do it, theoretically best... but...

EVERYBODY IS GETTING GOOD RESULTS, so this is a very theoretical discussion because IT DOESN'T SEEM TO MATTER... you can inject before or after breakfast, before or after doing exercise, in the morning or at night... and you will get excellent results. Just inject it. Keep your body from having growth hormone starvation.

I read that growth hormone can cause Leukemia??!! True or false?

I would say FALSE... People who are against growth hormone say a lot of things, as if they knew it is true. The fact is that with thousands and thousands of people taking growth hormone for many years already, there is no increase in the incidence of any cancer at all... but the name "growth" hormone makes every genius, including doctors, come up with the question "what would happen if I have a small tumor and I don't know it?"

Well... I will tell you what you have to do, and this is true whether you take growth hormone or not... you can detect a cancerous tumor in your body with very simple blood tests... so... take a blood test and make certain that you don't have such a cancerous tumor in your body as you (rightfully) fear...

There are two blood tests that are good: the P.S.A. (prostate specific antigen) is a cheap test and very useful to detect prostate cancer, many years before it is too late. And the A.M.A.S. (an antigen that appears with any cancerous tumour...) that is more expensive, but it will detect any cancerous tumour anywhere in the body.

If you are a male, I would start with the P.S.A. only, because it is very cheap and because prostate cancer alone is about 40% of all cancer for men... unless you have any symptoms such as fever which you cannot find a cause for, or any reason to suspect there is a cancerous tumour in your body, that would be enough for me, and if the P.S.A. is suspicious, maybe then I would ask for an A.M.A.S. too, to confirm the P.S.A., instead of a biopsy. (I am very much AGAINST biopsys.)

And if you do take an anual physical examination, you will detect most cancerous tumors while they can still be treated successfully...

I think that even if I would ever detect a cancerous tumor in my body, I would not stop taking growth hormone, because growth hormone is also good for the rest of my body. You would not stop eating chicken because it might help your tumor grow, so why should you stop taking growth hormone? We know it also helps our immune system to resist cancer, and improves our quality of life. (I know most doctors will disagree with me, and I am not a doctor, so take my opinion at cost, free, and then you decide what and who you want to believe.)

On the other hand... cancer is a VERY COMMON disease. One out of every three persons will get cancer at some time in their life, USUALLY after age 40 or 45... SOME PEOPLE who were about to get cancer might also have started to take growth hormone... then... if a cancer of any kind appears, they wonder, "Why did I get this cancer? Oh, I know why... GROWTH HORMONE !" So they blame the fact that they got cancer on growth hormone.

The same thing happens with Diabetes... according to me, it takes many, many, years of eating incorrectly (high glucose levels) to develop diabetes... (I don't know why so many doctors say that the cause of diabetes is not known, it "just happens"). By age 60, a full 25% of all people are diabetic... and this is the same group of people who are taking growth hormone to avoid growth hormone deficiency...

So... somebody takes growth hormone three months and then his diabetes that has been developing for years is finally discovered and they all start to wonder, "Why did I develop this diabetes? Oh, I know why: I took GROWTH HORMONE !"

Then they tell that to the doctor, and the doctor doesn't know much about diabetes, and even less about growth hormone... but he is a DOCTOR and he wants to warn other doctors and patients... he also wants to see his name in print.. So the doctor then WRITES AN ARTICLE about the connection of diabetes and growth hormone...

That article is then printed in a medical journal and then it is repeated and repeated and other doctors then cite it as a fact, and finally it enters the literature as if growth hormone is the cause of diabetes. (Which is just like they repeat that deep sleep stimulates the release of growth hormone.)

Even Eli Lilly and Serono write as a precaution that growth hormone might cause or worsen diabetes... and they write that you should not take it if you have cancer... Of course... they don't want to get sued by the heirs of a person who has diabetes, or cancer. "My father had cancer, and the stupid doctor prescribed growth hormone to him... and of course it killed him!"

I can imagine a judge or jury thinking "GROWTH hormone?!!! ..."

