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"Gandalf taught Professor Dumbledorf...
Professor Dumbledorf taught Harry Potter...
Harry Potter taught Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw...
and Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (in person) taught ME...


1. Don't Get Sick... 2. Don't Get Old... 3. Don't Die... " - Ellis Toussier


On This Page: 8 Anti-Aging Therapies
That Will Help YOU To Turn Back the Clock 10 years, Or More...

Do You Hate Wrinkles?

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... How I Wonder Where You WENT!" - Ellis Toussier

Do You Hate To See Your Face "Grow Old Gracefully"...?
Wouldn't You Prefer to "Stay Young Gracefully"... or Even "Grow Younger Gracefully"...?

Join me. You have come to the right place to LEARN how to STAY YOUNG.

More than 90% of people over 65 years of age have at least one chronic disease, while 75% have at least two (5)

Rejuvenation: My 8 Point Anti-Aging Program (With injectable HGH) that Really Works !

"Considering that there has only been one person in modern history who is known to have lived to age 122, perhaps it is too bold to say I think we all might have a chance to also live to age 120.... it is bold enough to say I really think we have a very good chance to live to age 100...

But I want to try to reach age 110 or more, so that at age 100 I will still be very healthy in body and mind. I don't want to "grow old gracefully." I want to "stay young gracefully" until the age of 110, or more, so that I will still be very healthy at age 100.

I don't want to be a healthy old man someday... I want to be healthy young man until the day I die... of diabetes... (And I'm trying to never get diabetes!)" - Ellis Toussier, (date of birth: August, 1945)

"if anti-aging medicine is a language, I think I know the alphabet... I don't know all the words, but I study and try to read a few words:

"diabetes" "low carb diet" "fasting" "intermittent fasting" "ketose diet" "calorie restriction" "glucose meter" "blood sugar" "exercise" "vitamins and minerals" "EDTA chelation" "fasting" "parasites" "growth hormone" "erithropoyetin" "insulin" "testosterone" "hyperbaric oxygen" "telomeres" "telomerase" "CRISPR-cas 9" "senescent cells" "senolytic drugs" "quercetin" "tyrosine kinase inhibitor" ""blood sugar" "diabetes" "hypo-glycemia" "inflamation" "stress" "blood pressure" "low carb diet" "exercise" "Botox" "Thermage" "Fraxel" "c. elegans" "stem cells" "genetic engineering" "cell therapy"

I have learned new words from books, doctors, patients, Nobel Prize winners, athletes, the internet... anywhere and anybody who can teach me new ideas... I even learn new ideas from doctors who are opposed to anti-aging therapies because they say it is impossible. (I pity them...) and I learn A LOT from my own, personal, experiments on myself." - Ellis Toussier, Jan. 2011

"When I was 20 years old, I thought that age 30 was "old" and I thought age 74 was positively "ancient."

Then when I was 30 years old, I thought age 30 is still pretty young, but age 74 would still be positively "ancient," (if I ever got to age 74. Many of my classmates died before age 74. Some from automobile accidents, others from cancer, heart attack, and other diseases.)

I have been very fortunate to have survived several serious car accidents, two frightening earthquakes, one very serious ameba abscess in the liver, 3 malignant melanomas (in stage 1A and 1B)... And here I am now in ultra-good health, age 74, in August 2019."

At age 52, I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought to myself "oh, no! I look OLD! I've got to do something about it!" And so I began my search for how to stop or slow down or reverse the aging process.

People have been looking for the Fountain of Youth ever since Cleopatra and Ponce de Leon and others. But none of them before me found it.

I found it. The Fountain of Youth is not just one thing. It is injectable growth hormone, plus the rest of my anti-aging program. (1. Eat well 2. Exercise 3. Vitamins and minerals 4. take care of skin 5. get rid of parasites 6. get rid of toxic metals 7. growth hormone and other hormones 8. take care of the brain and nervous system)

And now that I am age 74, I think that age 74 is just a little bit older than age 30.... but not much older !" - Ellis Toussier


The three basic rules of anti-aging medicine are:

Don't get sick... Don't get old... Don't die...

Don't get sick: it is easier to prevent damage than to repair damage... The longer we are healthy, the better are our chances to stay healthy for even longer. Try to stay out of hospitals. Don't ever be hospitalized if you can avoid it.

Don't get old: The technology to reverse aging at the cellular level exists, but it won't happen to you unless you apply the technology to your body. You can't read about what I and others are doing to reverse the signs of aging and expect that the same will happen to you automatically. You must apply these therapies to your body. The most important anti-aging therapy of all is EAT CORRECTLY SO THAT YOU WILL NOT RAISE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. And the next most important anti-aging therapy is DO EXERCISE. Everybody should be doing at least these two steps of my anti-aging program.

We already know that if you eat well and you do some exercise, you have a very good chance to get to age 90 in pretty good shape. But if you would like to get past age 100, you really must do the other 6 therapies that are a part of my program, especially a well balanced hormone replacement program. This is not so easy to get in some countries, but you can get it if you insist. (write to me if you can't... etoussier@protonmail.com

Don't die: You won't make it to age 110 if you die at age 75... And you will make it to age 110 if you make it to age 150... I am not sure that I will live to age 150... statistics say I won't... but to get to age 120 wellwe must get to age 130, so I sure am going to try to live that long. The new science of telomeres and telomerase makes it theoretically possible to live much longer than I ever dreamed possible in 1998 when I wrote my 8 point program.

So... set your goal high. Stay with me. We can make it together. Try to stay alive. Drive safely. Buckle your seat belt. Do your best not to die in a car accident... and don't get killed crossing the street.

This is my personal 8 point program to try to live long, healthy and young... or at least to try to slow down the aging process as much as possible. My goal is to live a long life, with a healthy body and a sound mind. I would be very happy if I reach age 80 in excellent health. I will be even more happy if I can reach age 100 in a 40-year-old body... or even a 50-year-old body... and I really do think I can do it if I apply what is already known to prevent "normal" or "rapid" aging.

It has become increasingly apparent that the processes of aging and chronic degeneration are not the result of a single cause but of a complex of interacting factors, of which bad nutrition which causes high blood glucose and a drop in several hormones are the most important.

My 8 point anti-aging program, which is free for you to study and learn from, is based on the science of risk management applied to anti-aging and preventive medicine. My body is subject to many risks. I can study what has happened to others as they grew older, and I already know what I should expect would happen to my body if I do nothing.

I want to find out what will happen to my body if I do something different than anybody else has done in history, before me. So far, I am very happy with the results that prove that we can really slow down or even reverse many signs of aging (such as wrinkles and thinning skin, osteoporosis, age related loss of muscle, loss of energy, loss of sexual ability, loss of immunity, obesity, etc.)

My program focuses on good nutrition, exercise, strict control of blood glucose, and balancing ALL the hormones that RISE or FALL with age to healthy youthful levels. Growth hormone is perhaps the most dramatic of these hormones, but insulin, testosterone, and erithropoyetin (EPO), and thyroid are all equally important.

