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Abracadabra... It Takes Balls!

Welcome to Ellis Toussier-Ades Bigio-Antebi's

My Surprisingly Happy Experience With Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Ellis Toussier, Age 53 yr 6 mo.
Ellis Toussier, Age 60 yr. 4 mo.

Left: Ellis Toussier Bigio
Age 53 yr. 6 mo. after 8 months of injectible HGH
(before any testosterone replacement...)
fotos: March 1, 1999
Right: Ellis Toussier Bigio, Age 60, after 8 year of injectible HGH and testosterone.


I am writing this page in December, 1999, to tell of my surprisingly happy experience with testosterone replacement therapy, which I took together with a significant increase in protein in my diet. I was afraid of using testosterone, an "anabolic steroid", as I had previously read so much BAD information about athletes using "drugs" and "anabolic steroids"... and testosterone is an anabolic steroid.

As it turns out, testosterone is the principal MALE HORMONE. It is as natural to the body of a male as estrogen and progesterone are in the body of a female... and nobody gets upset if women use estrogen and progesterone.

Perhaps what is "GOOD" for our body is considered to be "BAD" for sports authorities, but I am not an athlete, I am only an OLD MAN trying to stay as healthy as I can. So I don't want to play politics with my body, I just want to keep it functioning as it did when I was 25 years old.

So... In September, 1999, I decided to try ONE shot of testosterone. This resulted in a considerable gain of muscle mass in a short time, a temporary lowering of my natural testosterone; and finally, a blood test with 3 results in optimum levels!

I decided to take testosterone because I have been very thin all my life. I wondered why other men should have such bigger muscles than I do, and be so much stronger than I am. After I learned through my experience with growth hormone replacement therapy that I could perhaps change this fact and end up looking and feeling better, I decided to investigate what I could on the internet about testosterone replacement.

Before I took testosterone I knew that I would probably have to expect a mixed bag of results. I read that there are two common ways to take testosterone: oral and injection. I read that the oral variety has more side effects, especially damage to the liver, and that this is avoided by testosterone that is injected intra-muscular. The 23 gauge needle scared me, but the thought of damaging my liver scared me more, so I decided that if I would take it, I would definitely choose to have it injected.

My search on the internet showed me that the male body has a feedback mechanism, and that the injection of synthetic testosterone would almost surely result in a decrease in my natural testosterone level... but a bodybuilding friend assured me that this would only be temporary.

On the other hand, I read that testosterone would help me to go up in weight, especially in musclulature. I thought to myself "I'll accept the drop in testosterone level because it is temporary, and I will do it because I hope I can increase muscle mass and hold onto it in the long run."

I took a blood test in August, 1998, in which my total testosterone level was 680 ng/ml, which is comfortably high... knowing this, I did not take a blood test before starting with testosterone, in September, 1999.

I also decided that until now I have had a mistaken perception of the importance of protein in my diet. Until now, my dietary strategy had been to avoid fats, eat mostly fruits and vegetables and some broiled chicken and fish. But I had ignored the importance of protein.

Professional body builders eat up to six times a day, and up to 350 grams of protein a day... I did not want to eat as much protein as professional body builders do, but I decided that my 70 grams or so of protein per day had been a lifelong mistake, and was probably the reason why I have been so thin all my life.

I decided to make an effort to double my intake of protein each day. I would still avoid fried foods, cakes, and other foods with lots of fat; I would still avoid sugar; I would avoid high carb foods, such as white bread and potatoes. But now, I decided, I would eat a lot of non-fat milk and egg whites because these are good sources of protein, with no fat (although they are very dull, as food goes,) and I would increase the portions of broiled chicken and fish.

I would also eat a few whole eggs, because the egg yolk is full of vitamins and minerals. Egg yolk also contains about 6 grams of fat, but fat is not poison. Excess fat is what I want to avoid. Egg white contains protein and no fat, which is excellent, but it has almost no vitamins and minerals. But I can eat up to 60 grams of fat per day, and usually I eat less than this. So I can accept 12 grams of fat from egg yolk, because it is for a good redeeming reason: egg yolk has twice as much protein as egg white... and it is also full of vitamins and minerals! A whole egg is one of the most complete foods you can find.