I often think it would have been much better if growth hormone had been named something else... "beneficial hormone" or "benetropin" or something like that, that doesn't have the word "growth" in it. "Growth" is only one of the things that growth hormone is the master of. It is also the master of the immune system, and it is the master in charge of all repair in the body.

According to "the Gospel according to Saint Ellis" I insist that growth hormone does not cause diabetes... Eating poorly as taught to us in the attrocious U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid results in many hours a day of high glucose levels for 50 or 60 years is what causes type 2 diabetes. Don't ask me why doctors say that they don't know what causes diabetes, it is just a disease that "happens." It isn't. It is caused by poor eating habits over many years, not by taking a good dose of growth hormone for a few months.

I am possibly interested in a 30 days supply to see if I get results with minimal side effects.

If you take growth hormone for 30 days you would not have to worry about "minimal side effects"... You would NOT HAVE ANY SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL. None. Zero. And you would have some good benefits in 30 days... but you will get more benefits every day for about 6 months, so don't stop at 30 days!

Whatever you have heard about "side effects" with growth hormone will not happen if you take a correct dose of growth hormone, and that is what you will take if you go to an anti-aging doctor, or if you consult with me.

And you wouldn't have any problem if you use testosterone for 30 days, either... all side effects of testosterone are caused by using too much testosterone, for too long a while without stopping...

Testosterone has a side effect in that your body stops producing testosterone temporarily while you raise the level artificially in your body... And excess testosterone gets converted to estrogen, which is mostly a female hormone... males need a low level of estrogen too, to avoid osteoporosis...

But if you are a male, you want to keep estrogen very low, because if you don't it can cause several side effects, including gynecomastia, and prostate problems, etc. But you can easily avoid all side effects caused by testosterone converting to estrogen by blocking estrogen, which is easy to do with the proper anti-estrogen...

In any case, trust me... in 30 days you would not have any problem at all with testosterone if you take a sane dose (which is all that you should ever take...). And you would surely have benefits: more muscle size and strength, nicer skin, and if you are healthy you will also have more sexual libido.

I read somewhere that if you raise IGF-1 and you happened to have a cancerous cell in your body, of which you are not awware yet, it can accelerate it to grow into a cancerous tumor. If that is true, how does one find out if you already have one or several cancerous cells, before starting with hGH?

I have NEVER heard of anybody who had a cancerous cell in their body of which they were unaware, took growth hormone, and this accelerated the growth of the cancerous tumor... So... I want to make clear that you are asking me a hypothetical question for a make believe disaster that I have NEVER heard has happened to anybody, in nearly 10,000 posts and nineteen years as moderator of my anti aging forum, Rejuvenation.

And I will bet that whoever says that it MIGHT accelerate a cancerous tumor is only guessing... I will also say that if I was to hypothesize, I would say exactly the opposite: If you have a cancerous cell in your body of which you are not aware of, it is my hypothesis that taking HGH would HELP you to ELIMINATE that cancerous cell because HGH would strengthen your immune system.

However, I am not a doctor... the geniuses who give that as a hypothetical example are doctors, so they have more authority than I do, so they are quoted in newspaper and magazine articles, and their guess is repeated by others, and my guess is not.

But... it is not a bad idea to check for cancer whether or not you take HGH... In men, the P.S.A. test will detect a developing cancer in the prostate several years before the cancer is out of control. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with about 40% of all cancers, so with a very simple and inexpensive test you can prevent dying from prostate cancer. There is another test, the A.M.A.S. which detects a cancer antigen from a tumor anywhere in the body.

For women, there is also a test to detect a cancerous tumor in their body, and that is the "CA-125," whatever that means...

Again, if I would ever find that I have a developing prostate cancer, I would hurry and take my dose of growth hormone... I might even increase my dose a little, to help my immune system to combat the developing cancerous tumor.

But that's just me, Ellis Toussier, madman in Mexico. No doctor in his right mind would ever recommend that you should take growth hormone if they detect prostate cancer, as I say I would do on myself, because doctors have to watch out for lawsuits... and I can see their point, since this is the prevailing opinion. If they don't get sued by the person who got cancer, they might get sued by his heirs, even if he gave good medical advice.