I take special care to keep blood glucose controlled with insulin, because high blood glucose damages red blood cells. And I raise my red blood cells to a healthy level with Erithropoyetin (EPO) because red blood cells carry oxygen, and oxygen is needed by every cell in our body, or else it dies.

Many doctors think that it is not necessary or even crazy that I should use insulin, since I am not a diabetic... And many doctors think it is not necessary or even crazy that I should use EPO to raise red blood cells.

But most doctors do not use insulin or EPO themselves, so they know less than I do about using insulin and EPO. There is no better way to control blood glucose than to check blood glucose levels and adjust as necessary with the exact dose of insulin. And there is no better way to raise red blood cells, which I expect will prevent loss of neurons and senility, than by injecting EPO which is the hormone that the body produces to raise red blood cells. It is false that these hormones are very dangerous. If they are used correctly, they have no side effects at all... on the contrary, not using these hormones is more dangerous than using them correctly.

I think that my comprehensive program places me in the lowest possible risk category for disease, particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and senility... thereby extending my health and (perhaps) my life span.

In any case, this is MY Anti-Aging Program. I live in Mexico City, and everything I do is absolutely legal. I buy all the medicines that I need legally, and from legitimate sources.

I think that my program is very good for me, but I am not a doctor. I warn you to read what I write with a healthy amount of skepticism, and please consult a doctor near you before you try to do what I do. I tell you WHAT I DO, I tell you WHY I DO IT... I tell you HOW I DO IT... And I tell you WHAT ARE MY RESULTS... But I NEVER TELL YOU TO DO IT. That is something that you must decide on your own, or with your doctor.

There are many people that think scientists have already found the way to allow us to reach age 100 in very good health. It is a substance known as human growth hormone, (a.k.a. "HGH" "GH" "rHGH") But I believe that even though growth hormone is extremely important in any anti-aging program and in any attempt to rejuvenate, or to slow down or reverse aging, it is only one of many hormones and therapies that I must take in order to try to reach age 80 in excellent health.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that, barring an accident or a nuclear war, I think I will reach age 100 someday... but... I want to point out that it doesn't matter if I reach age 100 or not. The really important thing is that I have taken steps to try to live that long. This led me to search the internet for anti-aging therapies, which became this program.

In all, I have elected to do 8 things, all of which I think are based on good common sense and science. Nothing I do is experimental or dangerous. I take no dangerous or mind distorting drugs, and each therapy has a proven health benefit. The sum of the eight points has already resulted in noticeably better health and appearance and lots more energy for me. I invite you to think about what I am doing, and perhaps do the same for yourself.

My program consists of the usual good nutrition, vitamins, and exercise; but also of some more uncommon methods, such as EDTA Chelation Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen to repair small damage that probably occurs over time, and certain medicines to prevent the "natural" loss of brain neurons that occurs with ageing.

If you want to learn from my program, you should read the whole document and then follow the links that interest you.

You are welcome to do everything I do in my program, or to adapt it to your needs.

I write this report in August, 1998, to inform my friends around the world of what I am doing, how I am doing it, and why I am doing it. I don't want to convince you that I am right. I don't want to convince you to follow my example, or to copy my dosages. My doses were set by me and my doctor according to my body's needs, and my needs are different from yours. Only you can decide your own body's needs, together with your doctor.

Everything I am doing has already been done by thousands of persons before me, so I don't pretend to say that any of this is original. But I found it in bits and pieces spread out around the internet, and here I put it all together for you. I admit that I stole most of these ideas from The Life Extension Foundation, Dr. Elmer Cranton, Dr. James Hughes, Dr. Ronald Klatz, Dr. Ward Dean, Dr. Nacho in Mexico City, Dr. David Rutolo, Dr. Karlis Ullis, Dr. Julio Garcia, Dr. Allyn Brizell, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, International Antiaging-Systems, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, James South, Gordon Swobe, Randy Ice, and many others to whom I feel highly indebted... I promise I will try to repay all of them in the year 2045, when I intend to throw a big party in their collective honor to celebrate my 100th birthday!

I am a male, in good health, and living in Mexico City. The oldest I have ever been was almost 53 years old. At that point I decided I'd better start growing younger quickly, or else I would be an old man soon!

I'm 6 feet tall (1.80 mts) and I weigh about 165 lbs. (75 Kgs.)

update Feb. '99: I now weigh about 154 lbs. (70 Kgs.)... and I have gained muscle mass!

update Dec. '99: I now weigh 78 kilos. (about 172 lbs.) I decided to go UP in weight. Some is fat around the belly, again, but I will get rid of the fat when I reach my desired weight. Read about the changes in my program under point 1, good nutrition, and point 7, hormone replacement therapy.)

update May '01: I now weigh 85 kilos!!! (about 187 lbs.) I am 55 years old but I think I look a bit younger than my age.

update July '07: I will be 62 years old in less than a month. I weigh 78 kilos again. I'm not sure if I ever weighed 85 kilos as it says above, or if that was a mistake? I think I look as healthy and even younger than I did when I wrote this program in June, 1998. Since I wrote the update in May '01 I have learned to use two new and fantastic hormones (INSULIN and EPO) and I have taken Botox, Fraxell, Thermage, and recently I had an EYEBROWS TRANSPLANT... I have NOT had any plastic surgery per se, but I do not rule out that I could have it done in the future, if I think I look old...

update Sept '08: Now I am 63 years old. I still weigh 78 kilos. I look better than I did in June, 1998, now more than ten years ago. I have injected growth hormone every single day for more than 10 years (except for one month when I stopped on purpose...) which makes me one of the persons who has used growth hormone the most in history... I have also tested my blood glucose levels more than 14,000 times in 7 years... and I have artificially lowered my blood glucose levels about 30 mg/dl for more than 60,000 hours. DOCTORS say I am crazy because I am not a diabetic and I use insulin to lower my blood glucose... but they grow older, and I stay young. So who is crazy?

update Dec 2017: I am now 72 years "old". I weigh 81 kilos. I look a bit older than I did in Sept '08, but I look much younger than many men age 60. I have injected growth hormone almost every single day for the past 19 years, and I have had more than 80 sessions (one hour, 1.7 atm, 100% oxygen) of Hyperbaric Oxygen since 1998!

That means I'm thin. I haven't always been thin, but I have never been excessively fat. The most I ever weighed before I started this program was about 180 lbs, but when I saw my belly growing large I quickly learned how to eat more foods that are good for my health, and reduce the high fat foods that make me gain fat... forever.

The result is that I now weigh 185 pounds, but I am not fatter, I am much stronger than before. You will see that I went DOWN in weight, mostly fat, and then slowly I have gone UP in weight, mostly muscle.

I have removed photos of me so that this page will download faster...

Please click here to see before and after pictures of me.

1. Good Nutrition... Under-nutrition without malnutrition... The key rule for Anti-Aging comes from hundreds of experiments that show that calorie restriction without giving up the nutrients will result in a longer and healthier life for laboratory animals. Dr. Roy Walford summed it up as follows:

"Fewer calories is always better than more calories, for the same amount of nutrients."

