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My Table of Contents of more than 40 pages tell my experience with Growth Hormone, AntiAging and my personal rejuvenation program. You will find discussion about growth hormone (rHGH) taken by sub-cutaneous injection, EPO (erithropoyetin), DHEA, Melatonin, EDTA Chelation, deprenyl, vinpocetin, Diabetes, Insulin, Humatrope, Norditropin, antiaging, and Rejuvenation.

The Essential Ellis Toussier My 15 most important original thoughts, or contributions to Anti-Aging Medicine... in no particular order, I think they are all very important... they didn't fit in 10...

1.  How to Buy Authentic Growth Hormone in Mexico, and get good advice, too!

2.   Rejuvenation, My 8 point Anti-Aging Program
3.  The Glucose Theory of Aging
4.  The Carbohydrate Thermometer
5.  The Anti-Aging Diet
6.  Diabetes Made Simple
7.  The Non-Diabetic Use of Insulin
8.  Day 30, My Pituitary Lives
9.  My Short and Happy Experience with Testosterone
10. Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, EPO, and Senility
11. EPO and Bicycles, a testimony by "Animal"
    and a commentary by Ellis Toussier.
12. The "Good Guide" Pyramid A side by side comparison
    with the attrocious U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid.
13. Assess Your Pancreas A Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test.
14. The Ellis Toussier Anti-Sarcopenia Program
    How to Avoid Age and HIV+ Related Muscle Wasting.
15. What is EPO?
16. What is Sarcopenia?

17. The Toussier HbA1c to Glucose Conversion Table A table with an opinion!

18. VO2max

The most important pages on my website, written by me and others:

1. HGH and Pain - Peter Longmore
2. HGH and Crohn's Disease - Elaine Johnston
3. HGH and Menopause
4. HGH and Psoriasis
5. HGH and Eczema
6 HGH to Grow Taller
7. HGH Since Age 80, now 92, by J. Donelson Jones
8. HGH and Macular Degeneration
9. Letter From a Fireman
10. Lazarus Long (Howard Turney), My Story Continued
11. My First Fifty Years as a Diabetic, by Dr. Richard Bernstein
11b. Why A Low Carb Diet? by Dr. Richard Bernstein
12a. Dr. Cranton Answers Questions about Growth Hormone Replacement
12b. Dr. Cranton: Interpretation of IGF-1 tests, and, HGH and Cancer
13. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women by Jonathan Wright, MD, and John Morgenthaler

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Anemia, Hemoglobin, Erythropoietin, and Senile Dementia Senile dementia is a universal sign of aging. It occurs to a higher or lesser degree in every senior citizen, starting as early as age 40, and increasing until by age 95 almost 100% of senior citizens have lost some cognitive and physical functions. Until now, doctors have said that this is "normal" aging. I discuss a possible cause and a possible cure, and I back up my belief with charts and facts. This is perhaps the single most amazing and interesting and important page I have ever written. If you only read one page, this is the one you should read first.

(Read my amazing Rejuventation second, and The Amazing Anti-Aging Diet third, and The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer fourth, and My Short and Happy Experience with Testosterone fifth, and Day Thirty, sixth... hmmm... that is a lot of amazing pages...and I have more... the Glucose Theory of Aging... New: Assess The State of Your Pancreas!)
AntiAging.html A clone of my page, Rejuvenation found below

Buying Growth Hormone in Mexico ...This is the only page I have that "sells" anything. If you are NOT interested in buying growth hormone and other medicines in Mexico (at very good prices,) skip this page.

The Amazing Carbohydrate Thermometer Learn to tell how much carbs is in any food, at a glance.
Clomid An inexpensive and safe boost to your sexuality... maybe better than androstenedione...
Cost of my program What it costs me to do this, in Mexico.
Re: My Legendary Ego by Ellis Toussier
Doc David Speer's Protocol... a different way to take (rHGH) injectable growth hormone, and other bits of Wisdom of Big Doc.
EPO and Endurance: A Bicycle Rider writes about his (fascinating) experience with EPO
Favorite Correspondence You can learn a lot by reading my correspondence with doctors and scientists and other persons taking growth hormone replacement therapy.
CAT Scan of HGH induced One-Track Mind CAT Scan of Dan Vicker's brain taken after 14 months on injectable growth hormone. Photo taken just as pretty young nurse bent down for quick focus.
Dangerous... This is Dangerous? Buying medicines in Mexico...
Day 30: My Pituitary Lives! What happens when you stop taking Growth Hormone after 20 months?
Dr. Cranton: IGF-1 testing and interpretation posted on Rejuvenation
Dr. Cranton Replies To Questions Re: Growth Hormone
Dr. Cranton comments: HGH, IGF-1, and Cancer...
The Great G.H.B. Debate - Dr. James Hughes's "Slowing Down Aging with G.H.B."
Economics of Buying Growth Hormone in Mexico a clone of my page below...
Glucose Theory of Aging Perhaps the single best page I have. Mexico City: HGH and Macular Degeneration
HGH and "the Pinch test" & HGH and a bad scalp and hair condition.
HGH and Crohn's Disease, a testimonial.
HGH and Menopause, a testimonial.
HGH and Psoriasis, a testimonial.
HGH and Pain, a testimonial.
HGH Since 1991... J. Donelson Jones, Age 92, still Young, and going Strong!
Hair Analysis showing levels of mercury and lead in my body.
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Women Premarin and cancer... women and menopause...
IGF-1 levels at various ages
Is this Stuff for Real? My answer to a question... Am I too "far out" ?
Julie Wheeler's Experience in Mexico An unsolicited letter of recommendation.
Lazarus Long, My Story Part II The continuing story of the man who insisted he would get growth hormone in 1991 in spite of the F.D.A.'s prohibition, even if he had to get it in Mexico.
Lifelinks, my favorite links, the ones I use myself, for AntiAging and Rejuvenation
Livelong A clone of Rejuvenation, below...
Crohn's Disease and HGH
Pain, Serious Neck Injury, and HGH
Assess the State of Your Pancreas or, The Poor Man's Glucose Tolerance Test... find out (more or less) how well your pancreas is working... A home glucose tolerance test...
What is EPO?... I answer the question from a new subscriber of Rejuvenation
What is Sarcopenia?... I answer another question from the same new subscriber to Rejuvenation.
Sarcopenia... My anti-Sarcopenia program is probably the most complete and best on the internet...
Opiniones (in Spanish) short statements by Drs. Ronald Klatz, Daniel Rudman, and others concerning growth hormone replacement therapy.
Scare Tactics and the Economics of Selling Growth Hormone
Signs of Aging, 38 objective parameters
My Short and Happy Experience with Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Possible Side Effects of rHGH Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy
Questionaire for persons taking rHGH
Tabla de Contenidos, this table in Spanish.
Using Insulin, A Mavereick Speaks Out... The Sane, Non-Diabetic, Use of Insulin to Forestall Diabetes, perhaps forever...
Vermox, safety and efficacy
Vida Larga! (Livelong in Spanish)
VO2 Max Calculator Calculate your Maximum Volume of Oxygen Processing Capacity.
Why I Stopped Taking HGH, for now...
Somebody reports the reasons he/she stopped taking HGH, commented by Ellis Toussier.


I invite you to subscribe to Rejuvenation... Many say it is the best anti-aging forum on the internet. Rejuvenation has more than 2000 anti-aging doctors and patients subscribed. There are more than 10,000 questions referring to the use of authentic injectible growth hormone and other anti-aging therapies in the Archives of Rejuvenation, most of them with answers annotated on the post.

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