It makes much more sense for me to worry about growing old and try to do something about it by taking growth hormone since I know I can actually do something to slow down the aging process, and take a P.S.A. test to eliminate 40% of the worry that I might have cancer, than to not take growth hormone and accept that I will grow older normally because of a fear of: what if perhaps-I- might-maybe have a cancerous cell that I don't know about? - Ellis

do you know anything about a 24hr IGF-1 Urine Test?

No. I think IGF-1 testing is superfluous anyways, there is almost no good reason to determine it, and it is not very accurate if you take a blood test, and I would think even less accurate if you take a urine test. And in any case, you can only compare the results of a urine test with results of other urine tests. How will you know what the result means, if most people are not testing IGF-1 with urine, or saliva?

See this page, so you understand more about how to interpret IGF-1 tests:

http://www.rajeun.net/cranton.html Dr. Cranton: Interpretation of IGF-1 tests

If I have diabetes, can I take growth hormone?

If you have diabetes, treat your diabetes by keeping your glucose levels low, by hook or by crook... by "hook or by crook" I mean by strict low carb diet, plus metformin, or insulin if applicable... do whatever it takes to keep your glucose levels low, 24 hours a day... If you do that, you can take growth hormone and live to a ripe old age... and if you don't do this, you are going to die sooner than you should have, from diabetes or a disease worsened by diabetes, whether you take growth hormone or not.

My father had diabetes for more than 40 years, but he kept his glucose levels more or less controlled with insulin...he measured his glucose levels twice a day for nearly 30 years, and adjusted as indicated to him by his doctor... he died at age 94, not from diabetes, according to the doctors. (He died of a stroke which is a diabetes related cause, according to me.)

Just remember this: Diabetes does not Kill.... High Glucose Levels is what kills... it is like they say, falling from a great height does not kill... it is the sudden stop at the end that kills. It is a perfect analogy. If you can avoid the actual cause of death, high glucose, you will not die from the fact that your body does not produce insulin. If you keep your glucose levels low through proper diet and exercise and injectible insulin or metformin as necessary, then you won't need for your pancreas to produce a lot of insulin to keep your glucose levels low.

Jenny wrote: One thing that I do notice that I am hoping will go away as my body adjusts is that I am bloated (retaining water). I am generally slim (5 feet tall ) and my weight varies between 98 and 102) but since I have started the HGH my weight has gone up to 105 and I am "bloated" in the hip area.. nowhere else just the hips and thighs.. Do you have any insight on this ?

Yes... you are retaining water... but... retaining more water is a GOOD THING, not a bad thing, because water is good for your body... you dry out with age... this will lessen or go away or blend in well with your new body in about 2 months... don't think aobut it, it is o.k. and it will become less noticeable as your body adjusts to growth hormone and builds a bigger circulatory system.

(One week later...)

I wanted to share something with you since you are "in the business"... I was reading a book on nutrition and genetics... and one of thing this doctor talked about was this.. if our bodies are lacking the proper oils (omegas 3, 6, 9) then we will bloat when we start to balance our hormone systems, when we eat starches, etc. and without the proper oils or minerals we can not absorb all the nutrients we need.

I found that interesting.. so I added 3 capsules of fish oil every day about a week ago. And guess what.. the bloating has stopped!

Now it may be coincidence -- but I wanted to share that with you and now I am thinking about increasing the dose. That may help some of your patients who are in the same "category" as I am.

Thanks, that is really very interesting... I'll recommend this to everybody, but especially to a few people who start to take HGH and report that feel "bloated" ie, they retain a lot of water...

Just injected the Vitamin B-12. Boy, that needle is big! How far is it suppose to go into the muscle?

1.5" deep... Once you are through the top layer of skin there are no more nerves, and it really doesn't hurt at all if you keep on pushing it in all the way...

I was a bit freaked (shoved it into my thigh...slowly) that I might hit bone or something so I plunged it half way straight in. Was that enough?

NO, I don't think it was enough... but it might have been enough... I don't know... You certainly won't hit bone! Ha! Anyways... inject into the RIGHT leg, or right backside (upper outer quarter), because there is a BIG NERVE called the sciatic nerve that runs down the LEFT LEG...