Unfortunately, Dr. Walford did not make a distinction between calories that come from carbohydrates and calories that come from protein. Protein calories are better than carbohydrate calories because they do not cause as great an increase in blood glucose levels.

In short, I try to eat low carbohydrate, low fat, and high protein. About one half of my plate is chicken or fish or lean beef, eggs, turkey-ham, milk, yogurt, and/or low-fat cheese; and the other half of my plate is vegetables. Sometimes I eat a few nuts, a teaspoon of peanut butter, or a small portion of beans, and small portions of fruits. The best dessert is no-sugar gelatin with no-sugar fruit flavors, perhaps with non-fat milk.

Total calories in my plan is about 1300 to 1800 per day, total protein is about 150 to 200 grams per day. Calorie restriction conforms to Dr. Walford's idea that this is the single best proven anti-aging therapy. It is better than Dr. Walford's recommended diet, however, because according to me Dr. Walford was mistaken to recommend high carb low fat foods, because they raise blood glucose too much.

I have added another requirement to Dr. Walford's low-calorie nutrient rich foods. This is:

"Fewer calories is always better than more calories, for the same amount of nutrients...

The foods we choose must be low calorie, but they must also be low in Carbohydrate content so as not to greatly increase blood glucose levels."

I recommend the correct low calorie nutrient rich foods, for non-diabetics. These are basically: foods of animal origin (beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk products); any vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, egg plant, etc.); and small portions of any fruits (berries, citrus fruits, watermelon, melon, apples, grapes, mangoes, cactus fruit, etc.) and very small portions of nuts and beans.

(NOTE: For diabetics, I recommend you can follow my general recommendations and improve results by eliminating starchy fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, dates, bananas... The dryer it is, gram for gram, the more it will raise glucose levels.)

I am convinced that if I follow this plan of nutrition in the long run I will postpone or prevent forever that I should ever get diabetes. I am also convinced that it is the right diet for diabetics because it will help keep glucose levels under control, and it will prevent high and low swings in glucose levels.

For a much longer and detailed discussion of my diet and my ideas about diet, please see these pages:

I write in great detail about my chosen diet in

The Anti-Aging Diet

I analyze carbohydrates in

The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer.

I show graphs of typical glucose levels in

Typical Glucose Tolerance Tests

I interpret glucose levels in

The Glucose Theory of Aging, and, The Correct Interpretation of Glucose Tests

Avoiding heart disease and possibly some types of cancer and avoiding diabetes in the long run means eating less fat food, and less sugar and less carbohydrates at the wrong time. Most of the fat in food comes from pork and beef, butter, cheese, whole milk, and meat fats. The worst offending meat is pork, followed by beef. Fish, chicken, and lean beef are good sources of protein, and contain some fat. Other excellent sources of protein are Non-fat milk, Non-fat yoghurt, egg-whites, tuna packed in water. There is only ONE perfect dessert, and that is sugar-free gelatin, with non-fat milk. Evaporated non-fat milk gives you twice the protein in half the volume, because water has been removed.

As a general principle, good protein without fat is PERFECT, but there aren't many foods like that, and most of them don't pass the flavor test. Some fat and a lot of good protein is acceptable. It is very healthy to eat a few hard or soft boiled eggs per week, low fat yogurt, lean meat. Be more afraid of carbohydrates and excess fat than of cholesterol in the food. Even though eggs have cholesterol, that is not the cholesterol that shows up in blood tests, the cholesterol that you should be worried about is the cholesterol that your own liver produces to move fat.

Fat alone, or fat and carbohydrates without protein is NOT ACCEPTABLE. So: bread and butter is out... french fried potatoes are out... fried peanuts are out... cakes and cookies are out... Do you notice that all of these are known as "junk food"? There is a good reason for that. They are junk. Don't eat too much of them.

My personal motto is "Twice as much of the good, and half as much of the bad." I do eat some "junk food" such as chocolates, cakes, cookies, french fries, but they are a very very small part of my total nutrition. The proof is in the pudding... I am slim and healthy. If you don't buy them at the supermarket, you won't eat them at home. Shop for good food. And if you must have a piece of cake, it should be as part of your meal, and not a snack between meals.

There is a good reason for that. Junk foods elevate the glucose in your blood, which elevates the insulin in your blood. I try to keep glucose low for as much of the day as possible by not stimulating it to rise with carbohydrates, except when necessary. This helps keep insulin down, it helps to keep my pancreas healthy, and it helps me to avoid insulin resistance in the long run.

Sugar is 100% carbohydrates. All carbohydrates cause an increase in blood glucose levels which stimulate a release of insulin if the pancreas is not previously burned out. Sugar is 100% carbohydrates. Cereals are about 75% carbohydrates. So who was it that said that breakfast cereals are so healthy for us? Potatoes are 25% carbohydrates... So one fourth of a potato is like eating that much pure sugar... It took me a long time to understand all this but I finally understood it when I started to measure my glucose levels after eating supposedly good foods recommended to me by the U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid. But once I understood it, I got to be in control of my diet, and not my diet in control of me.

Fiber is missing from most foods, so I try to get some extra fiber in every day. It is totally absent from meat, milk, eggs, and other animal sources of protein. Fiber helps digestion, and it reduces the risk of some diseases and cancers by helping the flow of waste through your intestine. Fiber also will trap fat and eliminate it before it enters the blood, thus reducing cholesterol, which is a principal cause of heart disease. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, and none at all in beef, milk, eggs, and other sources of good protein. So a balanced meal must include the high protein animal origin foods, but it must also include vegetables and fruits.

Fruits and vegetables are full of excellent enzymes which help digestion and probably other important metabolic functions. Enzymes, however, are destroyed with temperature above 55 degrees centigrade, which means boiled or cooked foods have lost all the benefit of enzymes. They also contain carbohydrates, so although fruits and vegetables are good for me, I try not to eat them as snacks between meals, to keep insulin down between meals. At meals, it is good to eat vegetables so it is necessary to increase insulin, and that is good, and acceptable.

For more discussion of carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables, and other foods, please see The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and fiber, and low sources of protein, and with few exceptions, zero fat. Chicken and fish are excellent sources of protein, but they contain ZERO fiber, and some fat. Cereals contain a lot of fiber. So... a well balanced daily meal plan has to include cereals, RAW fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish, non-fat milk or non-fat yoghurt, eggs.

How we eat affects how much insulin our body produces. Insulin is a double edged sword... it helps us in the short run, but it hurts us in the long run. Anti-aging nutrition means: control insulin. In general, it is important to be aware how foods affect insulin levels. Sugar and carbohydrates in our diet make insulin go UP, and protein in our diet makes insulin go DOWN. Every food affects glucose levels, but in general SUGAR and SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES are our biggest enemy.

