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HGH and Psoriasis


After a month of rHGH my gums which have been receding from coffee and tea drinking have started to grow back. This is such a wonderful experience watching the little problems that have gotten worse each year start to reverse and dissolve.

The nails which were receding (it is psoriasis) are growing back. Psoriasis comes and goes but I have not seen my hands looking this good in years. I did not start taking the rHGH for this problem, and really had no expectations that it would help. I find myself rubbing my fingertips in awe and amazement.

Psoriasis is an autoimune condition characterized by thickening of the skin at the finger tips, elbows, ends of toes. The thickening is followed by drying and cracking with the cracks bleeding and refusing to heal or healing very slowly. Dead skin accumulates under the nails and the nail recedes. The skin becomes very prone to tearing, it is very painful becoming almost impossible to manipulate objects or even tie one's shoes.

Psoriasis is hereditary and indeed my younger brothers suffer. My first symptoms were in my late teens but it did not become a problem until my mid twenties and has progressively gotten worse until a few weeks ago when I started rHGH. The condition becomes worse in the cold and dryness of winter. I used to get relief when winter turned to spring but in the last few years that has only helped some.

Treatment varied... usually an imunosupressent of some sort. Some doctors gave steroid creams which made the condition worse (in fact the PDR says that steroids are contraindicated for this condition) and each treatment worked for a while - aldar, an imuno-modulator, worked best for about three months - then stopped having an effect. My dermatologist is very good. She encouraged me to try the aldar, which is not specifically for psoriasis. I'll talk to her soon about the rHGH. I get really mad at some doctors but they often have an impossible task. Of course some are just not too swift, like the ones that prescribe steroid creams for psoriasis.

You said I would love you after a few weeks on your rHGH, and I do. Anytime you are in East Tennessee you've got a friend here. I am afraid I am boring my friends and loved ones with stories of this or that pain or problem shrinking or disappearing.

I am 5 foot ten inches, 205 lb., and am 46 years old. My Igf-1 levels taken just weeks before the rHGH was 110 ng/dL. I have been taking injectable growth hormone which you helped me to obtain. My dose started low and now is a standard physiological dose. I am questioning the use of taking one day in seven off for the rHGH injection and may try not skipping a dose.

I also take an amino stack at night and first thing in the morning, three weeks out of four, one gram of APLG and one gram of L-lysine. The amino stack preceded the rHGH and it was only with the addition of rHGH that I began to notice definite physical changes. The aminos did improve my mood but the difference with rHGH is night vs. day. My mood and progress seem to accelerate when I am doing the amino stack along with the rHGH. Perhaps there is a synergy taking place. It is my intention to maintain this practice until my next IGF-1 test, which is on order. With the new results I will reevaluate my dosage.

So far my skin is tighter and thicker. Itís definitely harder to push the syringe in, when I started it was like piercing Jell-O. Sleep is sounder with deep sleep lasting seemingly all night. My mood is wonderful, my appetite has increased considerably, but I'm certain I'm watching fat melt away. Either I've put on muscle or lost fat or both as the definition in my forearms biceps and triceps not to mention abdomen is far more readily apparent than when I began the injections.

My right shoulder which was sprained last fall has now quit hurting. My hands which would go numb during sleep, even during the day sometimes, no longer are even cramped. My fingertips which have dried, cracked and bled painfully for years (decades) are a nice plump healthy moist pink.

I cut a thumb on something sharp yesterday and it healed overnight. This is something that would have taken months to heal before injectible growth hormone (rHGH).

If the rHGH continues to work on my skin, that in itself will be worth the price of admission. You have no idea - fortunately - how debilitating it is to be unable to use one's finger tips without intense pain.

My condition has been nowhere near as bad as many folks - of course I've been on a mega vitamin regime for a decade - so I shudder to think about what a really bad case would be like. As psoriasis goes mine has been very mild, limited mostly to the finger tips, (some on the elbows and tips of toes). If you do a web search you will find that it is truly heartbreaking what some folks suffer. I hope my testimonial can help some of the folks who also suffer from this condition, especially those who have severe cases.

The only downside is that I seem to need a lot of sleep and this is not really a downside as in my opinion this is healing time that I'm catching up on.

The next IGF-1 test is on order and of course I'll let you know the results. But I feel great and can see the changes. Another few weeks of this and I'll be weight lifting and even running again. And yes my wife has definitely noticed some things too.

I know that this seems like a lot of progress in a short time but I tend to be very observant. My notes and measurements are for both my own benefit and of course to help others. As a trained scientist I like to think that these notes are a bit above the level of anecdotal evidence. Indeed, I insist on it. Some of the effects do not even require any great powers of observation. Some have been noticed by others. For example my wife says that the whites of my eyes have become whiter, and brighter. She has also noticed the increased muscle definition. And everyone suffers from my jubilant mood. I hope and am confident that I will be able to report on even further progress in the near future. In fact I should note that I even got winked at by an eighteen year old beauty this morning. Its been more than a while since that has happened :-}

This is a great service you do, Ellis. I hope to bring you more customers from my friends and loved ones.

John, June 1, 2002

[Note: This testimonial was sent to me by "John", age 46, who has suffered from psoriasia for most of his adult life. I feel very fortunate to have been able to help him obtain growth hormone in early May of 2002. - Ellis, June 1, 2002 ]


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