It is very curious, why this nerve only goes down the left leg and not the right leg, also... Most things in our body are symmetrical, but this big thick nerve only runs down our left leg. I will try to Ask The Boss why he left it out of the right leg... (If I get an answer, I will let you know...) In the meantime, only inject 1.5" needles into the upper-outer-quarter of your right rump!

So does this mean that somebody who has a left leg amputated suffers more than somebody who has a right leg amputated? Yes sir, it surely does mean that. The sciatic nerve only runs down the left leg. It is a huge bundle of nerves, as thick as a rope, and it goes from the spinal column, through the rump, not so far deep from the surface, and then down the left leg. Open up an anatomy book and look it up. It is really very strange that we only have ONE sciatic nerve, but that is how we are built.

How often should I take Vitamin B-12 injections?

It is extremely good for your health, so take it as many times as you want to... every day, or every week... I would take it often myself, but I am CHICKEN... I really hate to inject vitamin B, but I do sometimes, because I know it is good for me. I get my vitamin B from my vitamin supplements every day, and I pray that it is being absorbed (it probably is... at my young age... (39... and a half... I'll be 39 and three quarters, end of next year...) )

It is very cheap, too. The box costs about $15, with 5 shots...

What's the deal with mL and cc for the markings on the syringes? It can get kinda confusing.

1 c.c. is one cubic centimeter...
1 c.c. of water is one gram, by definition
1000 cubic centimeters of water is one kilogram, and also 1000 c.c. is one liter, by definition
1000 grams is one kilogram, by definition...

1 c.c. is therefore 1/1000 kilogram, or 1/1000 liter.

1 ml is one mililiter, or 1/1000 kilogram, or 1/1000 liter


1 c.c. of WATER IS 1 ml of WATER... so they are the same, if they are both measuring water.

How often am I supposed to take the insulin?

(This discussion is meant for somebody who is a candidate to take insulin, ie, his glucose levels go up above 120 when he drinks a large glass of orange juice.)

Every time you want to get your glucose levels DOWN from where they are, or every time you know your glucose levels are going to go UP... so... I take it before EVERY meal... that is at least three times per day, every day... and I take it AFTER any meal, if my glucose level is 100 or more.

Here is what I do... this might be different for you, because my pancreas is shot in a different manner than your pancreas, so you will have to figure out what is your correct dose, but take this as an example:

I take 3 iu before EVERY meal... always...

I check my glucose levels about 30 minutes or 60 minutes AFTER the meal... or if I know that I ate a big meal, I don't check I just inject, but this is because I already have checked glucose hundreds of times AFTER other meals, so I already KNOW or can predict with reasonable certainty that certain meals will put my glucose above 110...

If my glucose is about 90, I don't inject any more insulin.

If my glucose is about 100, I inject 1 iu AND I eat a little bite of something: protein or fruit... this bite is only "insurance"... nothing would probably happen at this point, since I ate only a while ago. The point is, however, I ALWAYS have a bite to eat right after I inject insulin.

If my glucose is about 110 or higher, I inject 2 iu AND I eat a little bite of something, protein or fruit.

You might think that 1 iu is so little, and 100 is so close to 90, that it is ridiculous and not worth injecting and going crazy about it... I almost agree, too... except... it is so EASY to do it... so CHEAP... and IT DOESN'T HURT at all (remember, I'm the one who is "CHICKEN" of injecting Vitamin B...) that knowing that I am extending my health if I do it, it is more ridiculous NOT to do it if I can do it, because I know that what I am doing is good for my health in the long run... I might live an extra year healthy, when I am 110, to 111... that's not so bad... But I have to start doing it NOW, not when I am 109 years old! I practice what I preach, I really do inject 1 iu of insulin whenever I detect glucose is 100 mg/dl after eating, or in the early morning before breakfast. GET IT DOWN! COME DOWN, BABY! It is so easy to do, why not do it? So I do...

ANYTIME that I measure my glucose, if it is 100 or above, I want to bring it down to 90 or below, and I do.