Therefore, LEARNING HOW TO EAT means learning what is GOOD for us and what is BAD for us, and also WHEN it is good for us and WHEN it is bad for us. FAT is BAD. PROTEIN is GOOD. CARBOHYDRATES are GOOD because they give us energy, but they cause insulin to go UP, which is NOT GOOD... so carbohydrates are GOOD at meal times, and BAD as snacks. A well balanced meal might include RAW fruits and vegetables, a few nuts, perhaps a small serving of beans... for their fiber and vitamins... AND ALSO eggs, non-fat milk, chicken and fish, low-fat cheese, for their protein... but not bread, potatoes, cakes and pastries, and candy bars... and of course, I avoid granulated sugar like the plague.

I have learned to know what to avoid. FAT AND SUGAR are our big dietary enemies. I avoid french fried potatoes (fat and carbohydrate, no protein), I avoid fried chicken or fried meat or fried fish (protein, with A LOT of fat), and I choose the better version instead: broiled chicken, broiled fish, etc.

Vegetables are best eaten raw, but if you must have them cooked, they are best in the microwave or steamed without adding salt or oil or butter. If they are boiled in a large amount of water they lose all of the enzymes and most of the vitamins in the boiling water.

No fat, or very low fat, twice a day. This means absolutely no fat for breakfast, and also many times for supper, and always no fat between meals. (My usual breakfast consists of eggs, milk, slices of turkey-ham, fresh fruits, and non-fat skim milk... zero fat... lots of protein... ) Sometimes I will eat one meal that is all protein, or all protein and some fat, but no carbohydrate. This could be chicken livers, tuna, eggs. My third meal per day is low fat three times a week, and high fat four times each week.

If my breakfast is ever high fat, then it counts as one of the four high fat meals which I allow myself to have each week. I'm not a vegetarian, but I prefer fresh fruits and raw vegetables, and I prefer chicken and fish to red meats. I avoid eating fried foods, unless they are delicious and served in front of me, in which case I will enjoy another high fat meal. In terms of fat, this averages somewhere between 10% to 20% fat calories, and between 1300 to 1800 calories per day. I drink very little alcohol, and I don't smoke. I try to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water each day, whether I am thirsty or not.

December, 1999: A change in my program. I decided I have been mistaken all my life, not paying too much attention to the protein in my diet. Now I know Protein is King. I have decided to double the amount of protein that I eat every day, to about 150 grams of protein per day. This means I now seek protein. I concentrate on eating something with protein at every meal, and between meals, and I balance it with vegetables, and sometimes a little fruit. I eat more egg whites, more non-fat milk or yoghurt, more broiled chicken, and more broiled or baked fish (any way, but not fried).

2. Good Exercise - I ride bicycle and I walk long distances, and I do some low-weight high-repetition exercises.

update Feb. 9: I have noticeably gained muscle mass around my chest, arms, back and shoulders... and I have lost a lot of fat "tires" around my belly!

3. Good Vitamins and Supplements, every day - Among the most important are an optimum amount ("much more than the R.D.A.") of vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, and the recommended daily allowance of minerals. Especially important minerals are zinc and selenium.

I also take one capsule of aspirin for children, which is a mini-mini dose of aspirin. This helps me reduce my chance of a heart attack or stroke by half. Heart attack and stroke kill about half the population, so reducing the chance of premature death by 50% is a big help in my quest for El Dorado -- to live long in a young body.

4. Good Cosmetics - I take care of my skin, especially my face and my hands. Skin is the single largest organ of our body, and it is exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, wind, smoke and industrial pollutants in the air. According to the American Cancer Society, Ultra violet radiation from the sun's rays is the most important environmental factor that leads to the development of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, but it is largely preventable through the use of good skin creams and proper clothing.

The ultraviolet portion of sunlight is an invisible form of radiation that penetrates and can change the structure of skin cells. Unfortunately, the destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere has removed some of the natural protection we had from the sun's ultra violet rays and more of these destructive rays are reaching the earth, especially in the Southern Hemisphere (I live in Mexico, which is in the Northern Hemisphere) UV rays have also been associated with cataracts and other eye damage.

I tanned a lot in the sun before I learned all this, and my skin shows some damage. Fortunately, I have a Mediterranean type complexion, and my particular type of skin is not so easily damaged, but I am not foolish, and even if my skin does not burn as easily as blonds or redheads, now that I know better I protect my skin from ultra violet rays with a sun tan lotion with SPF (Sunlight Protective Factor) at least 4, which blocks out 75% of the sun's ultra violet rays. SPF 15 blocks out 93%; and SPF 30 blocks out 97% of the burning ultra violet rays. I also brimmed hats, and dark glasses, etc. to protect my skin and my eyes.

I use a very good moisturizing creams and skin blocks to keep my skin looking young. Why try to live long and try to rejuvenate if I'm going to look all wrinkled and old? If I can avoid it, I will avoid looking old for as long as I can!

I use a special dark shampoo to keep my hair its natural dark brown color. It is possible to help skin to produce more melanin, the natural pigment. I don't have that many white hairs, but I hate them, and I also don't like that my hair looks a dull faded brown, due to chlorine in the water in which I bathe.

update Feb. '99: The most noticeable benefit of all my program has been a marked improvement in my skin. The skin of my face and the back of my hands has tightened up and now looks younger, more humid. I have no crow's feet around my eyes, and many wrinkles are completely gone... My hands look like... the hands of a young boy! Update Dec. 99: My skin is still looking very good... maybe even better.

The way I feel about it, if my teeth fall out, I'll put in new teeth. If my hair turns white, I'll dye it. If I get wrinkles on my face and I don't like them, I'll get a face lift, if I feel like it. I know looking young is only superficial, but I like to look young! That's one of the reasons why I'm doing this program!

On the other hand, much of the improvement to my skin is more than just superficial... it is due to better circulation, more water, nutrients, and oxygen reaching my skin.

5. Good Parasites... dead! Parasites eat my food, and rob my body of good nutrients... Away with these unwelcome pests! Most common parasites are easy to get rid of. I take one complete treatment of "Vermox", which is very effective, inexpensive and easy to take: ONE pill, TWO times per day, for THREE days... repeat 30 days later, and repeat this every 6 months.

6. EDTA Chelation Therapy and DMSA treatment according to the protocol of Dr. Elmer Cranton. EDTA is an amino acid that is leaked into your vein in 4 hours while you are lying down on a couch... EDTA is the standard treatment to remove lead from the body when somebody has lead poisoning... It clings to all metals, and then it leads them out of your body through the kidneys and urine... It will also remove the good metals, and calcium, so after an EDTA Chelation you simply replace the good metals by drinking supplements that contain zinc, selenium, chromium, boron, magnesium, etc.

EDTA Chelation has an added benefit, besides taking toxic metals out of your body... EDTA removes metal ions (especially iron and copper) that are the catalyst for lipid peroxidation, thus it maintains cellular health by reducing harm to the cell by free radicals.

It probably also helps clean your circulatory system. Your circulatory system is really the highways of your body... Blood has to carry oxygen and nutrients to your brain and to every part of your body. You are born with a perfectly clean circulatory system, but by age 50, and depending on how much you have abused of your body with tobacco and fat foods and alcohol, if you take a cross section of your veins and arteries, it looks like a clogged sewer! EDTA Chelation is probably the only therapy that can help unclog part of this mess.