My change in dietary strategy meant an increase in my caloric intake from the previous [1200 to 1800 calories per day] to about 2000 to 2500 calories per day. My goal is to increase muscles, not body fat... so I decided that I would also help the natural action of testosterone to build muscle by doing weight lifting and aerobic excercises more seriously... not easy for me, but I am doing it. (See VO2 MAX)

After weighing the pros and the cons with my doctor, I decided I would try one shot of Sostenon 250 and see what would happen. I chose Sostenon 250 with my doctor's approval because we felt injectable testosterone has fewer side effects than oral testosterone, and Sostenon 250 has less side effects than other forms of injectable testosterone.

The result was a dramatic increase in weight... from 69 kilos to 75 kilos in three weeks... about 13 pounds. I am six feet tall, so this is a very good weight for my height, but I can still weigh more if I put on more muscle in the next few months.

As expected, the first blood test after taking Sostenon showed that my total testosterone had dropped to 390 ng/ml. [normal range for men: 240 - 820 ng/ml] This is in the bottom third of the normal range for men. Worse, however, was the fact that a female hormone, estradiol, was quite high at 56 pg/ml. [normal range for men: 25 to 70 pg/ml, where lower is better.]

This increase in estradiol occcurs normally in aging men, and is one of the reasons why men lose sex drive. I certainly didn't like being in the upper third in this category. A high presence of estradiol in my blood meant that some of the testosterone had been converted to estradiol (and probably estrogen) by an enzyme in our body called "aromatase". If this would continue in the long run, I could lose my sex drive, permanently or temporarily.

At about this time, a superb article appeared in LifeExtension Magazine

At this same time, too, Dr. James Hughes, who is subscribed to Rejuvenation , a discussion board which I monitor, recommended that I should take an aromatase inhibitor, and that I should switch to a testosterone cream, which he prescribed for me, and which I received by mail.

After reading the LifeExtension Magazine article and listening to Dr. Hughes' good advice, I began to take Arimidex, an aromatase inhibitor. I began to take the testosterone cream which in fact contains testosterone, and a small amount of DHEA and progesterone... Progesterone is a hormone often associated with female hormones, but which in fact is also present in a low quantity in men, and which acts as an anti-estrogen...

The results from the testosterone cream were at first disappointing to me, because I didn't see a rapid increase in weight... But then I began to notice that I was very slowly going up in weight. I gained about 1 pound per month for three months, and I was feeling very well...

The best news came when I took a second blood test... Total testosterone had increased to 890 ng/dl, which is an optimum level for men, according to the Life Extension Foundation Magazine article which has a higher allowance of what is normal than the laboratory! Free testosterone was 28 pg/ml, which is also an optimum level for men, according to the L.E.F. Magazine article! And estradiol dropped from 56 to 23 pg/ml, which is also an optimum level for men, according to the LifeExtension Magazine article

So three out of three very important hormone measurements were at optimum levels!!! And when I asked Dr. Hughes if I would have to suspend the cream soon, he replied that I can continue with the cream for six months, then test, and we'll decide what action to take at that time!

So for the moment I have avoided side effects, I am not at risk of losing my sex drive, I am slowly going up in weight, I feel very well... and it is sustainable over the longer run! I look very good at 77 kilos, in my eyes, and I feel excellent. I don't care to become a "body builder" since that is not the image I have of my own body, but I am happy to look a little bulkier, and I know more muscle and less fat is good for my health. My friends have commented that I look better, and I believe it too... so I continue my program.

With what I know now, if I could get it I would like to take Dr. Hughes's testosterone cream. But I can't get it, because I am in Mexico and they don't sell it here. But I can get testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate, or testosterone suspension... These are all good, and have no side effects if they are not taken in excess doses and with an anti-estrogen...

Writing in January 2007: I have taken a shot of testosterone (usually testosterone cypionate, or testosterone enanthate, or testosterone suspension) about 2 or 3 times per month, together with Arimidex, for about 8 years with many very good benefits (more muscle, more libido...) and NO DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS at all.

I am glad to answer questions about my program. Please write to me to: editor@rajeun.net

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A friend wrote: "I have taken testosterone about 30 or 40 shots PER YEAR, for about 8 years. One day I noticed that my testicles have shrunk, so I STOPPED taking testosterone completely about 2 or 3 months ago. A bodybuilding friend suggested I should take HCG, proviron, and clomid, and IT ALL WORKED WONDERS. My testicles are now back to normal size, and my libido is UP again! But I don't know when I should stop taking HCG + proviron + clomid and when I should start taking testosterone again?"