Do I take insulin before, or after, and how many days per week?

Take it before each meal... I take 3 iu... and take it after every meal if you test and find that it is 100 or more. Do this every day, as long as you want your glucose levels to be between 70 and 90. (if my glucose tests out in the 70's I eat something protein or fruit, just as a precaution.)

If you ever feel dizzy, or your hands sweat and your forehead sweats, and you know you haven't just finished running a marathon so there is no reason why you feel faint, then check your glucose levels right away. In two or three years, I have only had glucose levels below 70 once or twice, and that was because I didn't eat after injecting glucose... so I learned my lesson... NOW I ALWAYS EAT SOMETHING... even a bite of bread, or a normal Coca Cola (ie, not Diet Coke) is enough to put glucose levels UP a bit.

If you want more general guidance, you should consult with your doctor, or you can consult with me by telephone... but remember, even if I think I know what I am doing, I am not a doctor. You should not rely on my opinions as the final answer. Use me as a good starting point to continue seeking answers.

What is a good dose and frequency for somebody who is HIV+ to stay well?

It depends on the overall health condition of the person. If the person has lipodistrophy, facial wasting, Aids wasting syndrome, low CD4 count (below 200), or a high viral load (above 100,000) then I recommend a full 18 iu HGH per day for 12 weeks, after which the dose can probably be lower, perhaps 3 iu per day.

If the person is relatively healthy, then 3 iu HGH per day is probably enough.

What other hormones will benefit a person who is HIV+ and in what dose?

If a male has a testosterone level below 400-500 mcg/dl then I recommend AndroGel (testosterone gel 1%) 3-7 times per week, or a good testosterone by injection. He should also take 1 pill of Arimidex per week to block testosterone from converting to estrogen, which would otherwise cause side effects such as falling hair, prostate problems, acne, or gynecomastia (breasts grow).

Of course he should take a good vitamin-mineral supplement and as many good antioxidants as possible, such as Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, ect.

I also stress the importance of regular exercise to increase total muscle mass and the synergy of the total program.

What I wrote above is for males. There is not enough experience with regard to females, but the general principles are the same, except that estrogen seems to block the effect of growth hormone in women... so... to get the most benefit for the cost, I would advise a minimum of 1/2 iu on the high estrogen days of her cycle, and all the rest of her monthly allotment divided into the remaining high progesterone days of her cycle. But... most doctors just prescribe a level dose. I am not a doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt: tell it to your doctor, and if he approves it, do it, otherwise do as he says.

How much younger can you make us?

Ah! You just hit a button. I'm really glad to know you are interested in growing younger. I don't know your age, so I don't know how much younger I can make you... But the goal isn't only: growing younger... it is also: not growing older.

I can help you to understand and then stop and reverse the aging process, but it isn't as easy as jumping into the Fountain of Youth... You will have to study what is the aging process, and you will have to work at preventing and slowing down each sign of aging as much as possible. You will have to do what has to be done, and take what has to be taken... otherwise, it won't work.

If you do what I do, I am 100% certain that you can get very good results. But almost nobody does everything I do, because I am the Bionic Man... I am the example that thousands of other people follow, and my program is what hundreds of doctors around the world have copied. I tell everybody everything I do, how I do it, and why I do it... but most people only read what I do, they don't do what I do, so they don't get the results that I get.

Nothing that I do is risky or dangerous, on the contrary, I am extremely cautious. But I am way ahead of doctors, and I do many things that doctors think are not necessary, or even dangerous, like using insulin and EPO.

I tell you what I do, and why I do it, then you decide if you want to do it. I do not sell insulin, because it is like a gun... if you know how to use it, it is very safe... if you don't know how to use it, it can be dangerous. It is very easy to learn how to use it, but I don't want to be blamed for anybody else's foolishness.

So... I will teach you what to do, if you want to learn, and you can join my forum and ask questions, etc. there, so everybody learns together. To start... read all of these pages then get back to me... this is about 10 or more pages written by me, and about 10 pages written by others. My pages tend to be long, because I don't like to break them up into small sections... so my 10 pages might take you more than a day to read and study, but they are amazing and you will learn a tremendous amount from them.