I am not sure how much it has cleaned my circulatory system, but remember that I didn't take this therapy to unclog my circulatory system... I took it because I have proof that I am filled with lead and mercury, and I want to lower my levels of these bad toxic metals. So whatever it has helped clean up my circulatory system is welcome, and an added benefit for me.
The most notable benefits of EDTA chelation after 30 treatments are said to be:

  •  inhibition of platelet aggregation (blood stickiness)
  •  improves pulmonary function
  •  prevents peripheral vascular disease and intermittent claudication
  •  prevents ischemic heart disease
  •  reduces serum cholesterol levels
  •  prevents clogging of arteries, veins and capillaries.
  •  increases blood flow to the brain
  •  normalizes blood pressure

EDTA costs about $70 per treatment, in Mexico, and probably about $100 in the U.S. You need between 20 and 30 treatments, depending on how badly you are poisoned by toxic metals, especially lead and mercury. It isn't cheap, but it is worth it to me. I am convinced it works, and I am convinced I shouldn't have lead and mercury in my brain and body.

I began the EDTA Chelation in 1998, and by November 2004 I have already taken about 35 treatments. In 2013 I had "silver" amalgams (full of mercury) which an ignorant dentist put into my mouth many years ago, removed from my teeth. (Why did dentists PUT amalgams into my mouth to begin with?) Hopefully EDTA Chelation removes lead, cadmium, mercury, and other toxic heavy metals from my brain, blood, and bones, and also lowers the level of iron in my blood. I know I must have accumulated some of these toxic metals in my lifetime.

The reason I want to remove lead and mercury and aluminum from my body is because I think this will help lower the probability of cancer, heart attack, and strokes, and I also think it will lower the probability that I will get diseases of the brain such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.

I sent a sample of hair to be analyzed in a laboratory in Chicago, to measure the levels of toxic metals present in my body. I began EDTA therapy before I received the results because it is so evident to me that I should want to remove these toxic metals from my body that I did not wait for the results to begin the treatment, under the reasonable assumption that I did have some lead and mercury in my body, even if I have never been told that I have lead or mercury poisoning. I think the risk of having any lead or mercury in my body versus the cost and risk and benefit of the treatment is such that I decided to take the treatment. Someday I will send another sample of hair to be analyzed, and I expect it will show greatly diminished amounts of toxic metals existing in my body.

The rest of this program is NOT for anybody under the age of 30... maybe 25.

7. Hormone Replacement Therapy - There are five hormones that are known to decline with age. These are (1) the various sex hormones in men and women, (2) thyroid, (3) melatonin, (4) DHEA, and (5) growth hormone. Many doctors agree with me that WE AGE BECAUSE OUR HORMONE LEVELS DECLINE... it is not the opposite, it is not that our hormone levels decline because we age, it is that we age because of our declining hormone levels. It makes sense to replace the oil levels in a car so that the car runs better. Our body is like a car in this respect... it makes a lot of sense to want to replace our naturally declining hormone levels with bio-identical hormones which have become available to us for the first time in human history only in the past few decades through the miracle of genetic engineering.

After I had a blood test to measure the levels of these hormones in my blood, I began to replace three of them, under my doctor's supervision. It was not necessary for me to take thyroid or testosterone, but my levels of melatonin, DHEA, and growth hormone were low. (note: there is no specific blood test for melatonin... it is just known to be low past the age of 30 or 40, period.)

Now I take one 3 mg. capsules of melatonin before I go to sleep. This protects my brain from free radical damage, and also helps me to sleep well, and has other good benefits. I also take one 50 mg. capsule of DHEA every day. This helps my immune system, my skin, my muscles, and has several other benefits. (For more information on melatonin and DHEA, go to Life Links found below.)

DHEA is also a precursor to estrogen in men's bodies, so I take blood tests to see what level of estradiol (estradiol is an estrogen) I have, and to bring estradiol down I take Arimidex. Arimidex is a very important and very effective medicine. It blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone and DHEA to estradiol.

Growth hormone is the most important hormone that I am taking. The amount I aim to take is about the amount secreted in the body of a normal 30 years old male. (note: I have varied the dose I took through the years. For information on dosing, please write to me.) At this physiological dose no bad side effect has been found in thousands of persons who have taken growth hormone before me... there are only good results... However, growth hormone is a powerful hormone and can have side effects so it must be taken only in the physiological doses that have been shown to be safe.

Growth Hormone is a polypeptide hormone composed of 191 amino acids, with a molecular weight of 21,500 daltons. Growth hormone is synthesized in the anterior pituitary, which contains a total of about 5 to 10 mg of growth hormone.

Growth hormone would be better named "cell repair, healing, and cell maintenance hormone" because it has been seen that it repairs just about everything in the body at the cellular level. Without it tissue atrophies. That is what occurs with age when the pituitary release of HGH declines to deficient levels. It protects the heart, it increases the amount of muscle, it decreases the amount of body fat, it improves skin, it makes some wrinkles really disappear, it increases the humidity of the skin, it fortifies the immune system, it makes bones stronger, it improves vision, and in general it improves all glandular and organ functions in the body.

Most people think of HGH as the miraculous treatment for children doomed to dwarfism, which over the past thirty years has saved tens of thousands from this fate. The next great benefit of HGH therapy appears to be in the aging population. People with age-related deficiency of HGH become overweight, flabby, frail, and lethargic; lose interest in sex; have trouble sleeping, concentrating, and remembering things; tire easily; and in general, lose their zest for life. With HGH, all these so-called signs of aging can be reversed.

Indeed, nearly 20,000 clinical studies conducted around the world document the broad benefits of pharmacological HGH therapy. These studies suggest a wide range of effects when HGH is replaced:

  •  reduced body fat
  •  increased muscle mass
  •  higher energy levels
  •  enhanced sexual performance
  •  regrowth of vital organs
  •  restoration of youthful immune function
  •  stronger bones
  •  lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  •  faster wound healing
  •  smoother, firmer skin
  •  regrowth of hair
  •  sharper vision
  •  elevated mood
  •  improved cognition

Growth hormone also helps to prevent loss of brain cells and neurons throughout the body by increasing the blood supply that reaches the brain and other neurons everywhere in the body, because blood carries oxygen, water, and nutrients. It is a fact that the circulatory system contracts with age, and Growth hormone reverses this contraction. So, by helping to conserve brain cells and neurons throughout the body, growth hormone also prevents or postpones age-related loss of memory, and age-related loss of muscle which occurs after there is damage to the nervous system.

That's a long list of good and very important benefits, and it still isn't complete...

The first month I took growth hormone six times per week. Later I changed this to seven times per week, so it is now a daily habit. This is taken by sub-cutaneous injection, one before going to sleep or early in the morning, on an empty stomach. At first I was scared to inject myself and so a trained nurse injected me for the first two weeks. But then I learned how to inject myself in the leg, and it is really easy to do, and almost painless. Sometimes I barely feel the very small insulin-type needle, or usually I don't feel anything at all.