Can you suggest how I should dose between HCG, proviron, and clomid, and for how long should I take them?

When I prepare the HCG, it is 5000 iu in a syringe with 1.0 ml... so I have been taking one third of that... Please tell me if I should divide it into smaller doses, for example .20 ml per day instead of .33?

And how long should I continue this, and when can I take another shot of testosterone?

I asked a friend Stefan who knows much more about this than I do, to help me to answer. Stefan wrote:

"The Leydig cells in your testes become less sensitive to Luteneizing Hormone (LH) as we age, so in theory, more would be called for. If only life and chemistry was a simple linear equation. The endocrine system, as you know, isn't linear... it's a complex, adaptive system with inbuilt overload protection that's totally mechanistic and predictable in it's "shut off" action.

So, the body isn't linear, it's chaos in the chemistry and your hormonal system is trying desperately to find spontaneous order from all this Chaos. It's adapting.

Now, what we are trying to do is get these Leydig cells to pump out more Endogenous production. Clomid and HCG will produce more Estrogen in your system, particularly with the GH, so, dose titration is crucial. Smaller amounts more often is better than a large dose.

So, what I would advise would be the following protocol..

1) 500--1,000 iu every 3-4 days HCG.
2) Frequent hormonal holidays from the above.
3) Keep checking Testicle size and hardness for endogenous T Levels.
4) Check chest nipple size and hardness to monitor Estrogen and Estradiol levels when you go back onto Sustanon (below)
5) Go back onto Testosterone shots. Sustanon is good as you have done this for years.
6) Small infrequent dosing of Arimidex. Experiment with dose and timing.
7) Use Clomid as a replacement for HCG. Drop your dose back. Infrequent dosing.
8) Try getting early morning sunlight for boosting LH through a natural pathway.
9) Cycle Proviron at only around 25mg per day when you are doing HCG or Clomid.
Hope this helps a little.

Richard Gayton wrote the following:

Now I understand better the issue I was have with losing sexual desire while on HGH, T gel, and Arimidex. It took going to three doctors and some research.

Sometimes, taking Testosterone by gel or intramuscular over 6 months causes the testes to lose Leydig cell sensitivity. This happens because the Pituitary senses the testosterone added to the body and does not send HCG ("human corionic gonadotropin") to the Leydig cells to produce our own testosterone. And by aromatizing excess Testosterone gel into estrogen, if estrogen is too high or too low it can also shut down male sexual functioning.

One can have very high total testosterone levels but then very average or low Free testosterone, high estrogen and have erections but no sexual desire or no erections at all. That is not the best of worlds for us men. Proper blood testing for Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, and Estrogen are all essential.

My last doctor suggested cycle off Testosterone to give the testes a chance to begin secreting again on its own, continue using Arimidex to suppress estrogen, and the injection of Human Chorionic Gonadoropen (HCG) which stimulates the testes to produce Testosterone. The male hormone system needs to be balanced : Testosterone, Estrogen, and HCG for sexual response to work properly.

I followed his advice and I have regained a lot of sexual desire and erections and now I am taking Testosterone gel again. Guys need to know that for some of us getting on Testosterone gel may solve the problem for a while, but then this can cause the system to shut down. The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Feel free to share this with others. It would be nice to hear other's experiences. - Richard Gayton

Is there a natural way to boost T ?

Ellis: The standard way to "boost T" is HCG... human corionic gonadotropin... This is a hormone which is found in the urine of pregnant women (!) (of course it is somehow "cleaned"...) and which causes women to be fertile, and which also causes men's testicles to produce more testosterone. A very strange hormone... but that is what it does.

I am not a big expert on HCG, so ask somebody else before you do anything... in any case... HCG is used when men take testosterone for a long time, then they stop taking testosterone.... at that point their testicles have shut down because there have been high levels of testosterone present in the body, so the testicles have been closed down for a long long time...

When you stop taking testosterone, and the testicles are closed for the season, eventually they would come back but in the meantime you would have very very low levels of testosterone, and you would feel very "low libido"... or no libido...

At that point, after having taken testosterone for a long time, your testicles would also have gotten smaller... So you take HCG and it "kickstarts" the testicles to start producing testosterone again.

In any case... that is what boosts testosterone... Usually it is used after a cycle of testosterone, but it can also be used before a cycle of testosterone.

And HCG is also used to "lose weight"... don't ask me why or how it works, but there is something called "the HCG diet"... look it up on Google.

- Ellis


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