And... of course I hope that if you buy human growth hormone or EPO or other good medicines you will buy them through me, but this is not a requirement, just a hope, ie, I help you and I hope that you will help me to continue to stay alive, because this is how I earn a living.

So start by reading these pages:

The Essential Ellis Toussier

I know it isn't a very modest title for a page, but I have about 100 very interesting pages... These are the best to read first, so you will be well grounded when you read the others... and if you don't get around to reading all of my pages, these are the pages that I think are my best and most essential pages. - Ellis


About Me: My name is Ellis Toussier Bigio. I am "The Amazing Dirty Old Man WHO DOES NOT GROW OLDER..." with emphasis on "who does not grow older" because that is what is most important. In August, 2008, I will be years old and I think I look and feel as if I am about 45... I honestly think I might be the healthiest, sexiest, and youngest 74 year old man in history, because nobody before me has ever done what I have been doing since I was 20 to stay young and healthy... and sexy. The fantastic hormones which I am now using and many of the anti-aging therapies that are so good for my health simply did not exist before 1985.

I live in Mexico City, where I am free to buy and sell and teach others around the world to use legal and good hormones, under the supervision of good doctors. I am not a doctor, but many doctors think I know my topic so well that they pay me to consult with me... Some doctors call me "colleague"... and other doctors call me "The Madman in Mexico..." (I prefer "The Madman in Mexico" because people accept that a madman might think differently than they do...) NOTE: I only use and sell LEGAL medicines. Everything I sell is registered with the F.D.A., or Salubridad in Mexico.

I like to think of myself as "the King of Growth Hormone," "the Father of EPO to prevent senility and age related loss of muscle and mobility" and... "the Father and the Mother of using Insulin for non-diabetics to prevent diabetes and aging."

I hope you will think I am "The King" and not "The Madman in Mexico"... but if you do, that is fine with me... He that laughs last, laughs best, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will have the last laugh.

Do You Hate Wrinkles?

Do you Hate to see YOUR FACE and YOUR BODY "Grow Old Gracefully"?

Wouldn't You Prefer to watch your face "Stay Young Gracefully"... or even "Grow Younger Gracefully" ?

THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION. Join the Revolt of the Senior Citizens.

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March 25, 2006

Dear Ellis,

"I want to express my feeling of deepest gratitude to you for teaching me about the significance of EPO. I learned about EPO first from you. Initially I did not pay much attention to it.

What happened to me about two years ago when I was 88, was sudden mysterious anemia (hematocrit 35-38%). My doctor did not worry about my anemia... He said it is mild and stable, there is nothing to worry about... but I felt terribly weak... I felt like I was dying.

Reading what you have written about EPO on Rejuvenation, I asked another doctor to write a prescription for EPO. The results are beyond description. A Miracle! Now I feel stronger... much stronger than I was 10 or more years ago. Now I think better than before, and I publish better books and papers than before.

I wish to express again my deepest feelings of gratitude towards you. I feel you saved my life and restored my high working and creative capacity.

With kindest regards,

Sebastian Shaumyan
Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"You might remember me. I am the 66 year old Phoenix firefighter that has the hyperbaric chamber that I use for mountain bike racing. I also let ill people use my chamber ( for $5.00 which is the actual cost to operate a high pressure oxygen chamber for an hour) that can't afford to go to a hyperbaric oxygen center. I myself have done over 400 dives in the 3+ yrs that I have had the chamber. I owe it to you Ellis to explain what I know because I learned almost everything I now know (including the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen) and about staying healthy from years of following your advice on Rejuvenation."

- Frank Lively
Phoenix, Arizona

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"I've been a student of health and longevity for all my adult life. I used to own a health/herb store and used to teach herbal healing. I'm fairly knowledgeable about both natural healing and some areas in the fields of medical science, having worked as a biomedical engineer for over 12 years.

I've been a member of Rejuvenation for several years, using many of your suggestions like monitoring blood glucose and using HGH, among other things, both of which have made a big difference for me.."

- Scott Brown
Northern California

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