After one month I had a blood test taken to determine the level of IGF-1. Growth hormone is not measured directly because it is only present in the bloodstream for a few seconds, or minutes, and then it disappears. But its effect is to signal the liver to make a series of "growth factors" which are the actual ones that repair the cells of the body. IGF-1 is one of these growth factors, and it lingers in the blood for a longer time. It has been found that there is a direct relationship between the amount of growth hormone and the amount of IGF-1 in the bloodstream. So I had a blood test taken and it showed that I had a level of a healthy man of age 40.

I increased my daily dose about September, 1999, and on February 9, 2000, I stopped taking all hormones for a period of 30 days, to test to see if my pituitary is still functioning. Before suspending, I took a blood test and the result showed my IGF-1 was at the level of a 25 year old man, and I consider it ideal. Some people have said that this is too high. I will review this with my doctor, and I will modify or continue, according to what we think is best. After three years taking growth hormone, I am convinced that my own pituitary is not only still producing growth hormone, it is also releasing it at a very healthy level.

Growth hormone reaches its highest level of secretion in the body of a 12 year old boy or girl, but by age 20 the amount of growth hormone secreted is down a full 75%. This is fortunate, because if not we would continue growing taller. Growth hormone continues to be present, however, and is responsible for keeping our body repaired. By the time we are 50, however, the amount of growth hormone secreted is down another 70%, and by age 80 it is down another 70% from age 50 levels. This, of course, affects our chance to survive. Compare, for example, the time it takes to heal a bone at age 20 or 25, compared to the time it takes to heal at age 80.

The decrease in growth hormone in our body parallels the decrease of our body, in terms of strength, grace, and agility. This suggests that if we replace the lost growth hormone, then perhaps we can also slow down or reverse the ageing process. In fact, this has already occurred in thousands of people who have taken growth hormone replacement therapy. Not only do they seem to have slowed down the ageing process, they seem to have repaired the damage faster than new damage is done... they seem to be growing young!!!

update July 2001: I am now convinced that I will reach age 60 younger at the cellular level and looking and feeling better than when I reached age 50!

update Dec. '99: I increased GH dose and changed my diet to increase protein greatly. I took one shot of testosterone, and followed this up with testosterone cream, which caused me to increase my muscle mass.

update July, '01: It has been an amazing three years. I have a tremendous amount of energy, I have gone up more than 35 pounds from my low of about 150 lbs, and now I weigh 187 lbs. I look better than ever, because most of it is muscle, and I have never been a muscle freak or a body builder, and still, I look good in my eyes. My body has improved in looks and functions in many ways, but I think that good health and a youthful outlook are the most important things I have gained.

8. Protecting my Brain - I am taking various therapies and medicines to try to prevent the loss of my brain, which is usual and normal. (What is "normal" is not what I want for me.) I have begun to take hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, hopefully to repair tiny damage that may have occurred in my brain or circulatory system. It is not known if Hyperbaric Oxygen (100% oxygen breathed under 1.5 atmospheres of pressure) really has any rejuvenating or anti-aging benefits for a person like me, who is not sick. But it is known that hyperbaric oxygen is beneficial for people who have had brain damage due to stroke or complications of diabetes.

These Before and After SPECT scans of the brain of a 3 year old near-drowning victim, and of a 72 year old man with persistent dizzy spells is all I need as proof that Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy can be very effective to restore brain functions:

SPECT Scan of 3 year old near-drowning victim, shortly after, and after 9 months.
Left: SPECT scans of the brain of a three-year-old male near-drowning victim taken shortly after the accident, showing decreased brain activity but potentially recoverable tissue.
Right: SPECT scans of same child taken 9 months later. The red areas indicate increased brain activity and blood flow.



SPECT Scan of 72 year old man with dizzy spells.

Left: SPECT scans of the brain of a 72-year-old male suffering from severe and persistent dizziness.
Right: SPECT scans of the same patient taken 3 weeks later. The red areas indicate increased brain activity and blood flow.

SPECT Scan by Dr. Richard Neubauer, Ocean Hyperbaric Center, Florida

I am taking HBO therapy as a preventive measure, and to learn more about it. I have not felt any great improvement, but this is because I am not sick... I have never had a stroke, and I have not had brain damage. "You can't fix it if it ain't broke," and I don't have anything "broke" to fix... but I wanted to learn about this therapy. I am convinced it is beneficial to persons that need it. For more about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, link above to Ocean Hyperbaric Center in Florida.

I am also taking medicines to protect my brain. All of these medicines have been proven to be safe, with no side effects, and none is addictive. I alternate between vinpocetin ("Cavinton"), hydergine ("Hydergine"), and piracetam ("Nootropyl").

These three medicines are all very similar... they dilate blood vessels and allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to the brain, so you can think better. There are also reports that they help improve vision and hearing, probably due to the increase of oxygen to the brain.

But this is not the main reason why I take them. They also help get rid of a certain pigment, "lipofuscin," which wipes out memory. As we age, lipofuscin begins to accumulate in the brain and in the hands, in what is known as "age spots". I already have a few small "age spots" on my hands, so I know I have some lipofuscin in my brain, and I want it out of there.

Without any doubt, I want to remove lipofuscin from my brain, because I don't want to lose my memory, which essentially is my brain. Vinpocetin, hydergine, and piracetam will help, and this is the main reason why I am taking them. There is also another medicine which is not available in Mexico, "centrophenoxine," which is more to the point to remove lipofuscin. It can be purchased through the Internet from Health Enhancement Products or International Anti-Aging Systems (see Life Links below).

Update: August, 2001: I am also studying the effects of a sixth hormone: Erythropoietin, or EPO. EPO stimulates the generation of new red blood cells in the bone marrow, and in this way it can also help to prevent brain damage. I will write much more about EPO in the future.

Update: April, 2001. I have added another medicine to my regimen. I now take one half of a .850 mg pill of Metformin, twice a day (one pill per day.) Metformin is a medicine usually taken by Type II diabetics. The reasoning behind my taking it is that cell resistance to insulin increases with age, and metformin lowers cell resistance to insulin. Metformin is an inexpensive medicine, and it will slow down the aging process by preventing me from becoming diabetic. Both my mother and father developed Type II diabetics after the age of 65, so I am only practicing preventive medicine. Almost all adults will become Type II diabetics or they will be pre-Type II diabetics after the age of 60. So why wait to start taking a medicine that is relatively safe, (The side effect is that it can cause liver problems if improperly used. I am using a very conservative dose.) and which retards a Sign of Aging?

The most important medicine I am taking to protect my brain is Deprenyl, also known as Eldepryl in the United States. If I could only take ONE medicine to extend my life, this would be it. It is even more important to me than growth hormone, because keeping my brain well is more important than keeping my body young.

Deprenyl is a selective depressor of MonoAmino Oxidase B, or MAO-B. This is a very bad enzyme that begins to appear in our brain after about age 40. Many doctors believe MAO-B destroys some neurons in the brain which produce another substance known as dopamine. According to these doctors, after MAO-B appears in our brain everybody loses about 13% of these dopamine producing neurons per every 10 years... But some people lose them faster, and some people lose them slower. If we live long enough to lose about 70% or 80% of these neurons, we are then diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease... but by then it is too late, because the dopamine producing neurons will never grow back again.

But even people who are not diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease lose many of these neurons, due to MAO-B, so by age 70 we might already seem to be "Pre-Parkinson," or worse by age 80, or even worse by age 90 or more. My father died at age 93, and he was never diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease, because his symptoms were not severe enough. But he had lost much of his memory, he was not very coherent, his hands trembled... Now I realize he had probably lost 50% or more of his dopamine producing neurons and was Pre-Parkinson.

Deprenyl stops MAO-B cold. It has been shown to be very effective in stopping or slowing down the advance of Parkinson's disease. I am 53 years old (in 2001: I am 56 years old), and if this theory is correct, then I probably have lost about 5% of my dopamine producing neurons, which I don't like, and I don't want to lose anymore! So with the advice and consent of my doctor, I am taking one 5 mg capsule of Deprenyl per week, or one fourth capsule every two days. Knowing what I now know about Parkinson's disease and Deprenyl, I think it is very important that I should try to prevent Parkinson's in my own body. Deprenyl is effective, easy to take, and inexpensive. Some life extensionists recommend 1.25 mg. every day, and others recommend one 5 mg. capsule per day. I am taking 1.25 mg every two days because I am also taking growth hormone, and I think GH probably helps me to reduce MAO-B to 40 year old levels. Nobody really knows which is the optimum dose of Deprenyl, so one guess is as good as another.

Deprenyl also exists in liquid form, which would be easier to dosify, but I have not found a source for it in Mexico, although it is made in Mexico, so I am not taking it.

That, in a nutshell, is my personal life extension program. After nearly four months of it, as outlined above, I can report that I feel very well. I look good. I don't know if I actually look any younger but I think I look a little better... My friends and family tell me I look very well, and I feel positive and optimist, and I feel a lot more energy than I did before I started.

Other therapies that I am exploring are "hyperbaric oxygen therapy" which forces more oxygen into the red blood cells, and I am also studying natural ways to increase the amount of red blood cells in my blood, or to prevent them from dropping with age.

My chronological age is 53, nearing 54, and going up... But now I look and I feel... 48? No... maybe even less! 45? And going down! Maybe... just maybe... I think it's working!!!

update Feb. 99: I know it is working. Many people I trust not to be lying have told me I look about 45 years old, or less.

Dec. 99: Four months ago I increased my daily dose of growth hormone which is as much as I can afford at today's prices. At this dose I think I look and feel slightly better than at the dose at which I started.

May 2001: At age 55, I now weigh more than I ever have in my life, 85 kilos. I also think I look and feel better than ever before. (

August 2001: I hit my 56th birthday this month. What an age to look and feel better than ever before! (I am not bragging. That is how I think I look and feel, in my own eyes.)

November 2003: I am 58 years old, look like 48, and feel about 35... Now I am thoroughly immersed in my program... I think I understand diabetes and glucose and insulin, EPO, and growth hormone better than many medical doctors. 8 different medical doctors have come to Mexico City from as far away as Bolivia and Canada and the U.S.A. to consult and learn what I know from me, and others have PAID ME for me to teach them what I know through internet...

I also know a little about testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, pregnenolone, thyroid, HCG, clomid, insulin, and EPO... I think I might be taking more different hormones correctly than anybody else in the world. Yesterday I thought to myself: "I look better than I did when I was 35... and I'm helping thousands of people around the world to improve their health... How did this ever happen to me? Whoever learns and follows all or part of my program is touched by better health... this is amazing..."

I also decided to take a shot of Sostenon 250, which is testosterone, taken by intra-muscular injection. This single shot caused me to go up very quickly in weight, mostly muscle and some fat. The negative side effect was that my own testosterone level dropped from above 6.0 to 3.9 ng/ml, which is still normal, but low. And my level of a female hormone, estradiol probably went up, to 56 pg/ml

This increase in female hormone in a male body occurs normally with aging and is one of the reasons why men lose sex drive with age. It occurs because there is an enzyme called aromatase which increases with age, and converts testosterone to estradiol and estrogen.

Of course I did not want this to happen in my body, so I began to take an "anti-aromatase", Arimidex. I also began to apply a cream that contains testosterone, DHEA, and progesterone... Progesterone is a hormone often associated with female hormones, but which in fact is also present in men, and which is an anti-estrogen...

The result has been a very satisfactory increase in weight and muscle mass, from 69 kilos to 77.5 kilos, (Feb., 2000: now I weigh 79 kilos) with no side effects, an optimal level of testosterone and free testosterone which I can maintain for a long time; and an optimal low level of estradiol, which means I do not risk losing my sex drive. I no longer am very thin.

When I decided to take a shot of testosterone, which I did to gain muscle mass, I also decided to change my dietary strategy to seek and increase protein greatly. I am still avoiding fat as much as possible, and I am doing more weight lifting exercises. I look great in my eyes, and I feel super. I don't care to become a body-building freak. I just want to have a nice healthy body. Even my friends tell me I look good and much younger, and so I have to believe it is true, and so I continue my program.

April 2001: I am taking about twice the standard dose per day, everyday. This is the right dose for me, at this time, as shown by blood tests which show I have a high and youthful level of IGF-1. I now weigh 185 lbs. Overall, I look like about mid-forties, but in many ways (nice skin, energy, etc.) about 30.

Before (a joke)
(above) Before

Ellis Toussier, Age 55 yr. 8 mo.


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March 25, 2006

Dear Ellis,

"I want to express my feeling of deepest gratitude to you for teaching me about the significance of EPO. I learned about EPO first from you. Initially I did not pay much attention to it.

What happened to me about two years ago when I was 88, was sudden mysterious anemia (hematocrit 35-38%). My doctor did not worry about my anemia... He said it is mild and stable, there is nothing to worry about... but I felt terribly weak... I felt like I was dying.

Reading what you have written about EPO on Rejuvenation, I asked another doctor to write a prescription for EPO. The results are beyond description. A Miracle! Now I feel stronger... much stronger than I was 10 or more years ago. Now I think better than before, and I publish better books and papers than before.

I wish to express again my deepest feelings of gratitude towards you. I feel you saved my life and restored my high working and creative capacity.

With kindest regards,

Sebastian Shaumyan
Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"You might remember me. I am the 66 year old Phoenix firefighter that has the hyperbaric chamber that I use for mountain bike racing. I also let ill people use my chamber ( for $5.00 which is the actual cost to operate a high pressure oxygen chamber for an hour) that can't afford to go to a hyperbaric oxygen center. I myself have done over 400 dives in the 3+ yrs that I have had the chamber. I owe it to you Ellis to explain what I know because I learned almost everything I now know (including the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen) and about staying healthy from years of following your advice on Rejuvenation."

- Frank Lively
Phoenix, Arizona

July, 2006

Hi Ellis,

"I've been a student of health and longevity for all my adult life. I used to own a health/herb store and used to teach herbal healing. I'm fairly knowledgeable about both natural healing and some areas in the fields of medical science, having worked as a biomedical engineer for over 12 years.

I've been a member of Rejuvenation for several years, using many of your suggestions like monitoring blood glucose and using HGH, among other things, both of which have made a big difference for me.."

- Scott Brown
Northern California

December 15, 2007

Dear Ellis,

Even though we haven't yet met in person, I feel as though I know you. I feel this way because I have read quite a bit from your extensive writings on your website. I appreciate the way you use metaphors and analogies to get your points across when explaining information. You are very informative, you are very logical, and all that you write makes perfect sense to me.

One of the first things I did after stumbling on your website more than two months ago was to go straight to the drugstore and buy myself a glucose meter. After reading the very informative essay on your website about the dangers of high glucose and the things that typically cause high glucose numbers leading to diabetes, I thought for sure I was probably a walking diabetic who didn't know it.

I have gained great insight and knowledge into how the body metabolizes food from your writings. And I have learned that most diabetics become so because of their eating habits and not because of heredity. All this knowledge was acquired from reading through your website.

I feel greatly indebted to you for all the extensive writings on health and what things we can do to improve our chances of living a more vibrant life. You are a wealth of information. I feel lucky to have made contact with you.

David Shapero
(e-mail received December 15, 2007)

Dec. 17, 2007

Dear Ellis,

I wanted to update you about my last order. What a miracle! I can't tell you how bad I felt until I realized how good I should be feeling. Much more energy, clear thinking, all the effects that I read about. I can't tell you how angry it makes me that a doctor would not prescribe this stuff to me!

Thank you so much for what you have done with me. I thought at first that you had a huge ego. But from how you made me feel, you deserve the ego. No doctor has done a fraction of what you have done. I can't begin to express my gratitude. Very expensive but WORTH EVERY PENNY! I'd rather cut back all other areas just to feel alive again.

(name withheld by request)

(e-mail received December, 2007)

January 3, 2008

Hi Ellis,

Just to give you my feedback, I started using HGH 3 months ago at 1 iu per day. I had a slight headache for the first week, but then it went away. In a retrospect, I should have lowered my dose and let my body slowly adjust to it.

The results are very subtle. I still have crows feet by my eyes, and I don't see the backs of my hands being any different. However, small wrinkles above my upper lip disappeared, my lips are plumper, and they regained the vibrant color that they had when I was younger.

Recently I went to a wedding and met people that I didn't see for years; they said that I did not change at all. Some of the people that see me every day at my work say that I look good, and others look at me carefully as if they were trying to detect scars from incisions after plastic surgery. BUT THERE AREN'T ANY. It's like having a face lift from the inside; no scars. People notice my youthful appearance but they can't put their finger on the reason why?

I also noticed that I have more muscles and my mood has improved. I am beginning to feel happy and optimistic as I used to until last couple of years (I'm now 52). I hope that this trend continues.

Thanks to you Dr. Ellis! I am grateful for all you do.


(e-mail received January 3, 2008)

January 14, 2008

Hi Ellis,

I am a physician and I have been practicing medicine for ten years in Southern California. I understand the art of caring for those that entrust us with their care. I know that you are a very busy man with many emails and forums to follow and respond too. Your expertise deserves many appreciative thanks. I am looking forward to a longevity driven friendship with you and your services. Thank you.

(name withheld by request)

(e-mail received January 14, 2008)

Feb. 26, 2008

Hi Ellis,

My wife wants to thank you, (and I want to thank you also) because since I have been controlling my sugar, I am not as moody.... For the last few years I was really irritable... I guess when your blood sugar is 200 to 400 all day it can make you grumpy....not to mention shorten your life..
Just think, last November my blood sugar was 300 in the mornings, before eating. Now it's 85-105 in the morning... My HbA1c was 8.3, and now as of two days ago it was 5.3%... not perfect "according to Ellis," but definitely not usual for diabetics.

My doctor couldn`t believe it, or understand it: diet, insulin and Ellis!


Yours in health,

Dr. Danny M DeGraff

January, 2002

Hi Ellis,

"I am a plastic surgeon in Shreveport, Louisiana. I just found your two sites on the Internet. I've read your personal experience site twice and have read much of the Message board that contains over 6,000 messages. They are excellent.

I became interested in growth hormone and antiaging three years ago and have been taking growth hormone at bedtime for over two years. Like you, my results have been impressive. I'm 57 years old. I am 6 ft 1 in and weight 202 pounds with 9% body fat. I exercise regularly ( 5 times a week) and do moderate weight training.

My diet is good, high protein, moderate complex carbs and low fat. After reading your page I certainly need to improve it some.

Due to my personal results, I started offering anti-aging and growth hormone replacement to my patients 8 months ago. I've read much of the literature and have attended two meetings of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine. Although it only been a few months my patients are THRILLED about the therapy and almost all are reporting specific areas of improvement.

Thanks so much for your work in this area. I want to return to Puebla for more Spanish education. Possibly I could include some time in Mexice City also. I would love to meet you.


Dr. Jim McDonald

(e-mail received January, 2002)

March 11, 2008

Hello Ellis,

Thanks again for all of the time that you spent with me in Mexico City. I learned even more than I had hoped to on that trip.

When you first began to write about insulin for non-diabetics several years ago, I thought that you were probably wrong about it. I have slowly become convinced that more and more of what you are saying about insulin is correct. By the time I came to Mexico City, I was pretty sure that you are right, and since then I've become even more convinced.

I've even found out that some major medical scientists are now changing their thinking in this direction, and one formal study has begun on the use of Lantus in individuals with any sort of impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance.

These scientists are far behind you, but their thinking is finally headed in the same direction.

Jerry Emanuelson

(e-mail received March 11, 2008

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e-mail received on October 28, 2004:

"Here is my honest opinion of Dr. XXXXX: He is a very smart man and very kind, but his office is a chaotic mess and he is extremely understaffed. Since as a patient I can never speak to him on the phone etc. it is impossible to work closely enough with him to get proper dosing etc. He is so busy though that it is impossible to be monitored by him the way one should be when starting any hormone therapy. His phone is always busy, appts. are hard to come by and he is VERY expensive. The average visit ends up costing anywhere from $500-$750 depending on what he wants to do, such as blood draws, bone density testing etc. I plan to never go back.

I am currently using a small portion of progesterone which was recommended by him and have been taking DHEA and melatonin to help lower my cortisol levels. I buy my HGH from you, of course, and most of the other supplements he had me take made me sick, so I stopped taking them." - (a female patient of Dr. XXXXX (a very well known and competent and expensive doctor.)

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| HGH and Psoriasis... | HGH and Pain... | HGH and Menopause... | HGH and Hair... | HGH and Eczema... | HGH and Crohns Disease... | HGH and Lupus... | HGH and HIV... | HGH to Grow Taller... | HGH and Macular Degeneration... | HGH as an Important Part of an Anti-Aging Program...
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